Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

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Re: Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

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Dgflorida wrote:
Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:59 am
They are a great buy at the end of the summer season. Way too expensive now, frugalmom unless you plan to play in it during the summer. ;)
Yes, I finally found a swimming pool and it was a small one at Big Lots which is a discount store and it was like 18.00! So I put it back! The Toys r us stores are closing around here or closed so did not see those pools. Waiting for WM to get them in or Target.

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Re: Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

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1. Saved 96.70 asking for a discount for my home insurance (discount for profession-they even checked the license online)-I thought they had that already from before but must have not renewed it with that discount so now I know ask and check every single year that it is applied. I ask for any discounts whatever I buy!

2. Got on FB a beautiful FREE table that matched my kitchen and house perfectly. It had a distressed top which i can re-stain later on and fix I think with wood putty but for he meantime I cleaned,polished,waxed and buffed it and it looks pretty good. There are two deep scratches (think they used it for a art table bc cleaned a lot of paint and colors) which I just covered with my basket of washcloths. BTW anyone know how to clean the wood table after meals(I had tile before)-I have a all purpose Pledge spray or what do I use? On my old table I used dawn and water but this is wood? Anyway, cannot beat FREE!

3. So I have been scouring for the freebies(and apparently everyone else has too bc you have to get on it fast!) and saw like sod for free( just a second too late!),patio sets,etc-so that is my first go to source now before needing to buy anything! And looking for free.

4. My PG and E bill was only 56.00! Wow-with the discount and CA environmental credit too, that is the lowest bill I ever had!

5. Soil 4/10.00 special

6. Chicken 67 cents a pound.

7. Bought my groceries for 41.00 this past week at the .99 store-got mainly fresh vegetables and fruit like cantalopes, Roma tomatoes (whole bag for .99),grapes,cucumbers(which are really expensive elsewhere-Persian cucumbers),eggplants,etc.

8. Will be doing a grad party for two of my kids and they invited 67 people-so going to have to cook bc cheaper. I am thinking rice,beans and chicken and steak tacos (which is ok when I cook for home but not used to cooking for so many people so worried if I can pull this off!). Yes, I am stressing already-I stress normally for my own family which is about 30 people! Or my dd says to make it easier and just do hot dogs and hamburgers? But is this ok for a masters and bachelor's degree party-bc maybe like it is more for a kid's party? bil spent 10,000. for my niece's law degree grad party and it was beautiful, but I am doing this for like 200. if possible-and not more than 400. max(taco trucks were 400-450.00 so I figure that is the most money wise). The kids are paying for the drinks and bringing that-my dd offered to pay half(it is mainly her friends) but I know his is a big accomplishment for her(she paid for most of her own college and it took her longer as she was never a school person so it took a lot of perseverance and hard work for her(she worked two jobs at times too) as studies did not come easy to her as the other kids. So I wanted to do something to celebrate, but on a limited budget. So figured tacos will be cheaper? Asian,Hawaiian,Indian food are easier for me bc I know how to cook those easily but the kids wanted Mexican or hamburgers/hot dogs. I worry bc dh tends to burn foods! What do you think is a realistic budget for this that I can do it for? BTW I tried aco trucks,restaurants for their tacos and honestly mine tasted so much better and much cheaper! Oh the only thing I cannot make really well is the rice for that many people so her friend who normally has a food truck with gourmet pizzas said she will make the rice so that is free. Very nice of her.

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Re: Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

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I seem to be spending a lot of money lately. So I’m happy when I can do something frugal.

1. Did not renew my Sunday newspaper. The price almost doubled. If they send a good deal in a few months I may reconsider. I’m not counting on it, however. Although it has gotten little press, a tariff has been put on newsprint, most of which comes from Canada. This happened at the same time the steel and aluminum tariffs were announced. When the internet started taking away business from newspapers a decade or so ago, most U.S. newsprint companies closed. But one of the few remaining U.S. newsprint companies (in Washington state) complained recently and the tariff was imposed. At my newspaper the tariff will add 30% to the cost of newsprint and the company just cut 50 jobs. All that to say I don’t think they’ll be offering price deals anytime soon. (My pension is from this company so I do feel somewhat bad stopping the paper.)

2. Rented a movie last weekend from Redbox (The Shape of Water) for .54 and one today (The Greatest Showman) also for .54.

3. Got a bag of Ruffles Color Scents trash bags free at Walmart. I complained to the Ruffles company about the twist ties for the bags and they sent me some of the old-style ties and a coupon for the bags. Walmart is the only store near me that sells the 8 gallon size.

Today I got a free Oreo candy bar at Publix. I signed up online and received the coupon in the mail.

4. Used $170 in credit card $ to pay most of the cost of the dress I bought for my cousins’ anniversary party. Returned the other three dresses I ordered from Nordstrom with their free return policy.

5. Joined a new museum in my area with a special deal. The museum is for western and wildlife art (strange for Florida I know). My two friends and I are going to the museum in two weeks and will eat in the cafe for my friend’s belated birthday. The deal is join during the opening weeks for $10 off and also get a $25 gift card for the cafe. So $55 - $10 = $45 plus the $25 giftcard. Regular admission is $20 for under 65. Now I’ll be able to go throughout the year. The benefactor of this museum is someone I know a bit through my former work and I’ve seen some of the art in his offices and it is gorgeous.

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