Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

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Re: Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

Post by dlrcpa »

1. Asked DH to handle dinner last Friday, he elected to buy carry-out but I handed him a coupon that covered 1/2 of the cost. We got 4 meals from that.
2. Neighbor gave us goldfish and koi from her pond to add to our pond.
3. Used CVS coupons/ECBs to get grocery-type items for minimal cash
4. Still getting and eating/freezing garden produce (squash tomatoes beans pumpkin)
5. Worked on sewing and knitting projects
6. 1 loaf of bread in the bread machine. Need to do another.

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Re: Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

Post by gaylejackson2 »

I'm glad you packed this challenge on over from old About forum! ;)

Last week:

#1 I de-cluttered my bedroom closet, and found lots of extremely useful stuff (new jeans for 3 of us, notebooks, family photos, new fabric yardage, etc.).
#2 From the closet de-clutter, I donated 2 boxes and 3 bags of books and old clothes to thrift store.
#3 At the thrift store, which was closed, i found 2 like-new books (a make-ahead meal cookbook, and a fun story book for dd4) in a box near where I unloaded.
#4 I picked FREE plums & pears, and made jam using sugar, pectin, lids, rings, and bottles I already have on hand.
#5 I harvested, and fed my family from, produce from our garden.

This week (even though its only Wednesday ;) but I started last Saturday because that's when I get ready for the new week):
#1 I bought 2 hams on sale $0.99/lb for my freezer, and participated in buying food at the case-lot sale at my local grocery store -- I spent money, but what I bought on sale saved me about $400 off normal prices.
#2 Though again I spent money for the medical test I underwent on Monday, I paid in full so I received 20% off.
#3 I made spaghetti last night with discounted 96% lean burger, clearanced noodles, and gifted yellow summer squash (and a quart jar of a previous year's garden tomatoes).
#4 After my grocery stop yesterday, during which I used several coupons, I received 2 coupons back giving me $3 off a future purchase -- I love free money. ;)
#5 This one goes wwwaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back several months ago, but I still can't get over the fact that I only need use 1 Teaspoon of detergent to wash laundry per load!! Yay for my Norwex products! ;)
#6 FREE WATER -- 2-3 days of heavy rain, oh I'm so thankful for it because my lawn is beginning to green up again.

=) Gayle

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Re: Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

Post by MackerelCat »

Gayle, you always just amaze me at how you feed your big family so well and so economically. That's a marvelous skill you have.

1. Cut DH's hair today, for a savings of $10.
2. Used some wood stain leftover from a wood finishing project to touch up the dried-out wood trim around three windows.
3. DS and I had leftovers from the freezer for dinner.
4. It's cool enough here to have the air conditioning off for the past four days.
5. I had bought a jug of scented Purex laundry detergent on sale but it was too perfumey for me, so I bought a $1 jug of Awesome detergent that has no scent and diluted the Purex. Now it smells just right and I doubled the amount of detergent for $1.

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Re: Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

Post by rinty »

1........FREE lunch from work, packed lunches from home and all meals at home. Eating toms, onions and potatoes from the garden still.

2......DH using Erins hot chilli pepper "recipes" for preserving them, he enjoyed doing it !

3.......Got some Seasonal décor out at last, did a Fall Mantel I am very pleased with but Shopped At Home to make it . Lots of wired burlap ribbon, old salt glazed bottles, mini pumpkins, glass acorns, burnished metal leaves and Fall scented candles. One is a Woodwick candle , it claims that it sounds like a real fire popping when its kind of does, its a nice scent anyway ; ) It was originally in the Gift Pile but I wanted it !

4...........DS's bed needed fixing, he is hard on furniture, he'd broken some bed slats. We used a plywood panel instead. A good solid fix. I do replace things often for him but this is good as new and far more sturdy than just replacing the bed slats.

5........Found out the time the Yellow sticker bread comes out in the local ( I can walk there ) supermarket. For the last couple of weeks we've got all our bread this way. Most I pay for the bakery bread is 20p a loaf.........can't make it for that.

Finally, getting into the habit of taking own bags to supermarkets, both DH and I have a stash in our cars. From October 5th they will charge 5p a bag !

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Re: Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

Post by LWolfT »

And Rinty, you just reminded me that I need to make bread ;)

Well, the usual ... packing DH's work lunches, doing reasonably well on hanging half the loads of laundry, and:

Accepting my neighbors' and relatives generosity. My relatives sent me home with a dinner's worth food from last week's pitch-in. The neighborhood pitch-in netted some buns, and a few sodas. Nice, cause it took that off the grocery list.)

Taking advantage of freebies: Free Redbox movie, some useful free food from the area supermarkets.

Trading cat food: Senior Gal is refusing to eat one of the k/d canned flavors. My vet will take back any unopened food, so I traded a half case of the disliked food for a credit on a case of the food she will eat.

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Re: Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

Post by jckitty »

#1 had the AC turned off for almost 2 weeks now, opening windows and using fans, fresh air is good until they start taking in crops around me then, I have to close the windows or I can't breathe
#2 pressure washed and painted the decks and trim. It was tempting to hire my "yard worker" but after reading Libbys post about her pressure washing I did it myself. It was not hard.
#3 picking and preserving produce even when I am tired of doing so.
#4 all laundry dried on lines
#5 eating at home, even when take out pizza sounds good, I can make one and have it ready in the time it would take to order and go pick it up, my costs about 1.00 max.

love reading this thread, gives me so many ideas.


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