rewards of frugality

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Re: rewards of frugality

Post by Jens_Cats »

Valerie, glad you are on the mend and back to work (assuming you ENJOY said work!)

For me, the rewards of being frugal are:

-not having to work as much for other people
-buying things with cash. I don't necessarily buy my cars new, but I was able to buy with cash, so no car payments! I also do not have any lines of credit or credit cards, other than my check card from my bank.
-learning new skills and getting in shape by doing things ourselves. They say to never stop learning, and D and I are both trying to accomplish that.
-eating food that we KNOW will be good for us, taste good, be gentle on the planet, and be free of chemicals, etc.

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Re: rewards of frugality

Post by BeckyO »

Frugality for me is being able to pay cash, sometimes Now, sometimes 30 or 60 or 90 days , if there is an advantage,. It means travel when I want to, a 'new to me' car when I need it. It means the purple fan I ordered this week. It was $10 more than the regular fan, but it matched my decor : ) It means I can give to my DGC and DGGC : )

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Re: rewards of frugality

Post by librarian51 »

Not long ago my son was in the kitchen as I was straightening out the aluminum foil that our baked potatoes had been cooked in. I looked at him and said, "Do you know why we save and reuse the foil?" Of course, he said "No." I told him that it's so we could help you pay cash when you bought your new truck last year." Although he is 26 he has some maturity issues. He doesn't seem to realize that it's the little things that add up that can make a significant difference in your savings. He's one who will say "Oh, that's not much...just $5.00" but those separate small expenditures add up to a chunk of your money over an extended period of time.

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Re: rewards of frugality

Post by Vaeagen »

I am so glad that this post prompted so many good responses! Yes, I think it is important to not be frugal just for frugal's sake. There should be goals involved with being frugal. These goals will be different for different people. As I said before nice, name brand clothes are not important to me. In fact, I will destroy them in my work in the field (I do love me work, being outside and in the fresh air!)...but if someone else loves nice clothes....more power to them!! As long as they are not sacrificing important things or doing it on CC's. I know a lot of people say buying a new care is "stupid" but we can afford it for cash and since we keep them form 13-15 years (or more) we like to know that they are tip top. Glad to hear that I am not crazy and that frugality should have a purpose.


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Re: rewards of frugality

Post by Carleen »

I have always been the one who takes care of "the books". After my husband finished college and got a real job, we continued to live below the poverty line and saved every new penny he earned. I worked for many years and we used my salary to pay for college for our kids so no borrowing there.

Now that we are retirement age (I'm retired but Hubby loves his work and doesn't want to retire), we (I) have managed to save quite a bit of money. Our retirement house is paid for and no vehicle loans, etc., to deal with. Soooooo, I just purchased a new truck to get rid of my 10 year old one. I paid cash ($ 61,000) for the new one!!!! The sales person about had a stroke when I pulled out the checkbook!!!!!

Now Hubby's car is 10 years old and he puts lots of miles on his as his commute to work is lengthy. So he's looking for a new vehicle. That, too, will be a cash transaction.

I admit that gathering up that much money was not always easy but saving money is at the top of my budget each month. I pay us before we buy anything!!! NOT bragging here. We've been married a very long time (49 years next month) and we worked very hard to get where we are. It can be done!!!! We started with nothing and now we are living the American Dream. I still use coupons, go to sales, shop garage sales, etc. Those habits are hard to break. In fact, when we were first married, I had to use the coupons in the Sunday newspaper in order to justify the cost of the newspaper!!! But we did it!
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Re: rewards of frugality

Post by ChristmasTrees »

Val~ Glad to hear you are out and about! Good topic.
We are frugal so we can: buy things CC debt.
put money away to help with granddaughters college someday
and.....we just paid cash for a brand new zero radius lawn
mower....our anniversary gift to us!

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