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Post by kat »

Hi Erin, how's the cabin coming along? luv the chat room - learn so much!

like jackie said - cant believe its the middle (on the downside now) of June! where IS the time going?

hope everyone has a great summer! me, trying to get my house sold (in the mtns) so I can head back south to the warmth and seashore - miss it terribly!

take care!

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Re: Cabin

Post by ErinHuffstetler »

Hi Kat,

Glad you're enjoying the forum. It's a great group of people :)

The cabin is coming along slowly, but surely these days. I've mostly been tackling small painting projects and that sort of thing, while we wait to do the roof and electric/water. We're expecting a drop in income in August, so we've been socking away money to prepare for that. If that goes better than expected, then we'll tackle those projects in the fall. I can't wait. As soon as those things are done, we can get on to the finishing work. I have some really cool things planned, and lots of curb treasures stored up :)

I'll do another update post before too long. I have some furniture makeover projects that I'm itching to get to.
Erin Huffstetler

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