help, need vacuum recommendations

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help, need vacuum recommendations

Post by colonialgirl »

hi all,
I need your expertise. I have a Dyson upright which I love. but I want to get a canister too because I don't like how awkward it is to use upholstery and crevice tools with the upright. I also want to use it for cleaning the car and would preferably like it to be bag less and light weight and small. Any suggestions?

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Re: help, need vacuum recommendations

Post by Jackielou »

Sorry CG no recommendations for you, but I am on the look out for a new vacuum and will be watching this thread for ideas.


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Re: help, need vacuum recommendations

Post by MackerelCat »

CG, I do not know of any good canister vacs that are bagless. We had a Bissel Zing! for three years that was a good little vacuum: lightweight and worked well, but the bags for it were hard to find. Just recently I realized that the motor on it is wearing out -- it has lost some suction and runs hot if I try to vacuum the entire house -- so we moved it out to garage for vacuuming out the cars and replaced it with a Miele canister vac. Miele costs about the same as a Dyson. It was a spendy purchase, but we vacuum every day due to having so many pets and I needed something built to stand up to that. I expect it to be the last vacuum we'll ever have to buy, and it's easier to find the bags online. Surprisingly for a deluxe product, the bags and filters are the same price or a little less than they were for the cheap little Bissell.

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Re: help, need vacuum recommendations

Post by jckitty »

I have a Dyson upright also, but ended up buying a Shark for the very reasons you described. I love it! It is the only thing I have ever purchased from the TV and the process made me nervous but it was so worth it. It is light weight but strong enough suction that it 'lifts" the carpet from the stairs when I run it.

It has a no questions asked lifetime guarantee but....I am skeptical of all guarantees. I believe most aren't worth the paper they are written on.
It is bagless and very easy to empty and clean. Just my two cents worth.

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Re: help, need vacuum recommendations

Post by AuntBridget »

Don't have any recommendations......

This question just made me think of a long time member of the forum....and of course I can't think of her name....but can remember her profile showed her holding her snake.

She and her hubby did an at home vacuum business, where they did mail order for parts, and bags, etc.

Good Luck on the search for a new vac. I personally am thinking I'm going to pull up all the carpet in my house, and shave my dog :D
Aunt Bridget

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Re: help, need vacuum recommendations

Post by dlrcpa »

That was Manicats.
I will say I'm NOT happy with my Bissell Pet Hair Eraser (upright). I think it was designed by a man, it has so many flaws that would have been obvious if the engineer ever tried to USE the stupid thing.
1. electric cord emerges from the bottom of the vac so constantly being stepped on.
2. On/Off switch is at exactly the right place on front of vac so that shoving the vac under a coffee table will hit the switch to OFF.
3. The detachable hose detaches itself so you can vacuum a whole room without being aware there is no suction. Aaugh.

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