Erin's stockpile tour

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Erin's stockpile tour

Post by colonialgirl »

Well Erin - I have one word for you - SWOON!

I just read through Erin's tour of her stockpile on her blog. Wow - just wow. It made my little stockpile heart beat faster. Frugals - do not miss this.

I do not have much good to say about I resent them getting rid of our forum and sanitizing what used to be good, informational articles into cliched pap that you can read as useless filler on any news outlet, but they knew what they were doing when they hired you.

Girl - you truly are the Amy Dacyczyn of our time. Thanks for the inspiration!
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Re: Erin's stockpile tour

Post by ErinHuffstetler »

Stockpiles -- the frugal person's eye candy ... lol :)

And thanks for the nice compliment. To be compared to Amy Dacyczyn is high praise indeed :)
Erin Huffstetler

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Re: Erin's stockpile tour

Post by ChristmasTrees »

WOW Erin!!!!!!
Not only incredibly well stocked.....but you know where EVERY single thing is!!!

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Re: Erin's stockpile tour

Post by BeckyO »

Erin, your stockpile is amazing. I am green with envy over the space you have. LOL. I have a large walk-in pantry. It is full. It helps so much. I could live out of it several months, When I am sick and cannot shop, what a relief. When I want to put my money to a special Big item, I can pare down my grocery bill. When natural disasters mean no shopping, I am not deprived, When I 'forget' an item, it's in the pantry. When prices take a seasonal hike, I don't have to pay them. Etc.

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Re: Erin's stockpile tour

Post by MackerelCat »

Erin's whole house is beautiful, but the stockpile is a frugal wonder to behold. And I agree: Erin, you are this generation's Amy D. You have so much of the same philosophy that she had: non-consumer and do it yourself, and you make frugaling so creative and much fun.

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Re: Erin's stockpile tour

Post by itspennyc »

Since I no longer drive I have to be prepared. I have no pantry, in my tiny apartment. I try to keep one extra of most things I use on an everyday basis. This is all I have room for. My freezer is very small and is a part of my refrigerator. I do keep enough food in my apartment for at least 2 weeks.

I spend extra to buy H-E-B's brand of milk called Mootopia Milk I bought a half gallon of milk this morning with a sell by date of Sept 12. I also use their Vanilla 2% milk as a creamer in my coffee. I don't like the taste of creamer. Since I only use it in my coffee I buy this as a quart, it does also come in a half gallon.

I do keep several packages of 6 bottles of spring water. I buy the 16 oz bottles.


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