Daily Check in Sept 16, 2015

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Daily Check in Sept 16, 2015

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning folks,

Took DS out last night to practice maneuverability for his driver's test. He did not think he needed it. He did. But he was frustrating as he ha an attitude about it. Sigh.

Need to leave in a few minutes to take him to school. I think I will buy a steak for dinner tonight ad Hubby leaves for India tomorrow afternoon.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 16, 2015

Post by Vaeagen »

Good morning all,
I am really dragging today as dh's retirement party lasted a long time and I did not get to bed till midnight and probably did not fall asleep till well past that...just jazzed up from the party I guess....so well, I am dragging a bit today. But the party was great! About 76 people came, which is wonderful! Dh was very touched and so was I. Again not the most frugal thing but sometimes you just have to splurge. He deserved it and this was a once in a live time thing. Now back to the really world...if only I could go back to bed. Oh well, it will be there waiting for me tonight.
Todays plans are, work, then take ds to his speech session and then home. Hopefully, dh will cook dinner and then I may meet a friend to see her about a small sewing project she wants me to do for her. It is a very small project that I can probably do in an hour if not less. It will take more time to gather the materials and change the thread in the mcahine than to sew it. My main plan this evening is to shower and go to bed, preferably before 9:30. Wish me luck on that.

Hope you all have a great Wed!


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Re: Daily Check in Sept 16, 2015

Post by dlrcpa »

Good morning, another nice sunny day. I should water the yard some before exercise class. Neighbor gave us 4 goldfish and 2 koi for our newly-cleaned-out fish pond. Her fish had babies and her pond is way overcrowded. She will bring a few more and look after the fish while we are on vacation. Cannot tell if DH is happy to have fish again or not, he is just not taking much interest in household things. :roll:

I started sewing a wool skirt last night. Not much you can do with just 1 yard of fabric. I also stopped at the garden this morning to get more cherry tomatoes and a pepper. I forgot to look at the pole beans. Friday evening I will gather the last 2 pumpkins, any beans and some yellow squash. Better go research some more squash recipes.....

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 16, 2015

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites.

Up at a decent time after the second night of a fairly decent sleep. Wouldn't you know that I would stop tossing and actually sleep the night before we leave to begin our trip back.

Tonight we will stop at oldest DS's and leave for the next 9 hours of the trip home. It will be nice to see our home. I do know that once there it will be a rush to get the garden in before a major frost.

Off to start packing up so we can check out.

Today I am grateful that we got to enjoy this small get away together.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 16, 2015

Post by colonialgirl »

How weird - the forum just made me log in I swear, computers get the hiccups.

Good morning frugals - hope all is well. Val the party sounded great. Sometimes frugality just does not matter. We have to live life.

It is a sunny, cool early fall morning in Central IL. Farmers are out in the fields harvesting corn already. Geez - where did the summer go? I think I could get used to this "normal life" deal. That is how I grew up - you got up and had breakfast and packed your lunch and went to school and/or work. My dad got home at the same time every night.

Hubs has always worked shift work, and don't get me wrong, I am grateful he had work, but I guess I have always missed the lifestyle with which I grew up. He works days now but had to go in at 5:30 and gets home in the middle of the afternoon and I don't seem to get anything done. But since he is on light duty for 2 weeks and cannot drive for the same time frame, I get up make breakfast, pack his lunch and straighten the kitchen before leaving to take him to work at 7:30. Now I am home, I have dinner prep started, and a load of laundry in and it is 9:00 a.m. - wow. This is a much easier lifestyle.

Today is more decluttering and cleaning out. I am taking a couple of cabinets per day and cleaning/reorganizing. Today I am working on the pantry - which never seems to stay straightened. And of course the ever present laundry detail. Dinner is bbq pork steaks and potato salad. Have a wonderful day all.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 16, 2015

Post by AnneX »

Good morning

I've just put in my dental appliance, so am now ready to face the world. Going to head out to Yoga.

I washed a couple of quilted reversible jackets this morning - as a bit afraid they might be ruined - but they came out fine. i've also done a bit of ironing and watered the balcony plants.

I bought a couple of apples yesterday and did a pastel drawing of them last night. today i will turn them into applesauce since I can't eat them raw.

Remembered yesterday that I had tucked some money in a drawer before I had my dental surgery in case I needed a friend to get me some supplies. Sure enough $90 that I had forgotten about.

This afternoon I plan to go to the bank to see about getting a paper signed for my Mum's estate. Then I'll go to the reference library and look at some art books.

Take care

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