Daily Check in Sept 16, 2015

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 16, 2015

Post by rinty »

colonialgirl wrote:Rinty - your decorations sound lovely. Nope -hubs not retired, just me. You will probably hear about when he retires on the news - you know - Illinois woman buries husband in backyard type of thing. ha
LOL.......yeah ; )

DH has developed a few " Retired Quirks" which are a barrel of laughs. Just you wait : )

I will say though, they do need to retire when they are still able to DO stuff ( if finances allow, I realise that ) Hope your DH is on the mend.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 16, 2015

Post by floridacatlover »

rinty wrote:
floridacatlover wrote:
rinty wrote:Hey Frugals,

Colonialgirl, I swear I thought your Dh was already retired.

Got a free lunch at work ( horrible day AT work, mind you ) so brought my cheese and Marmite sandwich home. I dipped it in beaten egg and fried it for dinner......Love eggy bread and its cold, wet and windy. Apparently theres an actual weather warning as the rain is so torrential. Yick.

DH has been laid up with a fever/cellulitus again so not eating much, hence my just doing the eggy bread, no sense cooking properly as he has no appetite. I just keep fluids in him. The dog is staking out our bedroom " I'm here for you, Master !"


Paid bills, crunched numbers, helped kids re childcare. Spent Nuthin'. It seems tasteless to be buying "stuff" with all that is going on in the world, so its food and petrol only.

I did Do a Fall Mantel, which I'm very pleased with but I shopped At Home.......old, antique, salt glazed bottles mixed with mini pumpkins, Fall scented candles, glass acorns and burnished metal mixed leaves. Changed the picture over the mantel to a more autumnal theme. Lovely to have a fireplace. I have put 2 throws out......which DH is now snuggled up in.

I see what you mean about the new UK Labour leader you mentioned the other day. I read that he refused to sing your national anthem at the service for the Battle of Britain yesterday and it sounds like he was dressed in a mismatched way. Sheesh! I also read he might not wear a poppy for Remembrance Sunday. (I am always so impressed with how people in the UK honor veterans, wearing poppies and the poppy exhibit at the Tower of London last year.) How in the world did this guy get a leadership role.
Ohmygosh, YES ! Isn't he horrendous, he's like some spotty kid saying " NO, don't WANT to....." And in this case, it was a memorial to soldiers who DIED for Britain, could he have picked a more insulting time ??? Please note, he is/or can be a member of the Privy Council, that is he will be meeting the Queen, what is he going to do then, turn his back on her and sulk ?????? Intellectual Pygmy.

He is the Ultimate Refusenik, which apparently appealed to those who voted for him. Hes an embarrassment. Hes got NO answers, just......."your way is wrong!" He reduced Prime Ministers Questions to a phone in show this week, he asked voters to send in their questions rather than HE question David Cameron. " So, Mary from London wants to know why we don't build enough council houses ??"

ARRRRGGGHHH. A strong country needs a strong government and a strong opposition. Labour didn't win cos none of us sane folk trusted them with the economy.......so they got rid of THAT leader, ran round like headless chickens and came us with THIS GUY. During the campaign, I thought he was almost amusing in his naivety (sp?) now I think hes a nasty little troll who could bugger up my country.....lets hope his own party voted him out SOON.
I'll be watching this! I don't know enough about the UK political system but it sounds like from what you said he could be overthrown by the party at any point. Yes, wouldn't it great to be a fly on the wall when he meets the Queen. He really sounds like a disaster.

By the way, I had dinner last night with my friend just back from the Mediterranean cruise. She saw nothing of the refugees. I still say I would have felt horrible knowing they were struggling on rafts nearby. I didn't tell her that, though. She did bring me a lovely embroidered purse from Turkey.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 16, 2015

Post by LWolfT »

Jackie ... safe trip home ...

Rinty and CG, hope hubbies are on the mend. (CG, I have gotten too used to having 9 hours or so to myself most days. You may be reading headlines about me if/when DH retires. )

Anyway, big news: I have a job interview tomorrow! Long-term temp job that would start, well, next week. This would be a good thing, since all those bills for the unexpected household repairs, and Big Boy's vet bill have rolled in ... not to mention the expected expenses. (I think it scared DH, cause he was quite happy to eat dinner at home on his days off :D )

Otherwise, hot and sunny. Put out a load of laundry, which is drying well. Need to run to Aldi for some milk and to the dollar store. Funny, that list started out with just a couple of things I needed ... now it's like the list is multiplying by itself!

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 16, 2015

Post by BeckyO »

afternoon Y'All,

Hope the hubbies get better soon.
Rinty, your country is not the only one that makes the citizens dispare sometimes. Good luck.

DS #1 woke me up today. He was really pounding on the door! He had been trying to get me up. I am still tired. I may not get anything done. He put up my groceries. The ones sitting on the table. He put minutes on my phone. He had a frustrating time doing it so understood my frustrastion. Then we went to lunch at Newk's. We had some delicious roast beef sandwiches and lobster bisque. I brought home half a large glass of lemonade. His back is giving him so much trouble he is in constant pain. He cannot be still or get comfortable.

He delivered a message for me to call my son-in-law, DD#1;s DH. DD#1 had a face lift, this morning. She is out of surgery and in Recovery. No, I did not know and son-in-law said when he called her best friend to say she was out of surgery best friend didn't know either! She did not need it. Unnecessary surgery really scares me (a nurse)Hope this works out OK.

I am off to put my feet up for awhile. Hope Iget the spread and blanket from my bed washed and put some of yesterday's laundry put up.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 16, 2015

Post by jckitty »

Becky, sending good wishes for a safe ,quick recovery for your DD.

I always said there was no way I would ever pay someone to inflict pain on me. I won't even get my eyebrows waxed, I am a big chicken.
Rinty and Colonial Girl , hope both of the hubbies get well soon.

I have been very busy, weather is perfect for getting things done outside. I have pressure washed decks, painted them, installed weather gard in places that needed it. I have also applied the clear silicone where needed. That is a messy job and I am glad it's done. I also finally got all of the windows cleaned and used the sprayer to clean out the sneaky little crevice's in the sills. It makes all of the bugs wash out and that was needed.

Still eating on the beef and noodles, and I only made what I thought was a little bit.
Got one freezer defrosted and cleaned, had to give some old stuff to the chickens, disappointing to me but the hens loved it. I have a much better idea of what is in there and hope to do a better job of planning around it. One more freezer to go, it is a chest freezer and not fun to clean out. reaching down into it is a huge pain. Being short I always wonder if I am going to end up head first into it.

Need to make my list for tomorrow, I am going to use the leftover deck paint and do the middle walkways on the decks, there isn't enough paint to try to keep and I figure the walkways get the most use, may as well apply it. Need to clean gutters that I can reach and line up cleaning of the upper ones.
I am having so much fun, getting stuff done and not feeling like I constantly am playing "catch up".
Girls night tomorrow evening at DD2, taco salad and nachos Will be fun.
Have a great evening all,

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 16, 2015

Post by Jackielou »

Made it as far as DS's. Will continue the trip tomorrow and hopefully reach it by 5 or so.

Off to read a bit, and then after DS gets his meeting done with we will head out for dinner.

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