Daily Check in Dec 14, 2016

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 14, 2016

Post by itspennyc »

I have a lot to do today, I washed my hair. I want to change my bed. I will strip it except for the bottom sheet as my cleaning lady wants to clean my ceiling fan. I will ask her to do that first. Then I will make my bed.

I want her to clan the bathroom and vacuum floors more then make my bed.

I hung the giant Christmas stocking on the railing of the bridge. I tied them with red yarn, this way it will be easier to take down then the wire I used before.

I am making progress on my tiny Nutcracker. I want to write down what I have done to actually write out the pattern. Right now all I have are the notes, I have made a few changes each time I have knit the first 3 large ones. I have also cut off the embroidered face on 2 of them to replace that with the face I like better. I have also added the knit beard. I do want to replace the yarn beard with knit beards. I like it better, as the yarn beard doesn’t seem to stay the way I want it to. I am using acrylic. I made them by pulling apart scraps of the yarn that I used to knit the pants.

I have started to pack gift bags. Mostly because for 3 of the gifts I needed to see if I had the correct size bag. I had bought different candy this year, the Life saver gummies and a red plastic Hersey Kiss. Both are larger then the M&M Christmas tubes.

I need to put some of my knitting away, or at least stack the tubs so she can vacuum the living room floor.

I have done a lot since I got up and now I am very tired.


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Re: Daily Check in Dec 14, 2016

Post by clemencia2us »

oh wow - talk about needing patience!

Just went round and round with my sickly sibling about the time we had to be at the hospital. She insisted it was 3:30! After about an hour or so of this the office called to confirm. She of course was wrong! It is funny in a way, but in another way is concerning.

Her DIL and I have discussed her recurring memory lapses. So not surprising that she got it mixed up and I could feel my blood pressure going up.

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 14, 2016

Post by Shelsmiles »

Christmas. I have a lot of wrapping to do but otherwise mostly complete. We are having Christmas Eve as our bid dinner and then will go watch the Broncos play the Chiefs in KC on Christmas Day. My son will be home and my brother will be here. It's Going to be great.

Meat birds on their way so we should have a little income from them in mid February. Hogs will Be ready for processing right after New Year. Calves are doing well but cattle prices are so low. Here's hoping 2017 brings my DH a job and my businesses some revenue. I will be starting seeds in the greenhouse right after new year as well. Some to plant and some to sell I hope.

Puppies are in a puddle in front of the fire and I'm having a hard time getting motivated to go to town, but I have to do it. The cuteness of the puppies is just really hard for me to leave behind today.

Dinner. Well, I have some chicken left over and so I may do achicken and rice burritoes with green chili. It sounds pretty good to me.

Have a good one!

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 14, 2016

Post by mbrudnic »

I have heat at home. There was a lot of crap that came out of the register in the bathroom.


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Re: Daily Check in Dec 14, 2016

Post by BeckyO »

Afternoon Y'All,

Jackie, I would put a spoon or two of sugar in my tomato sause (spaghetti)

Our bldg Christmas potluck was great. Th activity director had sold red tee shirts with the bldg name and the individual's name. Almost everybody wore them. I didn't buy one. I didn't think I would wear it but once (today) so I wore an emerald green blouse with big sequins, coral earrings and beads.

DD#1 came. She helped serve and chatted with the outgoing and incoming mngr and activity dir. and two residents who were helping to serve. I think she enjoyed it. She ate a little, said she had stopped at her bank and they invited her to eat there. She took a plate to her DH.

All my tangerines and candy went : ) We had fried chicken, potato salad, mac and cheese, fruit salad, deviled eggs, etc and desserts galore, cakes , cookies and pies.

I am so tired and sore. I have been all week. The constant going. And a dreary day.

DD#1 and her DH are going to California to see his DM on Christmas Day. She says she will have a dinner and give out presents before they leave. She brought my paid car insurance papers to me, today. That was her present to me.

I have a coupon for lunch/dinner Christmas Day for two. I think I will call DGD age 19 and invite her and possibly her boyfriend. I will pay for him.

When I went to Wallmart , yesterday, I bought art supplies for 4 DGGDs. I planned numismatic (coin collecting) supplies for one DGGson, but I may have to send him some art supplies, too.

While there I bought a deli plate, so didn't cook yesterday or, today. I think I will fix a cuppa instant in the microwave in a min, LOL I do have a small sink of dishes to wash. I changed clothes when I got back from the luncheon and hung that blouse and slacks up. No clothes to hand laundry : )

I think I will retrieve my cell phone from the charger and retreat to my recliner.. oh, I'll make the coffee before getting in the recliner, my butler seems to be off this afternoon ; )
phone calls, reading, a nap --I have those in the wrong order, I think, LOL

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 14, 2016

Post by Jackielou »

jckitty wrote:Good morning all,

Jackie, try taking a cup of sauce and heat it in a larger pan, add about 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. Stir and it will probably foam up....taste for vinegar and continue adding soda in small amounts until you can tell the sour is gone. Adjust the rest, It will cause your sauce to taste somewhat sweet so adjust accordingly. The other thing is you could turn it into sloppy joes with the addition of brown sugar, mustard and such. Just a thought....hope it works out so you don't have to pitch it. :(

I slept pretty good last night, It is so cold this AM! I have already fed and watered the hens, brought wood in and am drinking more coffee. I have a list of things to do including riding my exercise bike, can't take a walk....too cold and icy :(

I have a closet that needs straightening , it always needs attention :? it's a front coat closet and tends to attract messiness.
Need 2 giftcards and Christmas shopping is done, need to bag and wrap but that can wait until closer to the day. I don't like packages under the tree because of the pets.
Maggie, good luck with your furnace....what a pain. But at least you don't have to pay to get it fixed.
Clem, good luck with your patients and patience.....you will need both :D
Have a great day all,
Tried the baking soda and it worked. Thank you so much for the tip. Now I know what to do with the other 8 containers of frozen sauce.

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