Daily Check-in December 18, 2016

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Re: Daily Check-in December 18, 2016

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Still slightly headachy, but not half as bad as it was yesterday.

Roast is in the oven, cross stitch put away for a bit, and relaxing with a cup of tea on the computer for a little bit. It is warmer now then when we went to Mass this morning!! I am looking forward to some more reasonable temperatures. While they will still be below freezing, they will be much easier to handle.

We have a couple of little bunnies that like to come and visit the yard everyday. Hubby is threatening to trap them to make rabbit stew. I don't think so, or should I say not on my watch. Never had rabbit and will never have rabbit, I had too many as pets when young.

Off to read more of the forum and then snuggle into my recliner for a bit.

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Re: Daily Check-in December 18, 2016

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Good Evening - Busy day. House cleaning. Shopping with the little guys. They were EXCELLENT in all the stores but decided to act up BIG TIME when we got home so they have been fed and put to bed. I have a ZERO tolerance policy and they knew it BEFORE they made the choice to break house rules and act like heathens.

Tomorrow I have to go to the post office and dry cleaner on my lunch break. Can't do those things in 30 minutes but my boss is great about allowing me longer and letting me make it up later. Tomorrow evening I have the babysitter staying late so I can meet a friend for dinner and some shopping. I have stocking stuffers to get for S.O. and his brother. Tuesday night I will help the kiddos wrap gifts for their dad and each other. Wednesday night they will decorate cookies. BUSY week!!

I am tired, cold, starving - so I am off to do something about all three! The kiddos had spaghetti with meat sauce so rather than reinvent the wheel I will have the same with just butter and garlic.

Have a good night friends.

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Re: Daily Check-in December 18, 2016

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Late check-in
Evening Y'All,

It's good to 'see' so many who don't often check-in.
((Hugs)) icfrugal. Best wishes to you.
Rinty, your Christmas celebations sound great : )

Another short day for me. Christmas is coming fast : ) I called DGD age 19 and invited her and a guest to lunch Christmas Day. She and I have had lunch on Christmas Day several times. We go to a large buffet at a restaurant that overlooks the Mississippi River. We watch the tugs and bargs going up and down the river.

Tomorrow, I am going to an open house type party. It is 2 til 8 I will not go for the whole time.

DD#1 and the rest of her family will be in California. Remember, I choose Thanksgiving as my big family do, not Christmas.

The temps here dropped almost 50 degrees in just a few hours. We had freezing rain this morning. We are expecting more Cooold weather tomorrow. Then an upturn for a few days. I am so fortunate, my apt stays the same. My fans and AC are still running. If I turn them off I get hot. My neighbors crank the heat up high, LOL and it effects my apt.

I made chicken and dumplings, yesterday. I had half a can of chicken in the frig and some green peas, and some chicken broth and biscuit dough. Voila chicken and dumplings. I still have some Pinto beans and diced tomatoes. Think I will put the tomatoes and beans and chopped onion on to simmer while I make some rice. That will take care of the leftovers, er.. planned overs, LOL

I paid one bill today and tackled the paper monster. After I transfer some dates to my 2017 calendar and some ph numbers to my address book, that monster will be a lot slimmer, LOL

I'm falling for book series again, LOL and there are nine volumes in this series! I have read 4 and have downloaded two more. This series, good but not great literature, LOL But it is about Navy SEALS and their women.

I was married to one of the first Navy SEALS (It is hard to believe that he has been gone for years, now. I think of things I would like to tell him all the time. I do the same for my 2nd DH who has been gone 7 yrs now.) But anyway, I identify with the women and remember some of the places and routines so I enjoy the series.

I am off to put those beans and rice on then to read another of the books I downloaded, yes in that series. Stay warm

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