Check in Jan. 7, 2017

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Re: Check in Jan. 7, 2017

Post by MackerelCat »

Good morning from the slightly snowy deep South. We had about an inch of snow, which unfortunately has a little ice under it. DS has to work today, so we've warned him to be careful on the roads.

Today I need to vacuum the house and clean the kitchen really well, but that's about it. Also need to make granola for DH. I probably will not go to the grocery store until tomorrow, as we need only a few things.

Puppy did really well with her house training yesterday, but backslid this morning when only the guys were watching her because they don't take her out often enough. She did come to me and "ask" to go out shortly after I woke up. Guess she knows who the brains of the toilet operation is! :D

DH is planning to make us a dog gate for our bedroom door today, so that we can keep the door open and warm the room up. Other than the inevitable trips to the hardware store, we have no plans to be spending any money today -- hopefully!

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Re: Check in Jan. 7, 2017

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning. Is is a frosty day here ( 0 F) with a wind chill of (-13 F). It is suppose to warm up to (22 F) by afternoon. Feel sorry for the critters outside.. I am feeding a lot of birds on my upper deck. I love watching them. There are so many species with different colors and sizes.
Working on packing my holiday decorations. As I pack them I am putting them in boxes that I have numbered and then on a separate sheet of paper I am writing down what is in the box and where it is located. That will go in my master log book.

My former caregiver is coming to see me this afternoon. We are still friends and try to stay in touch by computer or telephone but it is not the same as when we spent 4 to 5 days a week with each other for approximately 5.5 years. She is bringing her little dog Teddi. He is such a joy to have around. She use to bring him to work with her at my request. Sometimes her would sleep over or even stay for a week-end. I do like my new caregiver and we get along great too.

Not much going on except staying home and doing some light cooking and feeding the birds. Janet Alliesmama
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Re: Check in Jan. 7, 2017

Post by dlrcpa »

Shel - wow, impressed w/ all the homesteading going on there...

Less than 1" snow here in northern VA. My parents area now predicted to get under 3". I am supposed to go parent-sit on Sunday so hoping all the roads and their driveway are passable. Tonight is roaster chicken and maybe spoon bread casserole. I went to the grocery store early this morning, forgot my list so did not spend too much. I can get other things during the week if necessary. Still have leftover ham to deal with....

Stay warm.

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Re: Check in Jan. 7, 2017

Post by Heloise »

alliesmama4 wrote:Feel sorry for the critters outside.. I am feeding a lot of birds on my upper deck. I love watching them. There are so many species with different colors and sizes.
I am the definition of the quintessential birder. This time of year we enjoy the likes of House Sparrows, House Finches, Mountain Chickadees, and Red-Breasted Nuthatches. I can't get enough of the little ones.

What do you feed your wild birds? For our House Sparrows, they go crazy over white millet, and the House Finches love black-oil sunflower kernels. For the Mountain Chickadees and Nuthatches, pine nuts are their favourite, and yes, pine nuts are expensive, but with such small birds it amounts to very little each month. Such pleasure I get out of watching them.

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Re: Check in Jan. 7, 2017

Post by alliesmama4 »

Shelsmiles wrote:Good frozen morning, Jen. I, too am up early. Mostly because the fire went out and needed to be fed. It's been really cold this week after being spoiled with a very mild fall and winter to this point.

DH and FIL are set to make a run to the dump today. That ought to take up most of their morning hopefully. There's a little bit of work left to be done in the barn but it's mostly finished. Momma goat is insode and we have our meat chickens in the brooder pen. I'm hoping DH will get some things done inside that have been needing done since he has been so busy with his dads place and the barn. I don't have much but could use him for an afternoon.

Deer processing is done for now. We have 85 packages of burger put up, some stew meat and some nice steaks. We made about 100 pounds of smoked pork garlic sausage over Christmas break and now all that is left is to process a hog and of course make Italian sausage. Beef won't be ready for several months yet and chickens will feed out until the end of February. As cold as it is, none of my hens are laying right now. I can't say that I blame them. Lol.

All meals will be from home today. Breakfast will be seven grain pays with blueberries, lunch will be the last of the chicken and wild rice soup I made and dinner just might be a nice pot of chili and a pan of Honey corn bread. I am going to do some meal prep today for the upcoming week. I love the Buddha bowls everyone is posting about so I'm going to try a recipe for that as well. I am going to do some chicken for salads and I dunno what else quite yet.

DS wrestled in the National Duals this week. Two very nice performances with first period pins. Very nice boost for his confidence. He had a good time but was a bit miffed at a teammate who he felt "gave up" and got pinned. I understand why- it lost their team the dual and the kid had been dominating the match to that point. He's very competitive.

DD will be spending her day cleaning her room without herPhone. She needs to do the dog yard again as she only half did it the other day when she was asked. Her room is a nightmare and she will undoubtedly want her boyfriend to come out. I'm not really feeling it.

As soon as there is enough light to get started I will stack wood on the porch. We are about out and the weather won't get warm for a couple more days.i am not really looking forward to that particular chore. It's so cold and I'm so not excited to go out in it!

Hope everyone has a great day!
I love hearing about how you are doing things on your farm and making things from scratch. Takes me back to when I was young and living on a farm. We use to make our own sausage and many times we made garlic sausage. We did about 100 lbs of sausage one day and then the next day we made about 200 lbs of ground beef. Thanks for the memories of the good old days coming back to me. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Check in Jan. 7, 2017

Post by itspennyc »

We are still well below freezing. This is the coldest day in about 6 years. It is warmer then it was when I got up. Then it was 20º F (-6.6667º C). Now it is 26º F (-3.333º C).

I did my shopping. I was able to get most of what was on my list. I had a lot of very good coupons today.

I am having problems with one of my e-mail accounts. I know that part of the problem is theirs.

I have started wash. I hope to get 3 done today.


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