DailyCheck In 01/11/17

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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

Post by itspennyc »

I walked over to the other building to pick up the weekly free newspaper. I get it mostly for the H-E-B ad and the coupons. The price is right free.

All the laundry I did yesterday is folded and put away. I do plan on washing the bath rugs but I will put them in when my cleaner is ready to do the bathroom floor.

I still have to knit the veil for my Tiny Bride and groom, then embroider her hair. I did start on the Tiny Groom. I am knitting his jacket and shirt now. I will put them away when they are finished. I am trying to decide if I will knit a set for each of my other grandchildren. I just haven’t decided at this time.


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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

Post by tammy65 »

Good morning everyone!

Today, I am going to be joining a lot of you in de-cluttering. Not by my choice but by my husband's choice.

My son's old bedroom has become a catch-all of sorts in the last few months and he wants it cleaned up so that we can move a full size bed into the room. He started trying to do it himself last night but I made him stop because my desk and important papers are in there along with my MIL and FIL's paperwork. I know what's in there and I know where it is at and I'm afraid that he may accidently misplace something or throw something important out.

We have a hodgepodge of furniture in the room. Our old recliner from the living room that he refuses to get rid of and a brand new changing table that he built for my grandson. Originally, I was going to keep the baby while my DIL worked but so much happened last year that I wasn't able to do it. I had some medical issues pop up and my husband's uncle got very ill and died. His wife has her house on the market and is planning a move to town because we live so far out that our hilly roads don't get cleaned very often when we have snow. Anyway-we have been helping her to downsize and hubby has been doing repairs to her house and we have been the recipients of some very nice stuff that she wants to get rid of. Part of the stuff has ended up in my son's room and the rest went to the basement and garage.

A lot of other major things have happened this year and things and stuff at my house have just gotten out of hand.

I have quite a few items to return to Kohl's that are piled in the aforementioned
recliner. I ordered my mom some new curtains and some stuff for her newly painted living room and the fabrics are different colors. The curtain panels have a deep cream tint to them but the valances are more of a country white. I also am going to return some clothing that I bought for my great nephews. I may sound like an ogre but I am the only person in the family who acknowledges birthdays or special occasions and I don't get to see the kids but maybe once or twice a year so I'm stopping with the presents. The rest of the extended family didn't even acknowledge the birth of my grandson.

I also have my boxes of donations in the room. Goodwill, our local pregnancy support center, and items that I'm hunting up for a neighbor who lost her home to a fire last week.

I better get started because I have to go to town later to turn in a new prescription. I hope to take some of the donation items to their destinations today.

Hope everyone has a great day!


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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

Post by jckitty »

Good late morning all,

I slept in and have been slow moving since I got up....the wind yesterday had me subconsciously wound up. Hard to fall asleep last night.
I have the outside chores done and the kitchen floor cleaned, it was sticky from supper prep last night and I did not realize it until I went to the coffee station for my first cup. :?
I have the usual chores to do today and I have the youngest grand so we will play. It is still very chilly out but sun is trying to come out, hope it happens.
Florida, your candle and soothing music are exactly what I do in the evenings. I am on a news/TV fast of sorts. I did watch The Presidents farewell speech last night.
The fiancé is champing at the bit for snow....me not so much ;) He said if we had snow with the wind yesterday that even he would not have been able to get out and plow.
Off to play and try to get stuff done.
Have a great day all,

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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

Post by littlemiss63 »

Good Afternoon Everyone,

It warmed up in Tennessee, but with it came the rain. It's a little dreary outside, but I'm not going to complain, I can take this better than the cold.

I had planned on grocery shopping today to take advantage of the 5% Senior Discount, but I am not going out in the rain and take a chance on having a relapse of this blasted cold I've had. I'm just about over it and it's taken 3 weeks for that to happen.

I am on a decluttering roll and putting things back that somehow have mysteriously gotten into place they shouldn't be. I would like to blame someone else for it happening, but unfortunately there is no one to blame but myself. I have promised myself that I'm going to do better controlling that this year. It would create less work for me if I would be more vigilant.

Have gotten e-mails on all my CD's that I purchased on E-bay that they have been shipped. I can't wait to get them so I can listen to them as I'm driving. I will probably be going to my niece's in Mobile, AL in a couple of weeks if the weather doesn't get bad and I will have them for the trip. Things happened at Christmas and she was unable to get to Memphis for the holidays. Kids got sick, husband got sick and there went her plans.

There isn't much going on today, so I will get off here and get busy. Everyone have a great day.

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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

Post by rinty »

Hello Guys,

Early evening here. I've been to work, then done my little volunteer bit ( only 1 1/2 hours ) and have come home to flatbread with cheese and anchovies warm from the oven and a big round cottage loaf. Thanks DH !!! :)

We springcleaned our bank accounts. There wasn't much I could change. I do still have 5 charity payments ongoing but I am sticking with them. DH decided to cancel his gym membership as, with walking a very active dog 4 times a day , and the physical work he does on the allotment.....it was a waste. He is paying the £20 a month into our save the change account.............its going to be for Christmas money . Sensible as its money that he hasn't had otherwise. We got a small claim cheque for some dental care, £175, every little helps !

I need to wash and frame up a cross stitch I made for school, I had each student do a part of the stitching then I did the rest. They're proud of it and they are showing it off at mass this week. I found a nice frame for £2 and school have said to claim it back.....I wouldn't claim for the aida and threads as my Craft Stash is embarrassingly large :shock:

Need to wash a load of delicates before tomorrow but that's it.....how dull ;)

Maggie, all the best. Maybe concentrate on some nesting in the new place ? Really personalise it , tweak things now you have spent sometime there ?

Planning to be in bed early with a good book. The 2016 issues appear to be dogging us into 2017..........outstanding ! :shock: Just taking it day by day.

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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

Post by icfrugal1 »

mbrudnic wrote:Good Morning,

DS just left for school. Hearing reports of black ice, warned him to be careful.

I think we are supposed to have rain all day. I am toying with the idea of rearranging my living room furniture today. Real excitement going on here. I remembered I have a gift card to JoAnn's. I may go get some material.

I went to watch DS2 in an academic team match (His team lost both by a very narrow margin) I feel a bit anxious at having spent $5 on parking. (Horrible, isn't it).

Have a great day,
Maggie, you will get though the "I should not have spent $5 days" I promise, I do understand, when I was working and DH refused to work, I counted every mile on the car to work and home only, with required shopping only on the way home, I needed every penny, but times did get better, yours will also.

Don't forget your perfect job is just around the corner 8-)


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