DailyCheck In 01/11/17

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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

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Well I have been working on my son's old bedroom today and I've cleared out a lot of stuff. I bagged up the items to take back to Kohl's (probably heading that way this weekend).

I went to town and dropped off my new rx and then dropped off 2 loads of stuff at 2 different consignment stores (one load at each). I had a small amount of money, $8.xx, to pick up at the children's consignment store but told her to let it carry over until next month so that I will hopefully have a bigger amount waiting for me then.
The other consignment store is an upscale store and I had quite a few new items that I had been hanging onto for awhile that I finally gave myself permission to get rid of. Just taking up valuable space. I always list the retail on a post-it note for the item (usually Walmart or Amazon) and I find that she puts better prices on the merchandise.

I have been collecting plastic caps (from soft drinks, water bottles, detergent, etc)
for the last few years for my cousin's daughter who was studying engineering in school. She graduated last year but I had kept on saving them for the program. I don't drink that much bottled stuff but my family had been saving theirs and giving them to me to drop off at the public library which sponsored the program. (They melt the caps down and then pour the mixture into molds to build things with. Anyway, I found 6 one gallon zip top baggies full of the caps in the corner of the room and called to see when I could drop them off. The librarian told me that they no longer did the program but 2 schools in the district did. My cousin, a teacher at one of the schools (who happens to be my neighbor) is going to stop sometime this week and pick them up. Yeah!

I hope that my husband will see that I've made some headway on the room, but sometimes he can't see the forest for the trees. He only sees what I haven't got done instead of what I have accomplished (oh well!)

I've finally pinpointed why I've been in a mood lately. I had a really bad cold the first 2 weeks of December and never really got over it. Now it is coming back with a vengeance! I have not stopped doing any of my regular things that I do ( seeing to my mom, seeing to MIL and her needs in the nursing home, seeing to FIL and his needs, dr. appointments, obligations, etc.) since I came down with the crud in December. I think I need to give my body time to heal, but who really takes time to do that?

I'll get my husband to take the old recliner to the basement tonight and cover it with a sheet and probably the changing table will go to the basement too.
I am going to sell the changing pad and cover at the children's consignment store and he's going to build a new top to go on the table to make a nice tv stand for the bedroom. I've filled the 2 drawers of the changing table with my grandson's things and with baby gift items (my friends are starting to become grandma's and I like to have gifts on hand for showers.)

I've talked enough. I'm going to get me a snack and then get back to straightening the extra bedroom.

Hope everyone is having a good evening!

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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

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Good thoughts coming your way LWolfT.

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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

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Still extremely cold (feels like -38 C with the wind chill). Not fit to be outside for any length of time.

The gas company tech came and we have a new meter and meter module (so they can drive by and get a reading instead of coming in or getting out of their vehicles. Glad that is over and he did not take as long as we figured.

I have done more work on my cross stitch as well as gone through even more magazines. I may do another batch before supper (since all supper is, is a warm up of the food we brought home last night.

Off to see what I can get done.

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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

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Re:stress test
I have 1 every other year,if it's a chemical (nuclear) test,it's really not to awful.
They inject the drug,I believe it's epinephrine into your arm.
You will feel your heart really speed up,my cardiologist alwYs said galloping,and the doctor, tech and nurse are watching the hearts reaction on a computer monitor.
It's over in less than 10 minutes,they say it can give you a headache,which I've never experienced.
Have never done the treadmill one.
Good luck,relax.

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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

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LWolfT wrote:Good afternoon ...

Low 40s and foggy ... it all rolled in at once! We had thunderstorms last night (lights were flickering on and off, too)

Various chores today ... DH took down the Christmas lights and brought in the other outside decorations, so guess Christmas is officialy over :D

Could use some good thoughts, please. Tomorrow's the day I'm taking the cardiac stress test, and I'm a bit ... no, a lot ... nervous about the whole thing...
Wolf good luck on your cardiac stress test.. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Janet alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

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Jackielou wrote:Good morning fellow frugalites,

My, you are up early Jackie26 by my time it wasn't even 4 this morning.

Staying home today and trying to keep warm. With the wind chill, we have once again fallen below -40 C. To think we have a gas company person coming to change the gas meter today and the heat will be turned off for about 1/2 hour. Sure hope it is a sunny day so that the front of the house stays warm. I still have a funny feeling that they have our home confused with another one as I am pretty sure they did this already when they put the "read from the street" module on. Oh well we shall soon find out.

Not a great long to do list today. I should be able to do some extra cleaning, work on some easier goals, and perhaps even get more decluttering done. Especially since I am up at a good time this morning. It is really nice seeing more and more clutter leave the house. I am noticing even a few items leaving makes a slight difference in how I can clean or in how I look at something. I do realize now that while not in a hoarder category, I did and do have way too much stuff. Something needed to give, and that something is stuff. However, I am not going to get rid of anymore of my books....draw the line in the sand there.

Cat got sick again this morning. It seems that if she eats too much dry food she up chucks. Guess that will be rationed throughout the day as well. I usually put a small bowl beside where I have her wet food and water bowl.

We went out for supper last night to a Chinese restaurant that we have always enjoyed. Not so much this time. The food came as quickly as usual, but the deep fried items seemed a bit doughy, the chow mein was not hot, and the rice looked to be quick cooking rice and not the usual. All in all only our waitress was great. The leftovers were brought home and after a good reheating tonight will be our supper. I will need to make or find in the cupboard some sweet and sour sauce as there really is not much left from our meal.

Projects are moving along nicely. My second mitt should be joining the first by this evening and then tomorrow I plan on weaving in the yarn and sewing seams where necessary. The cross stitch is taking shape nicely and I am thinking ahead to my next use up the inherited patterns project. There are a couple of very easy and quick ones that I may consider.

As I said supper will be the leftovers from our meal last night. My menu is now !@#$-eyed, but that can always be fixed.

Today I am grateful for no pain so far this morning. I do have a slight headache, but at least the body is functioning quite well for now.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

I'm up at 4:15am daily and leave for the pool at 5:30am.

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