DailyCheck In 01/11/17

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DailyCheck In 01/11/17

Post by jackie26us »

Good Morning!

I'm up early as always. Leaving at 5:30am to go swimming. Right now it is pouring rain, but at least it's warm out. Not much else happening except for a busy day at work. Making sure I get things cleared off my desk for my days off. Only money spent today should be getting gassing up the car.

Have a great day guys!

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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,

DS just left for school. Hearing reports of black ice, warned him to be careful.

I think we are supposed to have rain all day. I am toying with the idea of rearranging my living room furniture today. Real excitement going on here. I remembered I have a gift card to JoAnn's. I may go get some material.

I went to watch DS2 in an academic team match (His team lost both by a very narrow margin) I feel a bit anxious at having spent $5 on parking. (Horrible, isn't it).

Have a great day,

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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

My, you are up early Jackie26 by my time it wasn't even 4 this morning.

Staying home today and trying to keep warm. With the wind chill, we have once again fallen below -40 C. To think we have a gas company person coming to change the gas meter today and the heat will be turned off for about 1/2 hour. Sure hope it is a sunny day so that the front of the house stays warm. I still have a funny feeling that they have our home confused with another one as I am pretty sure they did this already when they put the "read from the street" module on. Oh well we shall soon find out.

Not a great long to do list today. I should be able to do some extra cleaning, work on some easier goals, and perhaps even get more decluttering done. Especially since I am up at a good time this morning. It is really nice seeing more and more clutter leave the house. I am noticing even a few items leaving makes a slight difference in how I can clean or in how I look at something. I do realize now that while not in a hoarder category, I did and do have way too much stuff. Something needed to give, and that something is stuff. However, I am not going to get rid of anymore of my books....draw the line in the sand there.

Cat got sick again this morning. It seems that if she eats too much dry food she up chucks. Guess that will be rationed throughout the day as well. I usually put a small bowl beside where I have her wet food and water bowl.

We went out for supper last night to a Chinese restaurant that we have always enjoyed. Not so much this time. The food came as quickly as usual, but the deep fried items seemed a bit doughy, the chow mein was not hot, and the rice looked to be quick cooking rice and not the usual. All in all only our waitress was great. The leftovers were brought home and after a good reheating tonight will be our supper. I will need to make or find in the cupboard some sweet and sour sauce as there really is not much left from our meal.

Projects are moving along nicely. My second mitt should be joining the first by this evening and then tomorrow I plan on weaving in the yarn and sewing seams where necessary. The cross stitch is taking shape nicely and I am thinking ahead to my next use up the inherited patterns project. There are a couple of very easy and quick ones that I may consider.

As I said supper will be the leftovers from our meal last night. My menu is now !@#$-eyed, but that can always be fixed.

Today I am grateful for no pain so far this morning. I do have a slight headache, but at least the body is functioning quite well for now.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

Post by colonialgirl »

Hi all ,
Bad night for sleeping - took a nap yesterday afternoon and now am paying for it. Maggie - so sorry to read about the job. I can only imagine how this must weigh on you. I am sure as bright and hardworking as you are, you will find something soon. Have you considered some temp work? - just enough so it doesn't interfere with your unemployment? Might keep you occupied and you never know where things lead.

Have been hip deep in the decluttering/reorganizing/cleaning projects. Things accomplished every day but nothing completed yet. Every job seems to turn into 3 once I dig into them. One thing I do know, my recycling hauling guy is going to need a truss or surgery by the time I am done. Why have I kept this paper crap for so long? 90% of it is of no use. All my insurance payment records, etc - I have never ever referred to one yet. All into the burn bag.

Yesterday did a quick stop at Aldis and like to have fell over. Milk was 84 cents per gallon. No I did not forget the $1 in front of that. I think that is comparable to the price I paid when first married 42 years ago. I could not believe it. Eggs were 48 cents per dozen. I don't understand this - can dairy farmers stay in business with these prices?

Today I get my hair cut and colored. Hubs has an afternoon doctors appointment. I am hoping to get my fridge cleaned out and then hit the paper or the bedroom again. Dinner will be homemade chicken pot pie. We are looking at ice storms/winter weather advisories over the weekend, so I figure we be settled in at home with no trips outside and so I am planning some comfort food meals. I need to buy some small pie plates though so I can make multiple smaller pies and freeze some.

Well - going to try and get a couple of hours sleep before my appointment. Have a great frugal day all.

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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning everyone, Sounds like so many us of are in to organizing and getting rid of the clutter.

Maggie sorry that you did not get the job but as so many say you are so bright and intelligent I am sure something will come along soon. Just enjoy your time off to do things you want to do.

My brother took me out to eat the other day since he will be leaving for his condo in Mexico next week. His wife has been there since the end of Nov. Anyway the waiter made my day. When we first sat down a waitress seated us and gave us menus. While going over the menu I did not see any of the items that my SIL had mentioned that she likes to eat there. I said something to my brother and he said they were are on the Senior menu. So he got up and got one for me. When the waiter came I started to tell him what I wanted and he said, " I am sorry but you have to be a senior to order from that menu." I looked at him and said..."I will be 72 in a few weeks." He said " Wow. Well young lady what would you like?" He made my day.. I know people tell me all the time I do not look my age.. I feel like I look my age and can see the aging in my face but others tell me they think I look like I am in my early 50's. When I was married I was actually a few months older than my husband but several people thought I was his daughter.. Use to tick him off..Anyway for a little old lady about to turn 72 I guess I am doing ok.. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: DailyCheck In 01/11/17

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning all.

It is a cool, sunny morning here. Looks like it will be a nice day.

I did not get my tree put away yesterday so that is the project for today. My trunk was full of groceries yesterday so I decided to wait until today to carry the bins from mom's house to my house. One goes in the trunk and one in the back seat.

We went to Publix and did quite a bit of shopping. With mom, it takes three times as long as it takes when I am alone. But I'm glad that she is able to get to the store with me.

Things move slowly around here. It takes me a week to do what Gayle and some of the rest of you do in a day.

I'm enjoying my late afternoons after I get home from mom's house. I turn on the music, light a candle and read. Very soothing.

Have a good day.

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