Daily Check In January 16, 2017

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Re: Daily Check In January 16, 2017

Post by tammy65 »

Hello everyone!

I made my first trip of the year to the eye doctor this morning. My appointment was at 10:00 am and I got there early enough to check in and then pick me out some new frames. I always pick from the economy frames because they are sooo much cheaper and there are some really cute frames in the collection.

I've worn contacts since I was 12 years old-and my how things have changed! I'm 51 now and I still wear contacts some but I have to wear reading glasses over the contacts, so I feel like I'm wearing glasses all the time anyway. The eye doctor and I decided that it was time that I went with bifocals and I wanted the no-line bifocals. The frames cost $49 but the lens were a lot more than I was expecting to pay. I paid 1/2 down and will pay the balance when I pick the glasses up. All in all it was a good deal compared to what a lot of people pay for their glasses but I am used to paying much less for single vision glasses. I've tried line bifocals before and was very distracted by the lines. I have a pair of no-line sunglasses that have worked well for me so I'll deal with the higher price. ;)

My son called me after I got home from town and said that he and grandson are coming over later in the evening for a visit ( I think he wants to see all the clothes that his dad picked out for grandson).

Son was upset and asked if I had seen his older dog (we live about 2/10ths of a mile from each other. He and my dil are very good pet parents and take good care of their 2 dogs. When he got in from work last night, Z was gone. We live out in the country but he lives on the main road. He has an electric fence for the dogs and they wear collars that let them know their boundaries. Neither dog has every pushed to go past the boundaries of the back yard and Z is a rescue dog that must have been mistreated when she was small. She can be timid unless she knows you. My son walked the ditch lines and the back of the property for about 4 hrs last night trying to find her.

There has been a rash of pets being stolen in our area lately and that is what he thinks may have happened to her. He posted on his facebook page and another local page on facebook with her picture and he's had lots of people share it so maybe whoever took her will bring her back. My dil is inconsolable and didn't sleep any last night.

There are plenty of shelter dogs and puppies and dogs that no one wants to take care of that want to be loved-I can't understand why anyone would feel the need to steal a beloved pet, if she was stolen.

Well, I'm off to do another load of laundry before my son and grandson get here. My husband is a runner and was going to run at the park near his work after he got off the job, but has decided to come on home instead.

Our weather is overcast and it's supposed to be in the low 60's all this week with rain most days. No wonder people are sick.

Hope everyone has a great evening!

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Re: Daily Check In January 16, 2017

Post by jckitty »

Tammy, many years ago I had a much loved Welsh Terrier stolen from my yard.... she was on a cable lead and I live back a short lane.... and I was home!! I was in the house and she was out for exercise and potty break. I was heartbroken. Sheriffs office told me that it was happening all over and she was a purebred.

I ended up busier than I thought I would be today, the fiancé brought me a stack of yucky cast iron skillets.... he got them from a trailer house that he is emptying for the owner of a trailer court. I had told him I would clean them up, re-season them and then find homes for them amongst family and friends. The things he has told me that he has found...people just leave these places and leave all their things, they usually either run out on their rent or lot rent payments....never saying anything to anyone. So many times the utilities are cut off and then everything is close to ruined by the time the lot owner gets keys or paperwork to take care of the trailer. When he is done with this one, the owner already has another lined up for him to do. I just can't understand why people do these things.

He has even found abandoned pets, locked in and the owners leave a huge bag of dog food and containers of water everywhere .....no provisions for potty though so you can only imagine. Boggles my mind.
The rain has started again, we never did see the sun shine today....bummer.

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Re: Daily Check In January 16, 2017

Post by icfrugal1 »

colonialgirl wrote:Afternoon all,
Working on laundry and organizing and purging here today. I could probably cut and paste that sentence every day for the next year sadly.

FCL - glad you are enjoying Jenn. She is motivating. If you want to be inspired for organization check out At Home With Nikki. She is amazing as well.

ICFrugal - it seems to me that when someone attends something against their will that they generally ruin everyone's good time. Maybe try and look at it that way. You can go and enjoy yourself. Maybe your hubs isn't that way, but my dear friend's ex was that way. She would insist he go and he spent the entire night ruining her time and asking when they could go home. I would just go and have a good time. If he chooses not to, that is his problem and his loss.

Dinner tonight is going to be left over sloppy joes and chips. Going to be an expensive week - taking the truck in for problems with power steering, I am going to dentist because I lost those fillings again and Friday is eye appointments for both of us. The old savings account is going to take some serious hits.

Got in 8.5 hours of embroidery over the weekend while watching football games. I am determined to make my best effort toward finishing this sampler before the end of March. To date I have about 32 hours of work in it. Probably will be a hundred when finished.

Well off to drop the truck off. Have a good evening all!

Sadly, you are right :-(

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Re: Daily Check In January 16, 2017

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We were adopted by a beautiful white samoyed in 2000.
(My neighbors had taken her in and she came up to play with my 2 labs and never left.
She was left in a house by a couple that was seperating,neither wanted her.
She was severely beaten which ultimately lead to an early death...
Whenever,she saw us going out,she would be out that door in a flash,she wasn't getting left anywhere again.
It took my husband a very long time to gain her trust,he would call her up on the couch and she always looked nervous.
She stayed with us for about 6 years before her hip problems couldn't be fixed...
She was a wonderful, gentle girl and she loved playing and finding mischief with her 2 "brothers"
I can't stand people who do this type of thing!!!
R.I.P. Scout

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Re: Daily Check In January 16, 2017

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Good Evening

Hubby had no issues getting to work today which was a blessing. Hoping that the temps stay above freezing until at least he gets home tonight. He has tomorrow off which is a good thing.

I found a few things to add to the Goodwill box. Hope to fill it up tomorrow when hubby and I go through his clothes. I went through my drawer and decided to get rid of some of my bras. Wish I knew some way to recycle them...LOL.

Laundry is pretty much done. I only have one load left to wash, and that will wait until tomorrow so that I can was hubby's scrubs that he is wearing tonight at work. While I was putting clothes away, I tried to pare down a bit on my stuff.

For lunch I ended up having some salad and cottage cheese. Dinner was some of my homemade soup and I made Peter a grilled cheese sandwich and I made myself a spinach, mushroom and mozzarella quesadilla.

The bathroom got a good cleaning today as well. I also got my bedding changed thanks to Peter for helping me. I could do it myself, but goes so much faster with help.
Aunt Bridget

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Re: Daily Check In January 16, 2017

Post by colonialgirl »

I truly hope there is a special place in hell for people who abuse animals. I don't consider them human and would step over their dying corpses in the street. Bless you for giving your girl good years at the end of her life.

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