Tuesday evening ramble...

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Tuesday evening ramble...

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What a day!

I shopped, babysat, did a little housework, put on supper, and here I sit and reflect on the highlights of my day.

Saved on a handful of things while shopping today, thanks to catching Save-On-Foods case-lot sale! Got to love case-lot sales!!! Evaporated milk, whole canned tomatoes, green beans, creamed and kernel corn, just to mention a few. My pantry is well-stocked again for a while.

As for babysitting, I am so glad my kids are past the stage of diapers, bottles, crying, and temper-tantrums. On a more positive note, the mother uses prefold cloth diapers, pins, and waterproof pants, not vinyl ones like I used on my kids, but more like a waterproof nylon, but same thing... the old-fashioned way. Anyhow, considering the last time I changed an old-school diaper with pins and rubber pants was back in the mid-90's, I'm proud of myself as to how efficient I still am at wrangling and pinning a diaper! Haven't lost my touch! LOL!

As for supper, I made a homemade garlic tomato sauce with Penne, crisp oven-baked chicken drumsticks, and a garden salad with Asiago cheese, croutons, and a vinaigrette dressing.

Just finished tackling a load of whites tonight while watching a little television, and now I'm ready for my late evening bath, a little reading, then lights out. I'm exhausted, but it's a good exhausted.

Goodnight all.

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