Daily Check in Feb 20, 2017

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Daily Check in Feb 20, 2017

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning frugal friends,

Starting us off.

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Re: Daily Check in Feb 20, 2017

Post by mbrudnic »

I am back. My computer is slow again. It is driving me nuts. I switched to the small tablet hybrid.

I have to make this fast, we need to leave soon. DS had an appointment with his counselor. Hopefully we will have time to unload my dresser from his van before he has to go to his service project.

I need to go buy a bottle of Generic Advil. I am out and I woke at 2 AM with a pain in my hip. It has moved up to almost a "need" on my priority list.

DS is ready, so off we go.
Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in Feb 20, 2017

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

The temperatures are staying at just above freezing overnight, so our snow is slowly but surely melting away. I notice that the forecast is calling for snow later in the week. This will make driving a pain for the rest of the winter as it should turn the roads very icy.

Hubby is slowly but surely working on things in the basement that he can. Today he plans on making the closet in the office/library/bedroom a bit bigger. Then he can start on one of the walls in that room. It really would be lovely if the @@@@@ furnace guys would get their butts in gear and finish off their work.

Today I have the regular Monday list to accomplish, and I am hoping the sun comes out today. Yesterday was cloudy/foggy in the afternoon and working on my cross stitch was a bit difficult, even with the light on. I did manage some work, and when it became too difficult to see I switched to my knitting. I will be starting the last colour change on this blanket and am really looking forward to starting the second bulky blanket.

Frugality wise today the usual Monday money saving ideas are coming forward. Washing and rinsing in cold water, hanging a load or two to dry on the lines downstairs, using cleaning supplies that need using up, working on using up items in the pantry, freezer, and cupboard. You know all those little things that save a bit here and there and at the end of the month or year you have actually saved a great deal.

Supper tonight will be the leftover baked spaghetti along with garlic bread and a salad (need to use up some more of the produce in the bins).

Today I am grateful for early mornings where the cat and I are contented just to be.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in Feb 20, 2017

Post by itspennyc »

We had thunderstorms overnight. The storms got to my area about 10 pm. We had a second round about 3:30 am. At least those were the only ones I heard.

There were several areas of the city with enough damage to make the national news. One is not far from where I live, and only a couple of blocks away from where I live. I have no damage in my apartment. Last night with some claps of thunder the light on the panel of my printer came on with some claps of thunder.

My trash is gathered and out. I have washed my kitchen trash can along with the one that used to be in the bathroom. My daughter’s boy friend bought me a new one after he found out that my shopper had hidden mine. The new one was a very high end one It is beautiful, nice and simple. It is standard bath size. My old one was more the size for the powder room. I found the old one the next morning. I tried the new can in my bedroom but I didn’t like it there. I put it into the bath, I am not sure now where I will use it. But I am not getting rid of it.

I made a mistake knitting the last row of my shawl. Of course it is at the end of the row. At the yarn over which makes it a bit more difficult to fix without dropping down the last 6 to 8 stitches. I know how to fix it. I need to go that far in to have enough yarn to knit the section. I need to get a life line in two rows down. But I want some sort of a life line it. Even if it only goes in 20 stitches. When I have fixed it I will put in a true life line.


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Re: Daily Check in Feb 20, 2017

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ...

Woke up to fog, though it's clearing off.
Will be a spendy-type day. Decided to order the new phones, though we have enough in gift cards (earned from surveys) to knock down the cost. Also may hit one of the supermarkets to get the on-sale chicken breasts.
Still making progress on cleaning woodwork in the living room. Going to have a lot more touch-up work than I realized. Also made a small bit of progress cleaning out a box of "stuff" last night ... a lot of it is old magazines/newspapers that went into recycling.
Have a summons for jury duty this week, so can't really plan anything ... so, I'll do what I can.

Hey, Mackie, how's your DH doing?

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Re: Daily Check in Feb 20, 2017

Post by clemencia2us »

It was a long night. Storms came through.

Power was out until 2 or so. It's been warm, so we were not comfortable. But the temps did go down.

There was a confirmation of a tornado in San Antonio. No injuries so far. People still without power in some places.

I'm sleepy, but will try to get to the store sometime today.

Have a good one.

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