Daily Check in Feb 20, 2017

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Re: Daily Check in Feb 20, 2017

Post by lennon05 »

Maggie the cheapest place to buy generic Advil is Sam's club. A huge bottle is usually less than ten dollars. Also I keep forgetting to tell you all about Dollar General 5off25 coupons. They have another one for this Saturday. All you have to do is log into their website and register. You can choose a digital coupon so you don't have to print it. You will just put your phone number in at the register.

I have a busy day. I cooked and ate breakfast and gave the kitties their breakfast too. I still need to shower. I am cooking a pot of beans to take to the thrift store where I volunteer for a birthday celebration for another volunteer. She said that she would like us to cook beans and cornbread for lunch one day so we decided to do it for her birthday. The store manager is making the cornbread and a cake.

I took a few minutes awhile ago to go through some more of my late husband's cds. I found twenty something more to give away. I will make a bag for my son and two guys who like to listen to some of the same music that my husband loved. One of them plays for pay occasionally and the other one is trying to teach himself guitar.

I still have lots more cds and books to go through again. This is my third round of decluttering his stuff. This should be the last round. Each round I decide to get rid of a bit more. After this is done, my husband still has to get some of his things out of storage at his mom's house.

I also have started some bags for the thrift store. I have three plastic grocery bags gathered and I am hoping to add some more things this week.

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Re: Daily Check in Feb 20, 2017

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Good Morning Frugal Friends,

Good luck with your day Maggie & I hope you get your bottle of generic Advil, being in pain is never fun!

I've not read through the rest of the thread yet, I figured I'd better get my check-in out of the way first.

Dh left this morning to go to Medicine Lodge, KS to pick up a work semi; he's got one of his trusted drivers with him; he thinks he'll be home by Wednesday night.

I read for 2 hours after he left, no going back to sleep for me, though with kids out of school today for President's Day, I did wish for extra sleep. Oh well, maybe tonight hmm? I did manage to finish the book I'd been reading last night though.

Not much going on today; have dropped ds14 at a friend's house 3/4 mile away -- I'd have made him walk but for the rainy chilly weather & the mud (he does get to walk home unless they take pity on him). I'll take ds8 & dd6 to their friend's in 20 minutes, then it'll just be me, dd4 & ds12 home alone for 2 hours.

After I feed wildcat, I'm going to knit & watch Netflix until time to pick up my littles. Speaking of wildcat, he brought a black & white friend home with him last Wednesday afternoon -- blackie tried to eat with wildcat, but got growled at for his pains. LOL!! I've NEVER seen wildcat lick the pan so thoroughly clean before; blackie tried to chew a few dried peas off the corner but gave up.

Happy Monday Everyone! I'm thankful for the no-school today, but its also turning into a 3 trip somewhere day already. ;)

=) Gayle

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Re: Daily Check in Feb 20, 2017

Post by icfrugal1 »

I admire all of you so much, you are always SSOO busy!!! :o :P

Amazing, as they say.

With that said,

BB walked, breakfast had, bath had.

I'm going out to lunch with some HS friends, I'm being picked up about 11:30am or so, I love not having to drive and am very grateful for the ride.

On one hand DH feels a VERY, VERY little better, hurrah.

On the other hand his hearing aid is bothering him, so he does not have it fitting quite right and it is "squawking" drives me nuts!!!!

I know B**th, B**th, B**th!!!!!!!!!! 8-)


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Re: Daily Check in Feb 20, 2017

Post by rinty »

Hello Frugals

Work, some volunteer work, a doctors appointment.........so I shelled out £2 on some Mr Kiplings cakes ( think Little Debbies, rubbish , but needs must ;)

Out again for second doctors appt any minute now. Its totally different " stuff" so its not like the same doctor could have dealt with both. No worries.

A quick heads up as so many of you like British TV. Do NOT waste your time watching SS/GB when it makes it your way. Its one of those programmes where the actors ALL mumble ...constantly. We watched it last night going to each other " What ??? What did he say ????" It drove us both nuts. DH read reviews saying much the same thing
Shame but not worth the trouble, it was on directly after Call the Midwife which was fine.

Dinner is leftover boillabaisse ( or however you spell it ) It was GOOOOOD. The fennel seed was a good addition. It tasted like the one we had in Marseille , France in a small restaurant in the Old Port. So full marks to DH. It took him a sweet forever to make, I was out all afternoon yesterday, Bless him.

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Re: Daily Check in Feb 20, 2017

Post by BevMoore »

Good morning folks,
Still morning here on the coast for another hour. Raining here. The forecast is for rain off and on all week. Extreme winds were forecast but have not happened. Fine with me. I may start a fire in a bit. It's such a rare treat here due to weather and restrictions that I try to do it when I can.

Vacuuming almost done. Just the master bedroom and bath left to do. Then some mopping later and I will be done with the floors. Then on to other things that are not so physically taxing. Nowhere I have to be today.

I fixed us a big breakfast so we won't need another meal for quite a while. I have a small roast to bake, salad to make and sweet potatoes to fry. That will be our supper. I will be calling everyone in my poker group to remind them about Friday's game. All the numbers are programmed into my phone so the calls are quick and easy.

DB from So. Cal. called this morning and told me to get a snap chat account and Instagram account so we can all trade photos back and forth. So I will be doing that too.

The main thing I want to do is finish mending my granny square bedspread. I made it about 40 years ago for mom and one of her dogs chewed a couple of squares. I took them out to re do. It's been a challenge trying to figure out the correct stitching and crochet hook but I think I have it down now. As soon as the squares are repaired I can crochet them back onto the spread.

Well I'm off to finish up.


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Re: Daily Check in Feb 20, 2017

Post by ChristmasTrees »

Jackielou wrote:Good morning fellow frugalites,

The temperatures are staying at just above freezing overnight, so our snow is slowly but surely melting away. I notice that the forecast is calling for snow later in the week. This will make driving a pain for the rest of the winter as it should turn the roads very icy.

Hubby is slowly but surely working on things in the basement that he can. Today he plans on making the closet in the office/library/bedroom a bit bigger. Then he can start on one of the walls in that room. It really would be lovely if the @@@@@ furnace guys would get their butts in gear and finish off their work.

Today I have the regular Monday list to accomplish, and I am hoping the sun comes out today. Yesterday was cloudy/foggy in the afternoon and working on my cross stitch was a bit difficult, even with the light on. I did manage some work, and when it became too difficult to see I switched to my knitting. I will be starting the last colour change on this blanket and am really looking forward to starting the second bulky blanket.

Frugality wise today the usual Monday money saving ideas are coming forward. Washing and rinsing in cold water, hanging a load or two to dry on the lines downstairs, using cleaning supplies that need using up, working on using up items in the pantry, freezer, and cupboard. You know all those little things that save a bit here and there and at the end of the month or year you have actually saved a great deal.

Supper tonight will be the leftover baked spaghetti along with garlic bread and a salad (need to use up some more of the produce in the bins).

Today I am grateful for early mornings where the cat and I are contented just to be.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.
Wow Jackie, I can't believe you are still waiting for the furnace people to finish up the job!

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