Daily Check In March 10, 2017

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Re: Daily Check In March 10, 2017

Post by LWolfT »

Good afternoon
Sunny, but cold today. Temps dropped after last night's rain.

Roofers made it in yesterday. Hoping this is the last fix (which they had to eat the cost of ...) and we can get on with things.
Got DH to take me over to JoAnn's in a nearby city ... needed a certain material to make some repairs, and the store closest to me didn't have it. Between sale and 25%-off coupon did pretty well on the price. Popped over to Dollar Tree there and found a couple more things on my list.
Then, DH wanted to stop at the Kmart there. Didn't find what we wanted, but did luck into a bunch of yellow-sticker grocery stuff. Best deal was 11.5oz cans of coffee for 80 cents each! Bought the 3 that were left.

Anyway, today ... chores. My tax software came, so no excuse not to start taxes. Need to drop some things off at the library. May or may not run over to Lowes ... need a couple of clay pots, and I have a coupon.

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Re: Daily Check In March 10, 2017

Post by jckitty »

Was thinking about Chocolite-Patty....I thought she was to have her surgery this week or am I mistaken? Hoping we hear from her and surgery has gone well.

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Re: Daily Check In March 10, 2017

Post by BeckyO »

Afternoon Y'All,
Hope this post 'takes'. Like Rinty I had a nice long post disapear from one of the threads. I saw it after it was posted. It just is not there now : (

DD#1 called. The weather, rain, no rain. She has a roofing company,.. anyway ,instead of this Sun she, her DH and some helpers will be here tomorrow. to get the furniture from her storage to my new place : ( and then everything I have ready to go from this place to the new one. She and DGD will help me finish packing later. I think I can stay over there after tomorrow! I have torn this place apart : ( chaos, LOL

I am almost over my fall, I think. Is this soreness from the fall or the stooping stretching, stumbling over boxes, etc of packing??? LOL I wanna snap my fingers, twinkle my nose or something and be through, LOL ; )

Rinty, I can hardly wait to be able to just 'live' in my new place : ) It is pretty and feels like I am being pampered.

The city I am in cut the water to about 13 of the city an hour ago. Hope they can get that leak fixed in the 30 hours they predicted. I have plenty of water for myself.

It's a pretty sunny day. Sunday's temp will be 20 degrees lower. It'll be in the 50s F

Off to dismantle and pack and wonder if I should sweep the floor. No, I tell myself. Use that energy to continue packing. The floor will be swept/vacuumed when everything is gone.

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Re: Daily Check In March 10, 2017

Post by colonialgirl »

Afternoon all -
Back from our trip to pick up my repaired lamp and the Amish grocery store. Today it was not crowded like it was during the Antique Show weekend and I had a ball looking around.

I think you guys who cook and preserve food would go nuts in this place. They sell everything in bulk, well it almost seems like that because they are things you don't see. They sell bulk mini marshmallows and then they sell them dehydrated dry so you can make your own cocoa mix. Their bulk cocoa was very reasonably priced. They have huge areas of gluten free bulk food items.

Today I bought (everything in bulk) pork gravy mix, dried cilantro, vanilla pudding mix, lavender essential oil, pitted whole cherries frozen for pies, spanish peanuts ( I love spanish peanuts) and a 5 lb rolled butter. If you have never tasted rolled butter and you get the chance try it - it is beyond wonderful. They had green and white dishcloths for $1.00 so I got a couple of those and gorgeous handkerchiefs for $1 each. I didn't buy any but I am trying to carry hankies more, so maybe next time.

My big purchase was two Rada brand paring knives. I think someone on here was raving about them some time back, so I took a chance. They are two different sizes and I got both for under $10. They are sharp as razors and I am anxious to try the out. I needed paring knives as two of mine have disappeared. My guess is they have run off with missing socks.

Well that is the saga of CG's big adventure. Dinner tonight is going to be homemade pizza - quick and easy after shopping. Have a great rest of the day everyone!

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Re: Daily Check In March 10, 2017

Post by ephofma »

A relatively quiet day for around here. I am so glad as I am trying to get over a cold I've managed to contract and have been dealing with for almost 2 weeks. I am finally starting to feel better. However, with all the stuff that has been going on around here for the past 3 months it can be difficult to slow down.

Slept in for an extra 30 minutes today. Then met a friend for an early lunch. It was time to head home after that and continue doing all those little chores that get ignored when life just gets too busy.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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Re: Daily Check In March 10, 2017

Post by BevMoore »

Rinty, LOL kids! Yesterday was outdoor lunch (which I love-much less noise). I had a group of first graders tattling on one another and told them twice to KNOCK IT OFF!! I told them if it didn't stop I would be having a talk with their teacher. Their teacher is also my daughter's MIL and believe me kids do not want to get in trouble with her. She is kind and caring with her class and wants the kids to learn but if there is any mis behaving she gives them hell.

Then for some reason, even though the 4-6 graders are usually the easy kids to supervise they also decided to be naughty. They thought they could just go and leave trash on the ground after finishing lunch and they got told (by me) about that. I think being on minimum day and it being Friday they were chomping at the bit for the weekend to start.

It was also the last day of the science fair. I got a chance to stop in and take a look. My friend's grandson, a fifth grader, did his on "How parents annoy their kids" which I wanted to see. No prize but I think if there had been an award for originality it should have gone to him.


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