Daily Check in Sept 24, 2015

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Daily Check in Sept 24, 2015

Post by mbrudnic »

Hi Folks,
DS passed and is now a licensed driver. Work is good. Nobody got any information. LOL! I Calculated I was spending a Minimum of 4 hours a week taking him to and from school. This does not count Tuesdays when School is mostly on my way to the downtown office and Thursday evenings or Friday mornings when Hubby took DS when he could.

Today is another busy day for me. Back up to the office. then my consulting company is holding a happy hour at 5. Do that will be dinner. Hubby should be boarding a plan home today.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 24, 2015

Post by AnneX »

Good Morning:

Glad your son got his license, Maggie. That should save you considerable running around.

I had a pleasant day yesterday. Yoga in the morning followed by coffee on a patio with 3 classmates. The weather was lovely. In the afternoon I went to the farmer's market in our neighbourhood and got peaches and pears - - the peaches are yummy, haven't tried the pears yet. In the evening 5 of us went to a documentary about the Matisse exhibition held at the Tate and MOMA - really enjoyed it.

Its another fine day today. I will be going to art class soon. My foot is a bit painful today - otherwise I would walk to class. Afterwards i need to dash home, clean myself up, have a quick lunch and then go to the bank where I have an appointment to get a document signed relating to my mother's estate.

Now i need to finish getting ready for my day, and water the plants on my balcony.

Take care,

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 24, 2015

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites

Still no frost so the garden can be brought in piecemeal for a bit. Meaning I can let those tomatoes ripen on the vine before I need to pick the green ones. Really all I have left to make is Salsa and I am not sure what recipe to try. Need to keep hunting.

Frugality wise today we will be staying home. Hubby had a restless night (still headachy and sore) so will take it easy again today. He does need to phone the specialists office and make an appointment for next week. Don't know if that will be at the office or at the hospital.

Me, why I will work on making a stock up list (think I am going up to the big city by myself on Saturday) and craft supply list. Also still need to finish drying herbs and collecting seeds from plants. I will also empty a few more pots of those plants that seem to be dying off.

The rest of the day will consist of the usual Thursday chores along with working on the 6th pair of mittens. Do you all think I will get 9 pairs done by the end of the month? I so want to start working on the two rugs very soon.

Today should be a no spend day, which is very good. I need a bundle of these by the end of the month to meet my goal.

Supper tonight is smoked sausage, pasta and baked beans. Hopefully Hubby can eat that without causing his head much pain.

Today I am grateful that Hubby seemed to take this surgery just fine, there is or was a great deal of bleeding and we will need to figure out how to wash his hair without wetting the area where the stitiches are, but I am sure we will figure it out.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 24, 2015

Post by shopper113 »

Woke up at 3:30. Never really got back to sleep, but did relax in bed, as opposed to working a sudoku or something. Out of bed at 6 to prep a ravioli dish for work today (we have potluck once a month, and it was my turn to bring an entree).

Blood draw later today day, feeling pretty good in general. Hubby got back from 10 days on the road.

It is in the 60s this morning, so nice and fall like.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 24, 2015

Post by MackerelCat »

Cheers for Maggie for her son getting his driver's license, and for Jackie's DH being on the road to recovery.

Today I need to do some tidying around the house, especially in the kitchen cupboards and pantry, as we've been doing some stock-up shopping and I want to get things arranged right.

Hope everyone has a lovely and frugal day.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 24, 2015

Post by itspennyc »

I washed my hair and stripped the bed, the sheets are in the dryer. My bed is partially made.

I didn’t sleep well last night again. I am very tired today.

I will be getting to see an ENT. I was told I could call for an appointment tomorrow. I need to call the imaging place to find out how to see that the ENT gets my CT scan and their report.

I went online and ordered some sheets. The ones I just bought are going back after just 2 washes they are tickling me and that is one of the reasons I am having trouble sleeping.

I got a form from the housing office letting me know that my rent would go up just $8 a month. The form also said it was an estimate pending verifications.


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