Daily Check in Sept 25, 2015

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Daily Check in Sept 25, 2015

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning folks,

There has been a cricket in my basement for 2 weeks. I am amazed.
DS jsut left for school. When I finish here I will go up to the office and fire up the work computer. I want to leave for the High school about 4. I think Hubby's plane is supposed to land about 2. He posted on Facebook that he was at Charles DeGaulle about 4 hours ago.

Football game tonight. We are down at the university, so we need a full Truck crew to move equipment.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2015

Post by rinty »

Glad your DH is home today, Maggie. Its hard when they are so far away.

Lunchtime here. No work but its been busy. I had a mammogram then a doctors appointment. I have to say, this small market town has a kickin' health service. Really good care. I got to the mammogram.............it was in one of those mobile centres in a car park ( which I knew ) so I had no high hopes..... thought I would be queuing for hours. Got there.........a few minutes late as it was rush hour and found they were waiting for me (!!!) It was all very modern and lovely. Last time was in hospital where we lived near London and it was rammed and you were in a 1960s building that had never been redecorated. Very slick anyway then went to doctors appt then on to a college where they do vocational courses ( not Free but useful )

Productive day anyway.

Need to help out with DGKs after school but that's fine. No thought re dinner as DGK will be here and I want to get the house sorted for the weekend.

Jackie, you woke me up to Christmas and I have taken some cash out to go get all the stocking fillas for the DGKs. Doing that this afternoon, so thank you and hope poor DH is feeling better.

Have a lovely weekend , all

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2015

Post by Jackielou »

Jackie, you woke me up to Christmas and I have taken some cash out to go get all the stocking fillas for the DGKs. Doing that this afternoon, so thank you and hope poor DH is feeling better.[/quote]
I woke myself up Rinty, I really thought I had at least another month......Seems as if the time is flying by.

Thanks for asking about Hubby, he is doing much better and has cut down a bit on his pain killers (not the good stuff to begin with). I plan on getting a new covering for his skin graft incision today while out paying bills and such.

Good morning fellow frugalites

The sun is shining today and the temperatures, while cool are a bit higher than yesterday. Thinking that today could be the day to pick the remaining tomatoes, and cukes. The garden is slowing down and if Hubby could dig up the carrots and potatoes next week things would almost be put to bed. I think however we will have to wait until the specialist checks everything out on Wednesday of next week.

Frugality wise today I will be paying off the last of the monthly bills, picking up a few items that we are completely out of at Walmart, finishing off my stock up list for the big city shopping trip this weekend, and doing a bit of work around the house. I will also bake a loaf of bread, work on those Christmas presents, and do some more planning for the next month.

I do find it strange that this entire month has almost gone by without me being called in to sub in one school or the other. Wonder if they took my name off the sub list.........

Of course I will be heading out for a walk shortly, well it is getting late now and my brother should be making his daily phone call very soon so I will wait for that to happen. Seems as if he phones earlier and earlier in the day.

I also hope to make a trip over to visit a friend in the late afternoon. She works so I plan on giving her a call at around 3 to see if she is available for coffee.

Supper tonight will be some of that fish Hubby caught awhile back along with some homemade fries, and sliced veggies and dip.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2015

Post by itspennyc »

I have a lot to do today. Of course I would rather curl up in bed. I gathered the trash and put it out.

I need to use my timer today, to balance rest and hopefully get my living room a bit cleaner. A big improvement is all I am hoping for. I need to vacuum but I am not going to attempt that today. I am going to try and just put things away on one small surface at a time. Taking lots of rest between times.

I hope also to make soup. Last night I cooked the barley, the meat is cooked I have canned broth, frozen soup vegetables. I made more then I needed because since it has been years since I made soup with barley. I will freeze the extra barely. I will be making more soup.


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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2015

Post by mbrudnic »

I am beginning to wonder if I am an Appliance killer.
I looked up (On Facebook none the less) that it was Feb when my Washing machine broke and we had to replace it.
IN my we got a new stove. We probably could have repaired it but Hubby was annoyed by the removable pans and the design of the grates. He's end up having a grate go between his finger and his finger nail several times.

Today, I find water in the ice tray of my bottom-mount freezer. I poured out the ice cream. I checked the temp and originally thought maybe the door had not been shut. But the temp has not gone down. I moved re-freezable stuff to my deep freeze. The fridge part seems to be maintaining a temp of 45 degrees. I have a repair appointment for sometime between 8-5 tomorrow. This is the same fridge that has twice sprung a leak in the water hose for the ice maker and on door water dispenser.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2015

Post by MackerelCat »

Good morning, frugal friends. We're having a lovely rainy morning, which we needed because it's been rather dry lately. DH is taking a nap on the sofa, so I won't be doing any noisy housecleaning until he wakes up.

Maggie, they just don't make appliances like they used to. I think there's so much emphasis on fancy things that they skimp on the basics, like longevity.

Jackie, you've been so busy this month that I don't see how you could have found time to sub at the schools. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise.

Rinty, we used to live in a small town about an hour's drive each way from a metropolitan area, and the health care was great in that little burg because they wanted to keep their patients happy at home. Now that we live in one of those metropolitan areas, I've had to put up with rude and dismissive doctors and medical buildings that frankly are in need a good scrubbing and a fresh coat of paint. I can see how the close scrutiny and word of mouth in a small town has definite benefits.

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