Daily Check in Sept 25, 2015

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2015

Post by Shelsmiles »

Good morning everyone. It's an over cast day and cooler. Nice start to fall.

Today I have some cleaning to get done as usual. That never seems to change :). Lots of laundry needs to be done and I am behind on all of it. This fundraiser has take. A lot of my time and energy. Realistically I will probably not get much done until Sunday no matter how much I plan.

We took the buggy out yesterday and sprayed weeds around the pasture fences. We have an infestation of wax moths and we will need to spray and, cut and burn to get rid of them. They've destroyed my bee hive and I am not happy. We also marked out the garden expansion and started the fun job of getting that ready. We are going to change the fence quite a bit and add three more raised beds. That should definitely make rotation easier as well as giving me a much larger growing space. We also need to get soil and mushroom compost picked up and in the beds. Next year I plan to sell a lot of produce at the Farmers Market.

I have paid the bills except for the health insurance. I sure hate to write that check every quarter it's obnoxious. I plan to drop some chile off for the neighbor and I have bountiful baskets tonight.

Veggie scramble was breakfast. Lunch wil be left over fried rice and dinner will he something super easy as kids are going to the football game and I have baskets tonight. . Kids took chicken wraps to school and will eat at the game.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2015

Post by jckitty »

Shels that is so sad to hear about your bee hives.

It is another gorgeous day here. Loving this weather, AC is off but windows are closed. The farmers are all taking in crops and the dust, pollen and such just roll across the fields. I can't breathe too much of it or I will be so stuffed up I will be miserable.
Made chestnut biscotti and pumpkin scones, the scones call for icing but if I do any thing it will be a light glaze. I don't want them sickening sweet. My chestnut puree turned out awesome, I will be making some more with this years crop of nuts. It freezes.
I went to the library yesterday and have already finished 2 of the books, stayed up too late last night reading and finished #2 this morning.
#1 was an autobiography of Billie Holiday, wow what a talented, sad person. It was hard to read parts of it because she was her own worst enemy. So talented and used by so many people.
#2 was more light hearted, Kitchens of the Great Midwest" for and about foodies
I like to make a pot of tea in the afternoons, set and read on the patio until I get so tired of setting that I have to get up and move for awhile.
Have a load of throw rugs to wash and get on the lines today, and the usual housekeeping to get done.
Supper out tonight with the girls, GD#2 got her braces on so we all need to see and admire them.
Have a great day all,

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2015

Post by LWolfT »

Good afternoon ... warm and sunny again today. Means I do have to water, but that's OK.
Jackie, glad to hear your DH is on the mend.

Finished the main part of training today. Won't be getting a lot of hours until the applications ramp up, so guess right now I have a part-time job :D

Will be leaving shortly to take Senior Gal for her blood tests ... and maybe shots. (I suspect that may depend on how far her renal issues have progressed.) (Hopefully she hasn't learned to read .. she's sitting on my lap.)

Have my shopping lists made out. Need to get my weekend chore list together. Laundry for sure, LOL!

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2015

Post by BeckyO »

Late check-in,
Evening Y'All,

The bldg got wifi this week. They are not thru hooking up the computers in the bldg library. I have been having wifi troubles. Now I know the culprit. I will get the password off the modem and when they are thru installing I hope my Desktop, Nook, etc can hook up to it. It would be soo nice not to have a wifi bill : ) Yes, I have spoken to the manager. In fact I first started the push for wifi for the bldg. Hope it works.

DD#1 came by this afternoon. I met her downstairs, her idea. We visited in the multi-purpose room. I asked her to bring us some drinks, she did. Her throat is still very bruised. She laughed and said that her DH won't go out in public with her, LOL It does look like someone choked her! Her face is very swollen, one side is greenish, but after the staples were removed this morning she went to the beauty salon and had her hair washed. It could use another washing but looked much better.

I received my DVD from DD#2. I will wait til tomorrow to make the popcorn and watch it : ) GDG#2 and 11 yo DGGD, Gabby went to Florida this morning for a long weekend. DGD#2 is really enjoying that $9/hr pay raise she got when she passed her Paramedic national exam : ) That makes DD#1's 3rd DD to reach the $20/hr payrate. That helps so much, her budget and mine, LOL DGD#1 just took an exam for Assistant manager . She is usually a good test taker so prob passed. If so she will get a nice pay raise. She gets thousands in dividends every 3 months already

The 18 yr old 2nd yr college student is saying she really likes her job and coworkers but she isn't making enough money. We're trying to remind her this is only temporary. We remind her that her sisters went to college and then took specialty training to get where they are and they haven't reached the top yet.

I went outside while waiting for DD#1, today. It felt so good out there in the sun. If I had had to stay out there very long it would have been different, but half an hour felt good.

I had peanut butter, apple sauce and buttered toast for breakfast, I woke up drenched in perspiration, shaky and confused.. low blood sugar.. about 5 this morning, so that was the quickest thing I could make. For lunch I had oatmeal with raisins, boiled in reconstituted non fat milk, served with sugar and 1% milk. I had been wanting that. For supper I had hotdogs with buns and split pea soup. The last of the hotdogs and soup.

I did hand laundry today and have a few dishes to wash tonight. Enjoy your evening....

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2015

Post by AuntBridget »

Good Evening !!!

Haven't done a daily check in, in awhile, so thought I would do so tonight !

On Monday I received a call while at work to inform me that I was being give the job of cook that I applied for. This means going from 4.5 hours a day of work to 6.5 and about a $2.00 an hour raise. I will still be working at the same school I am at now. This also makes me the assistant manager of the kitchen, so when the manager is gone, I will step in and make an additional 2.00 per hour.

Hubby had an interview yesterday via the phone. Am praying that he gets the job. He is getting so burned out doing what he is doing at the VA, that he needs to find a different department to work in. I also like the fact that his hours would be changing and he would be home in the evenings more.

This has been a very hectic week, and I am so glad that it is Friday. Tomorrow will be spent trying to get my house back into some sort of order. First thing on the list is to get our bed set up. Hubby and I have been taking turns of sleeping on the couch and in the lazy boy chair.
Aunt Bridget

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2015

Post by Jackielou »


Well most of the day is done but we are waiting for our power to be fixed. We have power to about half the house and not the other half..... Very strange. Hopefully it will be repaired very soon.

I am spending a bit of time on the computer and then getting back to my knitting of Christmas gifts. We have power in the living room so at least I can watch TV while I knit and can see to knit.

Supper was wonderful. Nice and light.

Off to read the forum a bit and then back to work.


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