Daily Check In June 7, 2017

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Re: Daily Check In June 7, 2017

Post by Dgflorida »

Good afternoon all,

Stormy weather all morning. Too much lightening to get online. Hubs had to reschedule his dental cleaning. The rain was coming down hard and he would have gotten soaking wet while transferring to and from the wheelchair and the chair would have been soaked and me as well. I had planned on giving him a shower this morning, but I don't do that during lightening storms. May be just paranoid, but that I how I feel. I also planned to grab another 4 Atkins different flavors at the store to test on hubs. Even though the sale ends today, there is some street flooding and crazy drivers. Not worth it.

So did housework instead. Washed dishes and one slipped out of my hand. Broke into a thousand pieces. A mess. I cleaned it up as best I could and said I will replace with plastic as I break them.

Tested hubs with milk last night. A cup of milk did not push his sugar. So this morning, we tried cereal. The least carb we had in the house. Zoom. He was so sad. He likes cereal. Well, I will see if there is anything I can get for him, but at least he can drink milk, eat cheese and cottage cheese. He is a dairy boy.

I finished my first round of hurricane supplies yesterday. The county resources has not kept up with the area growth. It will be weeks getting things repaired if we get a serious blow. So I am planning for about 3 weeks of survival. As they say, hope for the best, plan for the worst. Just an inside day today. The ac is not coming on since it is overcast, but it is a bit humid inside. The roofers messed up my new awning and now it is leaking. The roofers were street corner help and didn't care what they did. :x Had to watch them like a hawk. Two words of English maybe in the entire group. :x

The post polio syndrome support group person called us back. When I said that hubs would not be coming to their monthly luncheon because it would be too much for him, she tactfully suggested his reluctance might be psychological. She did put us in contact with someone who had similar limitations, but got a knee replacement. It was educational. Hubs is making some progress. He can do his 10 minutes of exercise every other day. And he can stand up pretty well now, but not walk. i believe his sugar control will assist with his physical improvement. He refuses to believe they are related. Oh well.

Well, off to do some more dishes. I hand wash and then give the dishes a couple of hours to drip before putting them away. I also need to get the garbage out for early am pickup tomorrow. Hope the rain lets me. I think this breaks the drought. That would be good.

Good day all

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Re: Daily Check In June 7, 2017

Post by Carleen »

dgflorida: I read your note mentioning cereals. Hubby and I have been strict low-carbers for 14 years. The only thing Hubby really missed was cereal- hot or cold, he just wanted cereal.

So I found a recipe for hot flaxseed meal cereal. We have had it for breakfast five days per week and thought you'd be interested in it. The fiber is equal to the carbs so the carbs are cancelled out. I do admit that it is an acquired taste but we're very used to it.

Flaxseed Meal Cereal (one small serving)

1/4 Cup Flaxseed meal
2 T Cream
Plus enough water to equal 1/2 Cup liquid
A few squirts of sugar-free pancake syrup or some Splenda
Cinnamon to taste.

Stir and microwave 60 seconds.Stir and enjoy.

I'm sure you already know that cream is allowed on low-carb diets. No lactose so people who are diabetic or lactose intolerant can have cream. ("oses" = sugars)
Make as much of the cereal as you want but, for example, to double it, be sure to double the liquid, too. For the two of us, Hubby needs more for breakfast than I do so I use 2/3 Cup of flaxseed meal and split it with giving more to him. Sometimes we will add an egg, bacon or other breakfast meat on the side and we're set until lunch.

I hope this helps. If you'd like more low-carb ideas, just ask and I'll be happy to help in any way I can.

Incidentally, I started low-carbing to lose weight and to help with the extreme inflammation that I was having from two kinds of arthritis. Helps us big-time. Hubby lost nearly 100 pounds and I lost 60 pounds and we've kept the weight off. I was able to cut down my medications by half and just now (after 14 years) am having issues with my knee. I was diagnosed with arthritis at age 17 and I'm now 72. Not bad for an oldie but goodie!!!
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Re: Daily Check In June 7, 2017

Post by dlrcpa »

I was also going to say for DGFLA that I have come to like "overnight oatmeal" in a jar. It is uncooked oatmeal, milk, 1/2 packet artificial sweetener, any other flavoring you might want. It is eaten cold. I think the old-fashioned oatmeal is supposed to be low glycemic. I make it in 1 C glass jelly jars and leave several in the fridge to take to work. Give it a try. I add cinnamon, maybe maple extract for flavoring.

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Re: Daily Check In June 7, 2017

Post by clemencia2us »

What a day. It is hot here in south texas and summer hasn't officially started. I need to go spend the summer with JackieLou!

I had a couple of rants today but I guess I am over it.

of course it was family things. I have to just not let things they say and do not get on my nerves. Just a whole different way of thinking.

Oh well. What can you do? I have to change.

Have a great evening.

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Re: Daily Check In June 7, 2017

Post by icfrugal1 »

NoisyPorkchop wrote:Sorry for my long absence....sheesh, where do I start?
My MIL has been very ill over the last six weeks and has been in the hospital with a plethera of problems. She was just too ill to go on and passed away on 5/29. Since then it has been an emotional rollercoaster of dealing with family and looking after FIL who is 85 and frail. I know he expected to pass away before her, but "she beat me to the race to the bottom" as my FIL says, in his attempt at dry humor. FIL is trying to put on a brave face, but my husband has seen him break down more than once. FIL is a sweet, proud old fella but this has taken its toll on him for sure. Hubby and I are doing our best to shoulder the 'heavy work' of dealing with the creamation, urn, obituary, loads of paperwork, etc., and have picked up the costs ourselves on things such as the obituary, urn, death certificates, etc., as we have bigger pocketbooks than FIL who is now having to live completely off of his SS of about $1,500 a month. I am glad he lives in the attached house and has very little bills, we always ask if he needs anything and to let us know if he wants us to get him anything. It has been a tough time and I am trying to turn everything around and try to infuse some of our old normalcy into our daily lives.
My healthy eating and regular exercise has gone completely out the window as of late. I am attempting to get back on the right track this week. We have eaten too much hospital coffee shop food and eaten out due to being too tired/frazzled to put together meals and quick comfort food seems just easier. I am back to doing my weekly meal plan and am going to try to work out after work this afternoon. I have packed our lunches, and am sticking to my budget. I finally got around to getting some flowers planted in my containers in my front yard. I normally would have had them planted awhile ago but better late than never, right! I am just trying to focus on a few things each day and work at being grateful for my sweet husband and many of the things I have going good in our lives. Just putting one foot in front of the other. Have a lovely, frugal day everyone :)
I'm so sorry to hear about your families loss. You are right about the "blurry" of time during loss.

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Re: Daily Check In June 7, 2017

Post by frugalmom »

(((Hugs to you NoisyPorkChops and Logics)))-both of you are the blessings for your family! It is nice to have family like that to support them.Imagine the people who have no one, Idk how they do it. May God give you both strength and energy to help you through this so you can help your parents/in-laws and that he gives you both the wisdom in knowing what to do. Amen.

A bit gloomy and windy today after a bunch of beautiful days. Insurance called and offered only 3k and we just bought tires for 500.00 not even a year ago so I a trying to get them to revise that and faxed the tire receipts in. Not many decent running cars for 3k out there-sigh-will have to scour the ads looking in the richer areas that is how I got another car once when her dad owned a company and bought her a new SUV(not that they were not hurting since they lived in a well to do neighborhood and dh was a lawyer and so they were older it was nice their father still bought them a car. He felt sorry for us I think as we were crammed into a small Honda and told him we had 5 kids and he was very nice and the father was negotiating bc the family was on a trip. So he lowered it by a lot for us and he said he wanted a nice family to get the suv which was nice of him(this one was smaller than the one he bought them-bc they had twins!). Thank goodness for kind people.

Preston healed quickly and is walking without the big boot now so doing good. My dd is getting ready to graduate this Friday and I was looking for leis (they are 24.00 at one store! Wow!) bc dd wanted to have one,and luckily my good friend called me today and got her one as her gift and a candy lei she made for her too. I offered to pay for it since I was looking for one but she refused stating we are family. Sweet! My whole family (kids and respective spouse/fiances,etc)will be coming in on Friday for the graduation. She got her grad dress for 26.00 and we asked the clerk if she had a coupon (she had a 20% coupon) after so not too bad. Simple dress but she hates shopping and was ok with it-lol-we were like shopping together and BOTH of US hates to go shopping so you know how that one goes-like let's find it and get out of here and luckily the first store she found something! I asked if her if she needs shoes but she wanted to wear her one pair of black flats (being 5 feet 11 inches she does not want to buy any heels). Thank goodness she is a simple girl and does not ask for much(well except for volleyball!).

Husband is still depressed and growing his beard even longer and has not exercised after 40 years of exercise and body building every single day. He now has a belly in just a few short months! I told him he looks like 80 yo with his mostly white beard-told him he looks like those gurus Rajneesh! I am trying to convince him to shave it and I get stares from people trying to figure us out like I look like in my 35-40 yo range now and he looks 80 I told him they must think I married him for money-LOL! He started laughing at that one-gotta keep the humor to try to make him laugh.

Oh the commercial for KFC is on-Hamilton looks creepy and sounds creepy in that commercial! It does not make me think OH YUM,I feel like having some fried chicken-lol-it makes me think eeewww I lost my appetite!

I did get my hair done today -it has been long overdue and my hairdresser asked me why and I told her I am trying not to spend any money,but my hair was growing too long and driving me crazy. I have been going to her for 20 years and the only one that cuts it the way I like it except sometimes a little shorter than I like-I tell her to keep it very long bc it takes me forever to grow it that long as I get older but I like long layers but it is a vicious cycle bc then split ends if you have not cut it for so long and when you cut the split ends off then it ends up short. Only bad thing is she is expensive at least to me and I got it a base color as gray is coming in fast now on my sides so I got a coffee brown. Usually I add highlights in caramel so it is like a tortoise look but she did not have time and she was mentioning if I am not coming in you do not want that upkeep. Next time I am going to have to start coloring my own hair again. I have not done anything for myself lately and saved it up for the kid's needs so I did take time for myself today. My dh told me he will cut my hair next time-uhhh no thank you! He is not like wanting to spend a dime even and only says for food(groceries not eating out) and savings!

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