Daily check in June 8, 2017

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Daily check in June 8, 2017

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning folks,

So my chat with HR went well. I hope to hear more today or tomorrow. My technical interview in the afternoon, not so much. But i spent some time watching the DGSs while Mom was out to dinner and Dad went to the gym. That soothes my soul.

Got an email from Ex wanting to know when I will get off his cell plan. I want to stay until my phone is payed off. He get a good corporate discount. I do owe him for May and June.

I have class this afternoon.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily check in June 8, 2017

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Sunny again this morning, but no rain in the forecast and we could really use a good soaking.

Yesterday Hubby finished off the cement around the house, and even got the beans weeded. Today I think he plans on working on a few switches on our solar lights (well a few lights). Those dang switches always seem to go on us. I also noticed a few of the cheapie solar lights have given up the ghost. I may take them apart and see if they use a battery type that we have in the house.

This afternoon a few of us are taking a friend out for lunch for her birthday. Means spending a bit, but I get out of the house, have wonderful conversation, and see a few people I haven't seen in a very long time. So the price is worth it. However I do need to make a card, and perhaps dig through my gift closet for a small token (she will get angry if it is anything big).

I smucked up the shorts I was sewing, but after some time with the seam ripper I have gotten back on track. I am hopeful of completing them today and then while Hubby and his brother are fishing tomorrow getting the second dress (decided on a dress not skirt) cut out and perhaps even start sewing it. I found a lovely pattern in my stash that I haven't even tried yet.

The usual frugal habits and happenings will be taking place here on the old homestead. In talking to my neighbour she mentioned what her water bill was.... I guess we aren't too bad considering that there are two of us to her one and our bill is 30.00 more..... Still it would be nice to cut that down a tiny bit.

No air conditioning yesterday, but I have a feeling it will need to be turned on today. I hope not, but we are going to reach the mid 80's and with very little tree cover it gets pretty darn warm in this house. I will however hold off as long as possible.

Since we are heading into the big city for the football game on Saturday and staying overnight in the city to do a big shop the next day, I will be starting my stock up list and places I wish to shop today. I find with a list of what I or Hubby need at each store we get things accomplished a bit faster. This trip will cost a bit more than previous trips, but we are treating it like a bit of a get away as well.

I do have to make a bit of a trip to the pharmacy today. Hubby needs the OTC meds he uses, but that and the lunch should be all the spending I do.

Supper this evening will be Chicken Burgers, homemade fries, and perhaps a coleslaw.

Today I am grateful for the lovely vista I see out my front window each morning.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily check in June 8, 2017

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning all,

Sure hope your situation improves Maggie, job etc.

Rain and more rain. No leaks in the roof that I can detect, but the roofers really messed up my covered porch awning. Water leaking everywhere onto things. :x

Well, I fixed hubs another Atkins dinner and supplemented with some brussel sprouts, he was satisfied. Sugar tested a respectable 102. It rained too much to go to the store. And more rain today. I did get the garbage and yard waste to the front. We may have a dry day on Saturday and maybe I can do a bit more yard clean up.

I can't find my house broom. Frustrating. I prefer to sweep rather than vacuum. It is quite effective on the vinyl floors and it is frugal and noiseless.

With the rain all day, I will likely stay home. I need to finish organizing the safe room. I need to move the file cabinet out of the designated safe room. Before moving it, I decided to see what was in it. Hubs has put much into electronic form and put a copy of it in the safety deposit box. It is a good idea at one level, bad at another. Good because it is at low risk from floods, fires etc and it is easy to transport. Bad because with a constantly changing protocol, I am not sure I can retrieve it. Nonetheless, I went through the drawers and am reorganizing them. Then I can move the cabinet. Also move the shelves and bring hurricane related stuff into the room.

When the weather settles, I need to get window hurricane clips and plywood. Talked to the insurance guy and he said they use them on their parent's house. Well, we will see what I can carry. Hubs has priced roll down shutters for the front windows. They are too big for plywood.

I am thawing chicken for dinner. Probably make stir fry. I noticed a 20c/lb bump in beef and chicken prices locally. So, I am watching for sales closely and using up food from the freezer. The garden loves the rain. I already saw tomatoes ripen that had just stay green. Flowers are blooming too. Watering is just not rain according to my plants. Well, off to get the day started. Good day to you all.

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Re: Daily check in June 8, 2017

Post by Carleen »

Hello and Howdy, Everyone!!!

Just a quick note as I'm already behind schedule!!! I had my pre-op labs drawn yesterday and the phlebotomist absolutely butchered my arm/vein. Jeesh... I guess she missed that class on drawing blood. Knee replacement surgery is scheduled for June 28th so there is time for this mess to heal up before getting jabbed again.

Today will be quiet for me. I have a couple of stacks of papers to sort through, file or shred. After lunch I'll go see Daddy and I also need to plan a supper for Hubby and me. That's about it. yay!!!

Yesterday I noticed that a corn field near us is sprouting - plants are about 4-5" tall. Haven't seen any soybean sprouts yet, though.

Gotta go now. See you all later in the day. Stay safe - there are a lot of crazies out there.
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Re: Daily check in June 8, 2017

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning all.

It rained hard overnight but is sunny this morning. Yesterday I checked mom's rain gauge and it was two inches total for yesterday and the day before. So everything is looking much greener.

Today mom and I plan to go to Aldi after lunch. In this week's ad they have two-pound bags of peaches or nectarines for $1.79. That compares with Publix at $2.99 for one pound of peaches. The Publix peaches are from California. It will be interesting to see where the Aldi peaches are grown. Even if they are from Mexico or Chile I will take a chance and try them. Peaches from Georgia and South Carolina are supposed to be scarce this year because of a late freeze.

The Rx I picked up at Publix yesterday was $2 higher than last month. It is one of my two "cheap" meds so no big deal. But looking at the paperwork from last month and this month I see that the price of the med is the same but the insurance paid less this month. Hmm.

Tonight I'll be interested to watch the UK election returns. My master's degree is in political science and I've always been interested in comparative politics as the study is called. I'm quite sure that the Tories/Conservatives will remain in power but still interesting to watch. I think that Rinty would agree that the Labour Party does not have an attractive candidate for PM in Jeremy Corbyn.

Have a good day.

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Re: Daily check in June 8, 2017

Post by clemencia2us »

Today feels cooler than yesterday. I was really hating the heat yesterday.

I think I slept well. I did toss and turn for a few hours, but at least once I fell asleep I didn't wake up until 7.

Took a nice cold shower and felt better. I'm mopping hoping that something will wake up inside me and get me to do my daily cleaning chores like I used to do. I still sweep and tidy up, just don't mop daily like I used to do. Maybe that wasn't normal? LOL

Have a great day all.

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