Daily check in June 8, 2017

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Re: Daily check in June 8, 2017

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,

The fiancé and I stayed up way late talking and discussing....slept well but late :? I really don't care because I had already decided I wanted to have a lazy day today. He is already up and busy and I slept in.
I have already dusted floors and laundry done and put away. Kitchen needs some attention but not bad. I might???? start something in the garage because he is bringing me some metal shelving that I can store labeled décor totes on. It would be a big help to not have them stacked.

I think I will mix up some pizza dough, supper tonight after feeding dad. I wish I could figure out a way to make dough and then freeze portions but it sticks to the containers after being frozen. Any suggestions? ;)
I am seriously thinking a trip to the library would settle me down. So much to read, so little time. Clem, I don't run the floor cleaner every day like I used too either... I do use the duster every day and the cleaner about every 3 days unless it is muddy. I love my little wet/ dry cleaner with spray Bona.
I have a ceiling that needs painted but would rather walk on hot coals than paint over my head or on a ladder....so I don't look up. Lazy...
Off to figure out what to do next.
Have a great day all,

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Re: Daily check in June 8, 2017

Post by itspennyc »

Yesterday, the cleaning lady came she does my bathroom and floors. GE repair man replaced a part in my refrigerator. I hope it fixed the problem. It is nice and quiet now.

I walked up to the complex office to mail a package to my son’s family. There is something for everyone in it, Giant tiny owls for my son and granddaughter, a pumpkin for my daughter-in-law. I also added a shawl for my daughter-in-law. I never wear it, and I wanted to give her a big hug. She is dealing with the care of her elderly parents both of whom have multiple health problems. To add to the problem they moved out of a continuing care complex so they dumped everything on her. She had to have a family meeting to get her brothers to step up and help.

I have been knitting a Birthday gift. I have one more part to knit, then I need to assemble it. And do a bit of embroidery.

Other than this I am resting. My cough is slowly getting better.


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Re: Daily check in June 8, 2017

Post by icfrugal1 »

mbrudnic wrote:Good Morning folks,

So my chat with HR went well. I hope to hear more today or tomorrow. My technical interview in the afternoon, not so much. But i spent some time watching the DGSs while Mom was out to dinner and Dad went to the gym. That soothes my soul.

Got an email from Ex wanting to know when I will get off his cell plan. I want to stay until my phone is payed off. He get a good corporate discount. I do owe him for May and June.

I have class this afternoon.

Have a great day,
To your STBX :evil: :evil: :evil: GGGRRRR How rude of him.

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Re: Daily check in June 8, 2017

Post by clemencia2us »

Doing well in the cleaning and cooking department so far.

I've mopped and dusted. I'm determined to eat the food I have in the house. The COD calls me every evening and asks if I want something to eat. It is so easy to say yes - but I have two freezers full of food!! And all these tomatoes! I had a salad last night. Having one for lunch with my tortellini and will have another one tonight.

I picked a basketful of tomatoes just now. Gotta find someone that needs them - lol.

I had to organize my shoes. Not frugal in that department - I have purchased three new sets of running shoes and a pair of sandals - so comfy. I don't need more, but just want more - booooo

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Re: Daily check in June 8, 2017

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Good Morning everyone,

Just past 10 here and warming up. Its to be sunny today with a high of 93F, about 33.88C -- I'm enjoying it!

Dh got the AC working on Sunday morning, then proceeded to freeze me out... I walked around in long pants, long-sleeve shirt, socks, and a fleece blanket just to be warm enough to function that day.

Tuesday was this week's day trip with my church -- mainly women & children. We went to Fantasy Canyon -- I'd never been, and now I can say I have, and I need not go back. :lol: Very unremarkable but it was different and fun to be there with ppl I know.

I've gotten most of my chores today done, and I'm listing them, mainly to remind myself that yes, I HAVE done something today:
**Packed dh's lunch
**Dropped off ds14 at band practice.
**Watered lawn & garden.
**Fed cat, but not kittens yet (she's moved them again, under neighbor's shed).
**Dug 4 rows in garden for marigolds & beans.
**Called around for prices on wiring car for trailer brakes.
**Called around for servicing prices on AC & furnace.
**Dropped ds9 off at Cub Scouts.

Still need to pick up both boys, plan how many rows of corn I'm planting, plan out squash/pumpkins/cucumbers/melons to plant, make lunch, mix up GF flour mixes, wash more laundry, and plan dinner. Depending on if/when Dh calls, I may be taking new car to get wired today. I want to make GF bread too, haven't had any in 2 months, and I'm starting to crave sandwiches & toast again.

Frugal entertainment will be knitting while watching Merlin on Netflix, and reading a CJ Box book.
I've signed me & children up for the summer reading program, they have weekly activities plus you get Xamount of points for reading, children of course get more-- I get 20-30 per hour read. Going to story-time yesterday, we got a paper code to get more points too, for the girls.

Speaking of kittens, I think that Mama Cat is getting close to weaning them, then I get to try to find homes for them all. :| My kids would love for them to stay around, but I think that sneezing over 1 cat is enough for me. I'm feeding them soft food, and some crunch -- they get the same dry crunch that Mama gets, though I've seen kitten crunch in stores. If I feel rich enough tomorrow, I'll buy them some when I get milk and fruit.

Happy Thursday to you all. Oh, and I'm waiting on the job hunt, though I check almost daily to see if Substitute Teaching is listed on the district website, and on the state job lists for my area. There are some part-time Aide jobs listed, but Mr "I Need More Money" wouldn't be in favor of that at all, so I'm not going to even try.

=) Gayle

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Re: Daily check in June 8, 2017

Post by icfrugal1 »

Good morning. :P

DH got his knee braces yesterday and he is planning to walk outside today to try them out. I am so grateful that he is hopeful and so much better.

BB walked, I've been in the pool and had my bath. Breakfast had.

Had a wonderful lunch with a dear friend yesterday and am having a lunch with another friend today.

I LOVE being retired!!!


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