Daily Check in June 9, 2017

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Daily Check in June 9, 2017

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning Frugal friends,

No new job news yet. But I am going to take DS out to dinner tonight and then probably go to a free community concert tonight. I need to do some reading for my class.

Otherwise, a quiet, boring day today. I plan to take a walk before it gets too hot. Lunch will be from home. I swung by the grocery yesterday and picked up some tomatoes and a hair highlighter kit.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in June 9, 2017

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Maggie, I hope you hear something very soon.

Pretty darn windy today and a tiny bit cloudy. One can see blue sky in fits and starts so hopefully either it pours rain for a bit or the sun comes out and the winds die down. It is still pretty darn warm out even with the wind.

Hubby and his brother made plans a couple of days ago to go fishing today. I believe they plan on leaving for the fishing spot around 10 this morning. This means I get to enjoy a day of quiet. I am hopeful that I can get the household chores done early, finish some sewing and cut into the next sewing project while he is gone. It does seem like I manage to get more done while alone in comparison to having someone around all the time.

My list of household chores for today are the usual. I had thought I would need another day making up my stock up list, but I think I managed to get that all done yesterday. Since that happened I added a couple of extra cleaning chores for today, and hope to get out and weed the Hosta bed at some point.

Frugality wise meals will, as almost always, be prepared here at home with what is on hand. I will be sewing my clothing so using up items from my stash and thus decluttering the sewing/craft room a small amount. I plan on going for my morning walk provided there is no rain (it is being predicted) and when I take a break from household chores or working in the sewing/craft room reading the last of my books from the library.

In other words one of my usual smoothly running days, with hopefully no hitches.

Last night after my shortest walk of the day (the after supper one), I decided to weed my perennial bed. Perhaps not the best of ideas when a person is tired or not able pay attention. As I was climbing down from the inner circle I stumbled and almost fell (didn't, managed to catch myself nicely). While I did not fall and possibly break something I did do a nice number on my big toe. Yep, stubbed it nicely, something I have not done since I was a kid. So I have a blister on one foot that bleeds every so often if I am not careful, and a lovely stubbed large toe on the other. Going to be fun stock up shopping this weekend.

Today I am grateful that Hubby gets to spend some time with his brother today.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in June 9, 2017

Post by itspennyc »

I need to gather the trash and put it out. I have finished my shopping list.

I put my few dishes into the dishwasher. The bottom was full, but several items could be moved to the top. There is a lot of room on the top. So I will wait to set it off.

I finished an owl last night. I started another one this morning. I want to knit two more. This way all my grandchildren will have one too. I bought 2 skeins of this yarn. I used all but a very small amount of the first one when I finished the last owl last night.


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Re: Daily Check in June 9, 2017

Post by NoisyPorkchop »

I started back to working out at the gym this morning, eating better and being more focused. I have meals planned for the week and am determined to keep an eye on any miscellaneous spending. The weather has been rather mild this season so I haven't had to use the AC hardly at all! I still wash all clothes in cold water, pack our lunches and snacks and am generally just getting back into the swing of things after the turmoil of the last few weeks.

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Re: Daily Check in June 9, 2017

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning all.

Jackie, I hope that your toe does not bother you too much. Years ago I stubbed my toe (third one, not the big toe) by tripping over folding travel slippers while I was staying in a hotel for work. I'm sorry to say that it took five weeks for my toe to get completely back to normal.

It is a sunny day here. Yesterday we had another 1/2 inch of rain. Instead of going to Aldi I did some yard work. The lawn looks so much better, BUT the weeds in the beds are already going wild. I will need to cut the back yard soon but probably won't do it until early next week.

Since we did not go to Aldi yesterday, that is on the agenda for today. I may try to stop at Home Depot for mulch on my way home from mom's house.

Part way through watching/listening to the UK election returns last night I decided to do some dusting of the baseboards throughout my downstairs. They were not bad but I'm trying to do things like that on a regular basis instead of only once in awhile. I also gave my microwave cart a good cleaning.

The UK election returns were interesting. I've been watching UK elections (and Canadian elections) for years. I like that in the UK that the member of Parliament, even if they are the PM, must go to their constituency and stand on the stage when the vote is announced. For now I guess that Theresa May will remain PM but she made a bad mistake calling an election. It would be hard, in my opinion, picturing the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as PM of the UK not so much because of his policies (which are likely unaffordable) but because he is rough around the edges to put it delicately. But what do I know since I told my mom early on that there was no way Trump would be president. Hope Rinty posts her thoughts.

Have a good day.

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Re: Daily Check in June 9, 2017

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,

Getting ready to hop on the mower, it is breezy and warm so hopefully won't be uncomfortable mowing. I will wait until after mowing before showering and washing hair. I plan on oiling my hair and covering with a scarf while mowing....hope no one shows up unannounced because It makes me look ridiculous :shock: I still wear mascara while mowing...can't let myself go totally ;)
After I finish mowing, get cleaned up and ready I will make a trip to the recycle depot then head to town for a few things. Hopefully my afternoon will be easy and light. ;)
I am going to try to start having all outdoor work and mowing done before the weekends...I want to be able to go to festivals and events without thinking I have "too much" to do.
Off to get busy,
have a great day all,

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