Daily Check in June 9, 2017

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Re: Daily Check in June 9, 2017

Post by MackerelCat »

It's afternoon here on the East Coast. I've been to physical therapy for my feet and am having leftovers for lunch. Have to take middle dog to the vet for her monthly allergy shot in just a bit and make arrangements to mail back some shoes that didn't fit.

So far it's a beautiful day: cool, sunny, low humidity. Wish we could hang onto this weather because my herb garden and fig tree are just loving it.

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Re: Daily Check in June 9, 2017

Post by littlemiss63 »

Hey Everyone,

Another beautiful day in the South. So glad my grass is cut, finished that yesterday afternoon and it was a very nice day for mowing. Our Predators lost last night, but will be back in Nashville on Sunday Night. Hopefully, we can win and take it to game 7. The Penguins came out red hot last night and we weren't.

Have to meet the insurance adjustor at 2:00 to see what he says about the damage to my roof on a rental. Have owned this house for 35 years and first insurance claim ever on it. Will be nice if I can get help on paying for a new roof.

I have a load of clippings to take to the landfill and will load those up and take them as it's on the way to the rental house. I still have to do the shrubs beside the house and just can't seem to get up the energy to tackle them.

I ordered a new pair of Skechers tennis shoes and was hoping they would be here today, but see they just left Southaven, MS, yesterday. That means they want come until Monday. I've never owned a bright colored pair, these are grey trimmed in turquoise. I thought they would be cute to wear with white or black crop pants.

I probably need to go to the grocery store today and may do that while I'm out and about. I've eaten from the freezer this week and have gotten rid of quite a few things that needed to be eaten.

Nothing else going on here and I hope everyone has a fabulous week-end.

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Re: Daily Check in June 9, 2017

Post by LWolfT »

Hi folks,
Quick check in before I start work. Sunny and warm today ... supposed to get hotter over the next week.
Haven't had time to do much of anything with work. I do need to have a proper grocery shop very soon. We've been getting by on quick stops for milk, bread and the occasional bit of produce.
Know I'll work through next week, after that, it will be day by day. We expect to wrap up early, though. I'm looking forward to not feeling like I'm constantly running to keep up with things.
Let's see, $243 and a new igniter and my oven is working again. Still need to call the plumber. DH repaired the old CD rack and it's being usedto store some lighter things. Finally found something we like (and hopefully will be sturdy enough) to replace it.

Libby, are there any catfish left in Tennessee? ;)

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Re: Daily Check in June 9, 2017

Post by Dgflorida »

Afternoon all,

Finally a day without rain. So do a load of wash. Half way through the wash cycle, bang, boom, silence. I managed to get the washing machine to do the drain cycle, but no spin, no agitation. I spent the morning calling. First, I called my favorite second hand appliance store. It is closed down. :( Then I called repair places. They estimated a cost at $200. It is an old machine, 15 years or more. So then I looked for scratch and dent. More expensive than brand new. Home Depot had a new one for $299 plus stuff total $418. I saw it. I bought it. The salesman for the scratch and dent finally 3 hours later called back. A unknown, unseen, total $396. My instincts said go new for $20 difference. To be delivered Tuesday. Meanwhile, I hand rinsed the load the best I could and hung them out. Also, the roofing people called and they want their money next Tuesday. But they will email me all the information, so no surprises. But they did damage the new awning and their contract won't make it right. So called my handyman to come by tomorrow and figure out how to fix it. Also called a roll down hurricane shutter place to get an estimate for the big front window. Still waiting for a return call. Did I mention, my car steering wheel is making a clicking sound sometimes when it turns? It turns on my turn blinkers. Weird. Until it is a bit more consistent, I know that it will not click if I take it in. It is like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Tick, tick. No I mean click, click. :lol:

After days of arguing with my travel partner, old dance partner, we settled on dates and schedule for my final bucket list state including a train ride. I had suggested that one person make the flight arrangements for both. He objected mightily. I gave in. Ok, we would be on the phone and both make our personal arrangements via the computer to southwest. We were ready. His computer decided to not work and kept timing out. I finally said, Enough and I made the arrangements for both of us. Done. :roll: Then he said I should have made it for seniors. There is no price difference. I have been using adult since becoming a senior and never was rejected. :roll:

The day is only half over and I am tired already. Yesterday, I moved the file cabinet and rearranged the safe room a bit. Bought 2 more brooms so I could sweep. Still haven't found my original one. Time to fix lunch for hubs and then dishes. I have sweeping to do and some mopping as well. Going to be a busy day. Just hope no more surprises. Have a good day all.

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Re: Daily Check in June 9, 2017

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello All,

I woke up at 6m, but read in bed for awhile to keep warm. At 7am I went shopping with ds14, got milk, fruit, veg & koolaid -- which I really lucked out on, it was 10/$1.50 instead of the usual 4/$1. I got 3 bags of reduced bell peppers ($1 each bag) that I'll use in making fajitas tonight.

Back home to have breakfast, then I took new car in to get it wired for trailer brakes -- the men there laughed at me because I was yawning (I woke a few times in the night, dh kept laying on me so I'd roll over onto my left arm which hurt so I'd wake up). The owner gave me a ride home, and I'm not sure how I'll get back to pick it up. It was supposed to be done by now, but I figure they needed to do extra work on it.

Ds9, dd6 & dd4 have a playdate from 1-4pm, and I'm really looking forward to that quietness here, especially since 4/5 are SHOUTING THROUGH THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW!! They have been calling each other names, and picking on each other. *sighs* This summer, I'm SO NOT loving them being out of school as they're very mean to each other, AND they either want to go to town all day every day, OR watch TV all day everyday. NOPE!!!

I watered garden, fed cats (have put food & water pans by neighbor's shed since Mama Cat seems determined for them to live under it now), and planted a row of Giant Marigolds between where beans will be, and tomatoes are. I also pulled out pole bean seed & short-season corn seed -- I need to get them all soaking so I can plant them tonight and tomorrow. I still need to dig 6-8 rows for corn, but will have to change to a long-sleeve shirt to do that (avoiding sunburn).

In regards to planting the rest of garden, I want 4 zucchinis, 4 yellow summer squash, 6-8 cucumbers (I want to try making baby dill pickles), small pumpkins, and maybe 2 watermelons.

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Re: Daily Check in June 9, 2017

Post by clemencia2us »

Another warm and sunny day here in south texas.

I didn't go out early to walk like I wanted to do. Got lazy. At least I am eating right. Living on salad and tomatoes. Well one ice cream bar a day too.

Did laundry this morning. Cleared the second shelf in the main refrigerator - don't want to wear myself out! LoL

I cleared out some drawers and boy what a difference. Lots of room. After all these years, I still tend to buy things I end up not liking. Got rid of all my blue jean shorts. Used to love them. Now I'm into khaki and camouflage pattern Bermuda shorts.

Used to love the long summer days and now i'm thinking - the day just goes on and on. Dang - what the heck is coming over me? Maybe menopause again???

Have a great day.

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