Daily Check in June 10, 2017

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Re: Daily Check in June 10, 2017

Post by icfrugal1 »

Good morning,

BB walked, breakfast had.

It's cold, but the sun is sort of out.

Trying to figure out what to do today.

DH is doing very well :D . He got his knee braces last Wednesday, Thurs he went into the backyard with his walker and walked around, He has not been in the backyard for months, there are 5 steps down, even with the handrail, he had not gone into the backyard before.

Yesterday we took BB to her favorite park, DH wore his braces and walked around, using the walker of course, but this is very big!!!!

He is so much stronger!!!!!


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Re: Daily Check in June 10, 2017

Post by clemencia2us »

I think I slept well. The pups didn't have to go outside until after 7. Lately it had been 6:30.

It is warm outside but cloudy. Sheesh - I can't make up my mind about the weather. I love the sun, but hate the heat.

Must be my body going through more changes. I do something simple like sweep a bit and I just start getting over heated. Not sweaty or tired. I feel like I need to be in a deep freeze. I go to bed with a frozen cloth - I wet it and put it in the freezer and then put it anywhere on my body just so I can feel that extreme cold. :shock:

Oh well, we shall see how this goes.

Have a great day.

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Re: Daily Check in June 10, 2017

Post by littlemiss63 »

Good Morning Everyone,

Beautiful day in my part of Tennessee and the humidity is low, which is always a plus. I have made my list of things I want to get accomplished today, hope a lot gets crossed off. I slept like a little lamb last night and woke up feeling happy and refreshed. I had a strawberry/vanilla smoothie for breakfast and it was so good. The strawberries I have were frozen, but they were really sweet. I didn't even add any sweetener to my smoothie. I always taste it before i finish it to make sure of the taste. Love that, no sugar except natural going into the old body.

I am working in vacation bible school next week so don't think anything is wrong if you don't see me much. Should be a fun week and I am again working in making and distributing the snacks, which I have done the past two years and love that. I can't handle teaching in the lower grades, kids are to rowdy and jumping everywhere for me to handle. A few years back I had one little boy who loved to give us hugs and he kinda hung on my neck when he hugged me and I was in bed for a week with my back.

My Skechers are scheduled to be delivered today and I am so excited. I wanted them to wear next week with my T-Shirt so this will be perfect. I need to study my Sunday School lesson and I will be ready for church tomorrow. Our teacher and his wife are in Hilton Head so we will have a sub, don't know who it will be. Will be going to Logan's for lunch after church with friends, have a gift card to use there so no spending out of pocket. I love having these gifts card already paid for to treat myself when I want.

I still haven't gotten to the grocery store, but that is on my to-do list today so I am going to get me a shower, get dressed and do that first thing. I have all my coupons loaded to my phone and anxious to see how that works.

The WalMart near me is now doing the grocery pick-up thing. They were just testing it in certain stores, so it must be working out well and lots of people using it for them to extend it to other locations. I used Krogers and wasn't that impressed so hope this will work better. I have not been a shopper of Walmart groceries, but may have to try it. It is certainly a nice convenience for busy people who don't like to spend time behind a grocery cart.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week-end. Jackie safe travels to you.

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Re: Daily Check in June 10, 2017

Post by dlrcpa »

ICFrugal glad your hubby is getting around better. Exercise is always good.
My exercise for today was digging in the 9X4' area around the basement walkout and under the main floor deck. I showed DH 12" pavers on Home Depot web site and we agreed we will give it a try. I need to dig down 3" below where the top will be. It is mostly dug, I will finish on Sunday. The total cost should be around $100 I think, so pretty frugal if it turns out nice. I put all the dirt in a big pile. I would like to buy a couple of planters as well. It's very shady so ferns or some ivy I guess. Then I will distribute the dirt I do not need.

Stay cool.

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Re: Daily Check in June 10, 2017

Post by MackerelCat »

Hi, frugal ones. I'm just puttering again today. Gave the dogs a bath and rehabbed a pair of comfortable old sandals with new insoles. I do have a grocery list made but am waiting for DH to wake up from his nap before taking him along to heft boxes of cat litter.

Spent some money on shoes this morning, as DH needed his work shoes replaced. They've gone up a bit in the past year, but what hasn't?

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Re: Daily Check in June 10, 2017

Post by Dgflorida »

Happy that your hubby is improving, icfrugal.

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