Sewing Skills

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Sewing Skills

Post by 2dogs+someCats »

Those who can sew, where did you learn how? How has being able to sew saved you money and about how much do you think it saves you? I never did very well in my home economics classes in high school when it came to the sewing part and I guess I never had desire to learn.

Here I am now - and I wish I had more skills. I'm sure I will never be able to make beautiful clothes like Jackie does but I hope to master enough to be able to repair clothing and give clothing make-overs like Macike does.

I have this beautiful pair of dress slacks for work - they are Ann Taylor. Got them at the thrift store in the NEW section - original tag said $94.99. I paid $4.99. Color is great (beautiful navy, they go with a lot), fit is perfect, style is nice, etc. BUT...the hem came out of the cuff on one of the legs. I have tried to fix it but not been successful yet.

In the past I have resorted to STAPLES and hoped nobody noticed (nobody did) but I don't want to do that with these pants. I may try looking at some YouTube videos - that is how I learned some more knitting skills.

I can do things like mend a tear is a sweater or sew on a button. I appreciate the 4 little sewing kits I have that were freebies at conferences - they get used.

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Re: Sewing Skills

Post by Jackielou »

I learned to sew in Home Economics classes in school. That is something I think should be brought back (we have discussed this before).

Mind you after I left Toronto for the west in Grade 11 I did not look at a sewing machine for a number of years (probably 6).

I borrowed my MIL's when I was expecting our second child and Hubby was laid off from his job. I made a great many of my maturnity clothes and outfits for DS1.

We moved away for Hubby's new job and since I could not borrow a machine from my MIL I bought a fairly inexpensive machine from the Sears catalogue as a Birthday gift from Hubby.

Now as to what I have saved.....

It used to be that you could save a great deal sewing your own clothing. Times have changed however and while you can still save you have to watch for sales on quality fabrics in order to do so.

Sewing does save you when it comes to repairs as well. Our seamstress in town charges $12.00 to hem a pair of pants, $25.00 to replace a zipper, and those are the only costs that I have been told about. If you have a machine fixing seams and zippers can be done for much less than you would be charged.

I have heard Youtube has some wonderful sewing videos and I would use those.

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Re: Sewing Skills

Post by dlrcpa »

My mom taught me as an early teenager. Now I used the internet and books. Loved the "sewing with Nancy" PBS series, I think you can view them online, she was amazing. I was sad she passed away late last year.

Hand sewing (such as the hems) will require some practice to get nice even stitches. So I guess I would recommend you just start practicing on napkins and dish towels. Repairs and hems will save you a lot of money versus having someone else do them.

I like sewing my own clothing because I can get the style, fit, color as I choose instead of just what the store offers. For example if I want a lined straight navy skirt at knee length I can make exactly that. Quality fabric IS expensive. But I have been GIVEN fabric by many ladies when they find out I can sew. They are clearing their homes and will never use it. I got 5 garbage bags from my friend's mom, stuff she had stored in her attic for years. A lot of good wool. Using that, I can make items for the cost of a zipper, thread, buttons. I'm making wool pants now and paid $2 for the zipper (half price coupon at JoAnn) as my total cost. Not sure how much time you spend shopping for clothing. My sewing time for the pants will probably be 4-5 hours. I make blouses, skirts, light unfitted jackets, sleepwear, summer dresses. I still have several boxes of fabric to work my way through. Probably half my wardrobe is things that I sewed.

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Re: Sewing Skills

Post by delighted99 »

I can sew on a button. I learned from watching an internet clip.

Thought I'd chime in just for kicks :)

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Re: Sewing Skills

Post by NoisyPorkchop »

I learned VERY basic sewing in my Home Ec class in junior high/high school. Now that I have gotten my storage room/laundry room back I was pondering the idea of buying a gently used basic sewing machine and learning to sew basic things. I am very short (four foot eleven inches) and any time I find a pair of nice Levi jeans at Goodwill I find that I have to take them to our local dry cleaning lady to have them hemmed. She has raised her prices now to $12.00 to hem some jeans! Isn't too good of a deal if you get a pair of decent jeans for $9.99 at Goodwill and then have to pay another $12.00 to get them shortened just because you don't have the ability to work on them yourself. I can sew basic buttons, repair a small hole in a shirt and darn a hole in a sock but that is about it. I would like to be more self-sufficient to mend items and perhaps even venture into making my own aprons and things. It is currently on my bucket list.

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Re: Sewing Skills

Post by floridacatlover »

I learned to sew in Home Ec and also from my mom. Years ago I made a lot of my clothes but I haven't done that in awhile. I'd like to use my sewing machine more to make home items - curtains, chair cushions, etc.

Like many of you, I am short (5') and have to hem almost everything. I feel that my hemming skills could use improvement because I can't make what mom calls a blind hem with very small stitches.

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