Daily Check In January 13, 2018

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Daily Check In January 13, 2018

Post by 2dogs+someCats »

Good Morning Friends,

A good foot of snow has fallen overnight and it is still snowing fast and furious. It is beautiful to look at, I will say that! Even though my hiking boots are warmer and more comfortable than my winter boots, I had to get out the winter boots because they go up higher, making it easier to push through the snow.

Up at 4-somthing. Hope wanted to play. Then Hope was barking at the cellar door (there are stray cats down there). Then Hope had to go out. Now Hope is sound asleep - doesn't it just figure?

I have a busy day ahead - some serious house cleaning and cooking and doing some writing for pay are all on the agenda for this weekend. If I venture out at all this weekend, it will be later this morning - a walk to the Library. It will be a totally no-spend weekend.

I have had coffee and read some (free) newspapers, now I am off to make breakfast. I hope you are all safe and settled for the weekend. Have a good one!

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Re: Daily Check In January 13, 2018

Post by rinty »

Hey Sheila and and All,

A snowy weekend with a full pantry sounds like a winner to me !

Nearest I can get to snow is my January mantel........I used a collection of the Christmas dec vintage bottle brush trees together with cut glass ( also vintage ) and candles wrapped in birch bark and tied with bakers twine.

Our freezer is chock a block with yellow sticker meat and bakery items, couldn't ram anything else in if we tried. Weight watcher dinner last night was a mackerel fillet bake in foil with yellow sticker asparagas and green beans.......REALLY flavourful......and baked potato wedges with a few spritzes of that low fat sunflower spray and some herbs.

I will pop to the shops at some point for eggs and veg.....maybe later (after 6.30 ) to see if I can yellow sticker the veg. Earlier in the week I walked over and got a celeriac as a Yellow Sticker !!!! I was WELL pleased as they are over a £ normally and this was a BIG BEAST. I have a WW recipe for fish pie with a celeriac topping so finding it was obviously a sign. ;)

Today we are helping out a DK and also babysitting as well as some SERIOUS housecleaning. PETS, just sayin'.

We went to a showing of The Darkest Hour last night. I gave it 0/10. It is basically "Wot if Downton Abbey Went to War ???" or " Bet these prosthetics will get Gary Oldman some kind of award !"

The clothes are nice.

No British person who has ever lived on this planet has ever curtsied to a politician. EVER. Just sayin'. There is great deal of this in the film............... :?

Watch Dunkirk instead is my advice. Cinema was packed. I was seriously willing to leave I thought it was that bad.

Craft club was lovely this week, mind you we have doubled our class :shock: In that case we need more budget n'est ce pas ? This week I though it would be cute to make Kwaii ( sp) felt creatures in blanket stitch.....or NOT , it depends if I have time or inclination to makeup and do enough prep. It a volunteer thing.

Still very low mood. We are having a fun day on Sunday, we how that works out.

January has been very low spend. Got back £50 overpaid on the water bill for last year ....a water meter is a godsend !!!! But did get another bill for DS for £70 which (thankfully ) I have a receipt for already paying. But will need to argue with a computer next week. Cinema trips are done with vouchers.

Creative I am so sorry to hear about your DF.

Maggie, so wonderful about your youngest DS. It seems incredible he is that old !!!!

Have a nice weekend if you can .

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Re: Daily Check In January 13, 2018

Post by chocolite »

Good morning, Rinty. Glad you found such great deals on your meat and veggies.

The movie I really want to see is The Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman. I would actually go to a theater for him...errr, I mean it. :-) I can't recall the last movie I went to see. Since we have netflix and amazon, eventually we can see most everything.

It is very cold and very quiet outside. Snow sort of provides a "hush," doesn't it? We don't get it very often, so it's kind of a pretty novelty to me. Anyway, the house is very quiet and peaceful, and I enjoy these still mornings before the world wakes up.

Yesterday was a good day. I got a good bit accomplished around the house. I'd like to be just as productive today, and then have a nice, lazy Sunday. We are out for the holiday Monday. This year is the 50th year since MLK was assassinated, and there are many things planned throughout the city on Monday and leading up to April 4th, the day he was killed. If any of you ever get the chance to visit the Lorraine Motel site of his assassination, it is very moving and worth the trip. The National Civil Rights Museum was built around the motel property.

I have had a craving for Frances P's cranberry bread, and I think I'll make a loaf or two of that. My neighbor and her 90+year old father both love that bread, so if I make two, I can share the love.

Well, Hobbes just jumped on me and is requesting I switch out laptops, so I think I will comply. Have a good day.

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Re: Daily Check In January 13, 2018

Post by itspennyc »

I actually was able to sleep fairly well last night. I did wake up very early though. I am planning on going shopping this morning. I have a long list.

Other than this I plan a quiet day.


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Re: Daily Check In January 13, 2018

Post by Dgflorida »

Good cool morning all,

The cool weather arrived late in the day and kitty lost interest in going outside and overseeing the yard from a high perch. A quiet night of sleeping on hubs lap. This morning she went out, but came back shortly and is resting. I hope she passes quietly without pain.

I got most of the pansies and snapdragons planted yesterday. We will see how they do. I also got the 88c/lb chicken breasts and $1 sliced bacon packages. Then I got eggs from Walmart and hubs medication. Hubs decided he wanted to do a weigh in. So we did. The scale says I lost several pounds, Hubs too. We don't put a lot of stock in those numbers, but still a surprise.

Today, I am planning to set up a couple of things that I can do while sitting with the cat. I want to make door draft rolls out of the old socks beyond use. I usually recycle the elastic portion. I am sure with scissors and a needle with thread, I can recycle the rest. Not pretty, but functional and frugal. I use rolled up towels now. I do love recycling. Unfortunately, until I get to the specific task, it looks like I am hoarding junk. :roll: I have decided on the specific style of my rustic curtain rods. Hubs does not approve, but that is expected. I don't use the window in my room at all. I am thinking of making it into shallow shelves. I really need the shelves to organize things. Hubs suggested I do a similar thing with the kitchen window. With my new tool, cutting small pieces of wood precisely will be easy. It will be functional and hopefully pretty too.

Today, I will continue processing packages of chicken breasts. I skin, debone and butterfly them. They pack nicely in the freezer for a 2 person meal.I will start room rearranging things for my new freezer. Tonight, we will have chicken stir fry. My GF says zucchini freezes poorly and it is best to use it fresh. So Aldi's sale zucchini every way for the next few days. It is a favorite low carb food, but not mine. I am glad green peppers freeze nicely.

My middle son and family intend to visit in April. The cat should be passed by then and I can wash down the house. I worry about the little babies catching something from the cat. Last year, I told them not to come because of the cat's skin mange issue. Hubs thought it could not be passed to the children. I was not confident.

Well, time to get on with the day. Stay safe and warm everyone.

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Re: Daily Check In January 13, 2018

Post by Dgflorida »

Glad you had a good night's sleep Penny.

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