Latest school shooting in Florida

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Re: Latest school shooting in Florida

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ChristmasTrees wrote:
Tue Feb 27, 2018 1:58 pm
nbeaver, great post.

I also believe in the right to own guns. I believe that along with that comes huge responsibilities. Every gun owner I know, and I am very rural, so that is a lot of gun owners, is completely responsible. I own a shotgun, as I have stated before. We have had bear break ins on my road. I am very responsible.

We need logical gun laws for the protection of all. I support an age restriction for buying, and along with buying, mandatory gun safety education. I support a very thorough background check. I believe assault weapons should be banned, because their sole existence is for assault.

Our children should not be afraid to attend school. Our teachers should not be required to carry, and take on the responsibility of owning a gun.
They are there to teach. That is more than a full time job on its own.

The United States is a huge and very complex country. We have many points of view. Our population is around 324 million citizens, compared to our neighbor Canada ,also a very complex country, at around 36 million citizens. Getting 324 million people to agree on laws and restrictions is a daunting task.

I love Canada, and visit often. My grandparents on my Mom's side were Canadian. The citizens there also have many different views, and we discuss the pros and cons of life in both places.
Denial, is at the heart of gun violence in America IMO. If everyone is responsible, then why are there so many gun related crimes and deaths happening?

It's because there are too many guns on the streets. Regular average people have no right IMO packing or carrying guns in public, regardless of the Second Amendment. That's where America is failing and will continue to fail.

Create a culture where a gun is part of everyone's daily wardrobe, and you get exactly what you're getting now, carnage and mayhem. America is the product of it's own making.

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Re: Latest school shooting in Florida

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Since there is a bit of controversy happening here I think it would be best if this thread ended here before something is said that will be regreted.

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Re: Latest school shooting in Florida

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Jackie, I think that is a good call...:)

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Re: Latest school shooting in Florida

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Jackielou, I agree.