Hello, Clarisse

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Hello, Clarisse

Post by RecoveringDreamer »

I finally adopted a dog this weekend. We have been researching breeds for quite awhile and preparing for dog ownership. After the husky fiasco a few years ago (dog was super sweet to women, but bit my dad and DH and tried to bit BIL), I wanted to make sure I got the exact right dog this time.

Clarisse is a 4.5 yr old toy poodle. She was a puppy mill breeder that kept throwing litters of dead or deformed puppies. She had some issue with her eye (not sure what) and so the mill owner cut her eye out, destroying the nerves in the other eye at the same time. She is totally blind. A woman rescued her from the mill about 4 months ago. SHe wasn't in a place to take care of a blind dog, but she couldn't leave her in that situation.

She is the best dog ever. She is wicked smart. She had never been on a lead or even had a collar on, but I leash trained her in 5 minutes. Two hours after getting here, she knew the entire layout of the house and could weave in between the chair legs under the table without bumping into a single one. She has never played with toys and doesn't understand the concept of them, so that is something I am going to continue to work on. She is the sweetest dog ever. She loves to snuggle. Sometimes when she wakes up from a nap, she gets these "crazy cuddles" and snuggles while rolling around on my lap, kissing like crazy, burying her nose in my armpits and sneezing (she does these cute little sneezes when she is happy. Totally non-productive and she never sneezes when she isn't super excited, so I don't think it is a resp infection or allergies).

She loves everyone, is super chill, doesn't destroy things, hasn't had an accident in the house, doesn't chew things, obeys readily. We paid $200 for her (on craigslist it is definitely better to charge a rehoming fee than risk a dog being used as bait for fighting), I paid about $200 for kennel, beds, toys, leash/collar/harness, food/treats/bowls, some clothes, shampoo/first aid stuff/training aids. I have a vet and grooming appt next week. That will cost about $100 total. So basically, for $500 I got a perfect dog, already spayed and UTD on shots, perfectly healthy other than the blindness and already well behaved and past the exhausting puppy stage (My parents have an adorable puppy that we all love, but man is she exhausting and has had issues with potty training and eating all the things she isn't supposed to).

We had planned on buying a puppy so we could get a purebred. DH has allergies (apparently I do too), so we wanted to get a hypoallergenic breed (I know that no dog is allergen-free, but some are better than others. We are both ok with my parents' goldendoodles as long as they are groomed and bathed). I didn't want to buy a puppy exactly and I didn't know if I had the time and energy to raise and train a pup. I love that I got the perfect dog that is a perfect fit for our situation that adores us and all in, my costs were less than half of buying a puppy (and I would have still had to pay for spaying and shots). What a bargain!
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Re: Hello, Clarisse

Post by floridacatlover »

God bless you, RecoveringDreamer, for giving this sweet dog a loving home.

That puppy mill owner should be in jail - or worse.

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Re: Hello, Clarisse

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Sounds like Clarisse is the perfect dog for you.

How sad that the puppy mill owner blinded her, but I think that she is better off with you.

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Re: Hello, Clarisse

Post by clemencia2us »

She's beautiful. Thank you for giving her a chance for happiness

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Re: Hello, Clarisse

Post by Jackielou »

Cute. You are as much a blessing to her as she is to you.

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Re: Hello, Clarisse

Post by colonialgirl »

Dogs are the biggest bargain on the planet. Great company and unlimited love for the price of a home and some food and care.

Bless you for taking this little blind angel and giving her the happiness she deserves. I truly hope there are hot corners in hell for people who would blind a dog or hurt them in any fashion. I hope they die soon & rot in hell.

I wish you all that Clarisse lives a long healthy, happy life full of love for all 3 of you!

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