Daily Check in March 23, 2018

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Daily Check in March 23, 2018

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning frugal friends,

We are expecting several inches of snow tomorrow. as JCKitty said last night, Will winter ever end?

Work from home day. DS's school day ends early because the basketball team is playing in the State Final Four. He will drive up for the game. He's got a friend going with him.

I will be going to the last Friday fish fry on the season tonight.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in March 23, 2018

Post by dlrcpa »

Maggie's mention of snow had me checking our weather forecast. Nothing for us thank goodness. Tonight's supper is pasta with meat balls. There is still corned beef left over since there is too much garlic for me to take it to work for lunch. ;) I will try to get a few chores done tonight since there is not much time in the rest of the week.
Have a good weekend.

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Re: Daily Check in March 23, 2018

Post by Dgflorida »

Good chilly morning from Florida,

I had to turn the heat on this morning. Grrrr. The weather prediction and the weather reality were 10 degrees different. It was 36F this morning. Normally with the house just down to 66F, I would wait. But hubs is on his last day without pain medication and is fragile. So I let him sleep in late and get the house up to 68F.

Today, I will start planting my tomatoes and flowers. The tomatoes have blooms and really want to go in the ground. 36F had the potential for frost and I protected what I could. Looks like no frost though.

I wanted to increase my fiber intake with the fiber drink, but I woke up with heartburn the middle of the night. So from now on, it is a morning only drink. Hubs has not seen any problem with it so far. According to myfitnesspal, he is pretty much at the RDA on every vitamin and mineral. Of course, his carbs are set at 30 and his protein at 90 which is above the RDA just a bit. So I feel I have done everything I can for the diet portion. Now the exercise portion begins.

Today, I am grateful for the warm sun and the hope that winter is finally over in Florida.

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Re: Daily Check in March 23, 2018

Post by clemencia2us »

y'all can send some of that cold weather over here.

It is going to start to warm up in south texas. It has been nice and chilly in the mornings. Didn't have to turn on the central heat, just the heat in the bathroom to shower. Was nice to sleep with the windows open and that cold breeze just making you want to snuggle under the covers. By cold I mean mid 40s. Nothing below that.

I've been taking on small decluttering projects each day. Yesterday I cleaned up my printer area. I tend to let stuff pile up.

My closet looks a lot better since I got rid of so many items. Lots of black pants. Various sizes and styles - had to go.

Today think I will clean the fridges. We just don't eat at home - shocking!

In fact going out to eat in a bit - :mrgreen: Might not seem frugal but I don't even go to the big grocery store now. Not wasting much and saving about 50 bucks a week just from not browsing the aisles.

Have a great day all

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Re: Daily Check in March 23, 2018

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning all.

It is a bright, sunny day. Looking at the local news website, my area is almost 20 degrees warmer than dgflorida’s area on the map - 56 compared to 39. We are supposed to get to 72 today. Often in cold weather my county is the only one in the area to avoid a freeze watch. We have water on three sides and I think that’s the reason.

I wore myself out yesterday working in mom’s yard. Mom or dad put pieces of cement near the old neighbor’s back fence. I needed to get them out of there for the new fence which may be as early as next week. Some of the cement was really buried and hard to get out. I think I got it all but I’ll doublecheck. I’m not sure if mom and dad put it there to mark the property line or what.

I’ll go over there today to bring up the empty trash can and may do a few things in the house but not in the yard. Taking a break.

Yesterday I did also put down the rest of the mulch at my house. Looks good. I still haven’t planted the penta but I’ve kept them watered. (I have a tendency to buy plants and then get lazy.)

I did my April budget last night. Lot of expenses in April and I want to cash flow them, not take from savings. I’ve been planning a trip to the UK in September and the price for the nonstop Tampa-London flight dropped a lot yesterday so I bought it. So no more Amazon orders for me! I still need to do mom’s taxes. And I need to go over what I want to include in my legal documents since I’m meeting the lawyer next week. I hate dealing with that.

I haven’t received a Redbox discount code (still hoping) but I have enough credits for a free movie and I want to see I, Tonya. Maybe on Saturday.

Have a good day.

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Re: Daily Check in March 23, 2018

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning. It is chilly and overcast with rain and thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening. Doggie nephew does not do well with thunderstorms so it is going to be very fatiguing trying to keep him calm. I have tired all of the various things people do but he still trembles and is very apprehensive.

Doggie nephew's Nana is coming this week-end from Texas for a short visit. She is my former aide and she worked for me for 5 years. We are like sister and have stayed in contact almost weekly. She had an on the job injury with another client and had to quit working with clients.. Then last year she became engaged and she moved to Texas. I am so looking forward to seeing her. ?Not much planned other than continuing the Spring cleaning thing but not much this week-end due to the visit.

Have a lovely and frugal day . Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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