Daily Check in March 23, 2018

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Re: Daily Check in March 23, 2018

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I think that would make me mad to find out I had been dumped like that. I use to have a friend and the only time I heard from her was when she wanted to go some where. One day I drove her when she needed and wanted to go .. I put 100 miles on my car and she was mean an hateful about things and I thought enough of this.. So I had to stop being her "friend" I was just someone she used..She wondered why she had no friends.. Duh.Janet Alliesmama

I had a so-called friend like that who lives near by. She ended up dumping ME because she is a gung-ho Trump supporter and I'm not. I got tired of her name-dropping and being hateful to me when I didn't agree with her. Good riddance to her.


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