Daily Check in April 24, 2018

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Daily Check in April 24, 2018

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning frugal Friends,

Yesterday was a tough day. My young co-worker has been letting life get in the way of work and was "counseled". I don't think she gets the gravity of the situation. Sigh.

Attended DS2's concert last night. He was recognized for being in the Ensemble for 3 years. It is amazing how good the Jr high group was. It's also funny how my parents are really starting to appreciate the various compositions that feature all of the instruments. They have been more Pop/Rock fans than Classical music. Mom too a nice picture of DS and I that I posted on my Facebook page.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in April 24, 2018

Post by Dgflorida »

Good Tuesday morning all,

I got a call promptly at 8 am yesterday. My neighbor was ready to go for a walk. Up until yesterday, she had walked with a "snowbird" neighbor who is going back up north. So we had talked about walking and well, she was ready. After I walked with her, I walked a short distance with hubs. So I expect a call in 40 minutes.

Today, my military son flies in. He will take the shuttle here. I don't trust my vision that well to pick him up. I expect him about noon.

I stopped at Target optical across the street to see if they would adjust my glasses. Nope, only the ones they sell. So I will have to travel up to Walmart to get it done. Luckily, my old pair is just fine.

I called the handyman and asked why I had not heard from him regarding the porch repairs. He said that he was waiting on me to look at the doors. Door? Yes the ones on the shed. I told him that was just a down the road project. Not important. The porch was the big project. I can't get the house painted until it is repaired. I am wondering if he is going to back out. Anyways, he is going to have to come out and re-evaluate it because I wanted something a small change. Frustrating.

I picked up hubs prescription at Walgreens. I asked about my $5 coupon. The clerk told me what I could use it for. I can no longer use it on prescription or dairy or..... It is becoming less valuable to me. Think I will start the move to CVS next week after the family is all gone. I called Walmart market and they said the eggs were good. She said the bad lot numbers were pulled immediately after the recall. So eggs for breakfast. The rain is over and my water buckets filled. Now it is time to do laundry for the line.

Well off to get ready for the 8 am walk.

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Re: Daily Check in April 24, 2018

Post by itspennyc »

Today my friend across the hall and I are going to Walmart. I have to return the watch I bought when my daughter took me a week ago. It doesn’t work.

I still have a lot to do to catch up on stuff around here. One bit at a time. I have 2 baskets of laundry to fold. But I did get the sheets folded yesterday.

I think my new pillows made a difference in my sleep last night. I still woke up 3 times but I fell asleep again quickly. Big difference.


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Re: Daily Check in April 24, 2018

Post by clemencia2us »

Beautiful sunny morning. A little cool but sadly it will warm up to the high 80s!

Then a nice cold front should be here tomorrow. That means temps in the 70s for us. Had to turn on the AC late yesterday. The COD was outside doing the yard. Takes him all day. This yard is way too big. Also lots of edging to do - fences, driveway, sidewalk, the back acre needs some mowing. It is very nice afterwards though.

My veggies are coming along well. My tomatoes all have babies as well as the cucumbers. Summer salads here we come!

Going out to lunch then a couple of meetings then mass. Staying busy

Have a great day all

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Re: Daily Check in April 24, 2018

Post by jckitty »

Good Morning all,

I slept pretty well last night, Penny I am starting to think I need new pillows also.... :?
Made meatloaf, roasted potatoes and carrots for dads supper last night and he ate really well. Small amount leftover, so lunch some day this week.
Tonight is take out Chinese.

I need to mix up some Oxi-Clean suds and work on some upholstery spots. I have some plant watering and grooming to do also. I think I may move some lawn/porch furniture into place also IF it doesn't pour down rain all day.
I am avoiding working on the garage. Once again it is a "pit" ...collecting junk that needs to be donated. I keep thinking when all of the closets and cabinets are Spring cleaned that I will make the donation run then but to be honest need to do some every time I have to make a trip to town. I am such a procrastinator when it comes to the garage. :(

I am "itching" to place and fill some flower pots outside, I know it is too early but some splashes of color would be so nice to see.
I think I will be mowing soon, this rain has really greened thing up.
Chickens are out and fed, wish I could turn them loose but they like to go to the neighbors and search/mess up their much. :oops:

Off to get busy again,
Have a great, safe and appreciative day all,

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Re: Daily Check in April 24, 2018

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites

Just a short while after the terrible accident here in my province, the province where I had most of my growing up years (in fact the city where I spent those years) had a terrible tragedy. I will call it an act of terror, but not an act of terror where radicalization is involved. We still don't know fully the reasons why a 25 year old man drove a van on a sidewalk killing 10 and injuring 16. I leave it in the hands of the police investigating. The reason I say it is an act of terror is because as most mass murders do it instills fear and terror into the hearts closest to it. It also brings out all the hate and fear mongering of one particular political party.....

Today is bright and sunny, but the temperature is a bit lower than it has been to start the day off. I guess I will just have to wear my winter coat on my walk this morning. Not a big deal. By this weekend the weather is supposed to be gorgeous so I am really looking forward to that. Perhaps a BBQ will be in order????

Frugally speaking, once again the usual will be happening in this house. I have no plans to spend any cash today, and I am hopeful that I will be able to say the same tomorrow.

Still in use it up, wear it out, substitute when I can, or do without mode. Really not a problem as there is very little I want or need at this point in my life... Well, I do want a new couch and as soon as we save a bit more (after purchasing one for Hubby's man cave) I will get it. We could buy it now, but saving makes things seem more worthwhile in the long run around here.

After my walk this morning I plan on stripping the bed and remaking it, doing my flexibility exercises, and perhaps enjoying another cup of coffee. I have already managed to get a few of todays chores completed and my list of to do is noticabley shorter.

Supper today is going to be some leftover chicken made into Chicken A La King. Served over toast it should fill us up nicely. I have a feeling that tomorrow could in fact be a clear out the fridge night instead of what I have planned.

Today I am grateful for gentle breezes instead of strong winds.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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