this is so scary!

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this is so scary!

Post by icfrugal1 »

I worry about my SIL, she and her DH go between her mother's and his mothers.

They are 60 and 58.

They are both retired from high stressed jobs and have small petitions and full medical.

They don't complain, but their mothers ar in their late 80's and I worry about what will happen to them when their mothers die.

I am so thankful for my home.


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Re: this is so scary!

Post by Heloise »

First thing that came to my mind was, I wonder how many of those people parked on the side of the road could find a better place to live and work.

Yes, I, too, am glad for a roof over my head.

We live in a hurting world today, and this breaks my heart.

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Re: this is so scary!

Post by clemencia2us »

They could move to a low cost state like Texas.

They could quickly find a good job and a place to rent for about 1K a month.

Lots of people are moving here. The cities are booming.

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Re: this is so scary!

Post by floridacatlover »

I agree with Clem that many of these people should move. I know it is hard leaving a familiar area but the housing costs in the SF Bay Area are out of control. It is one thing for someone who works in the tech industry to stay, but for a service worker it isn’t worth it. On a financial message board I read, even some well-paid tech workers in the SF Bay Area want to cash out (if they own a home) and leave. If they don’t own a home they want to go to a more family friendly area where there is a better life.

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Re: this is so scary!

Post by colonialgirl »

All due apologies to Bev and Ellen Marie & any other Californians - I would never choose to live in some place with as high a cost of living as California. I am sure it is beautiful and has lovely weather, but the economic climate seems like it is impossible to me. We rented the first two years we were married but rent was cheap and it was possible to save for a downpayment on a house. It seems as if an improving lifestyle is an impossible dream out there for low or middle income folks. I wouldn't like any place well if living there meant being shut out economically.

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Re: this is so scary!

Post by BevMoore »

The cost of living in California, mainly with housing has gone beyond ridiculous. The only reason people like Ellen and myself are able to live here is because we bought our homes when prices were on the ground floor, relatively speaking. Of course when we bought we didn't know we bought at the bottom. The high cost of Bay Area living has spilled over into the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys and it's driving housing costs up here too.

In addition when the new Golden One Arena was built a couple of years ago that spurred even more gentrification in our Capitol city. When we moved here in early 1984 Sacramento was basically a State government town. Since I worked for the State I thought it was cool being catered to LOL! Not so much now. The higher costs of downtown living have shoved State workers to outlying areas.

If it were not for me living frugally and buying a home early on I would just barely be able to afford living here now. And gas prices are around $3.50 per gallon and traffic gets worse all the time.

Those luxury RV's that you see lining up the streets in Bay Area are now middle class homes. Many of those RVs sell new for $50K on up, about what an average house cost there in the early 1970's .


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