this is so scary!

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Re: this is so scary!

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Bev -
Wow - that is a scary picture. My husband's cousin is married to a guy who is an international grain trader. For years this involved them moving around the country and world every couple of years. She said about 10 years ago when they were transferred to California from Minneapolis that she literally had to pay twice as much money for less than half the square footage. She loved California and was raised there in they 70s, but she could not wait for their next move because they had to downgrade their lifestyle so much just to live. And her hubs makes big money.

It is so scary that a whole state may become gentrified.

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Re: this is so scary!

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The situation regarding housing in places like California is sad. And when the tax law changes hit next April, the exodus will increase. The new federal tax law limits the deductions for state and local taxes. A number of states have raised state and local taxes a lot because people could deduct them. New York, California and Illinois come to mind. Businesses don't like the taxes in those places either. Interesting times.

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Re: this is so scary!

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This is scary indeed and it isn't just in the Bay area anymore. The price of housing has skyrocketed in the Portland and Seattle areas that people cannot afford to live there and then they start spreading to the outlying areas which then causes the prices to shoot up there to and it just displaces more and more people. Even here in the Salem area a studio apartment is over $800.00 a month (I paid $325.00 back in the mid/late 80's for a one bedroom apartment) and that is unheard of for this area but it is much less than the Portland area so there is an influx of commuters who work in Portland but live in the Salem area and make the 50+ mile commute to their jobs. Homelessness in just our area is really awful and the homeless will just crash wherever they can; encampments under the overpasses, in open fields you will see several tents and homeless at nearly every busy intersection begging for money. Our dear Union Gospel Mission is bursting at the seams and looking to purchase new land to double the space of the current homeless shelter is getting nothing but pushback from the neighboring area wherever they look because everyone's attitude is "Oh, No, not in MY neighborhood!" It is ironic that everyone wants the city to address the homeless encampments and all the homeless as long as they don't try to place a shelter in THEIR neighborhood.

It is a sad state of affairs when I watched the video and a woman who make 60k a year which a LOT more than I make is forced to live in a camper. A heartbreaking sad state of affairs and only time will tell if the population bands together to come up with real tangible solutions to the price gouging for housing.

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