Daily check in May 20, 2018

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Daily check in May 20, 2018

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning all. Just to get us started.

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Re: Daily check in May 20, 2018

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ... 65 and cloudy with more rain expected.

Woke up earlier than I intended, but that's OK, since I have plenty to do.
Spent part of yesterday putting in the garden ... it's been going in bits as I have time and the weather cooperates. Plus I keep discovering there are things I need ... like mulch ...
Some out-of-town relatives are coming in next weekend, so I agreed to have them and some other family over for dinner. Happy to do it, but it does add another layer of busy.
Project is winding down ... things are sort of on autopilot, so it's almost dull, LOL! Then again, we've been running at top speed for the last two months. DH went to work yesterday, came home within an hour. More folks scheduled than they had work available ...
Anyway, off to take care of laundry. Need to make a run to pick up some things for next weekend's dinner and more garden stuff.

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Re: Daily check in May 20, 2018

Post by Dgflorida »

Good soggy Sunday morning all,

Yesterday, I got some done on moving dirt. It was hot and muggy and the dirt wet from all the rain. Then the young man who indicated he would work for me came and we talked about the project. He has some good ideas and grasped my goals. We agreed on a per hour price. He may come over this afternoon to work, weather permitting. No work in the rain rule.

By mid afternoon, it was raining again, so I came in and did housework. I decided that I will have to decide on my house paint colors soon. I found an example of the color combination on Wilkinson street in old New Orleans. I traveled there via the Google car.

Today, I had planned to continue working on the driveway, but it is raining already and it doesn't look good for outside work.

I talked to hubs about getting a rotisserie chicken from a store for dinner since I will be out shopping already. I checked and it looks like it is ok with this diet. I consider it to be expensive, but a food change from my regular cooking. However, I will pull some ground beef out in case I can't get out. Lots of storms marching up the Florida coast this morning.

Hubs was supposed to call about picking up an inheritance check from the estate available at a branch bank nearby. For some reason, the bank has been reluctant to give up the money. He wants to wait until Monday to make the request. Seems odd to me. We will see if it works out.

The cloudy weather has meant no ac use which is a big savings. The house has stayed between 78F-82F. 83F is when ac is considered. Other than that, the same frugal things. Put used coffee grounds in the garden, wash and reuse the filters. Turn off coffee pot after hubs second cup because I am fine with warm coffee. Turn off stove and let the residual heat finish my eggs. Lights off as soon as possible during the day.

Today, I am grateful for my new roof(last year). I suspected the old one had leaks and this rainy weather would have kept me worried. Have a good day all.

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Re: Daily check in May 20, 2018

Post by Mrscreative »

Good morning everyone,

Sunshine at last - hopefully a warm up of temperatures as well. The low last night was a chilly 2 degrees C, just above freezing so I ended up carrying my plants into the garage to be safe. Still haven't planted anything into the ground. Just a bit too chilly to germinate in my opinion.

I really enjoyed watching the royal wedding yesterday. We needed this "fluffy" news as a break. I loved the sermon on love from the African American minister and thought it made the ceremony a lot less formal and pompous. Also loved the choir's rendition of "Stand By Me". The young cellist was fabulous too!

Yesterday I also went to the farmer's market, did my weekly grocery shop at Superstore (collecting points), and got the laundry done. Also took in the time to take a long walk. Today will be a running day. I got a break from watering plants yesterday with the rain.

Today I plan to switch out my wardrobe a bit. Will still need to leave out some sweaters and pants but the really bulky wool sweaters can go for this season. Our city seems to be pretty busy since it is a long weekend here in Canada. I noticed quite a few American fishermen yesterday stocking up on groceries before heading to their isolated fishing spots. Northwestern Ontario sure has an abundance of fresh water lakes (similar to Minnesota), which is something we all take for granted. Not too sure what else we'll do but dh and I may sadly cut down a cherry tree which has become diseased. We've tried to restore it to no avail and don't want it infecting our other tree. Garden waste pick up is next Wednesday so it would be good to get this job accomplished before then so we have free disposal. Will still have to chop it up into less than 3 ft long bundles to be collected though.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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Re: Daily check in May 20, 2018

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning. We just had a wicket thunderstorm but seems like no damage was done here although they were predicting roof damage and trees down.. we lucked out.

Yesterday I did get two of my earth boxes cleaned out and one was refilled with the proper potting mix and dolomite and will be ready when the weather is better. The other one is cleaned out and just needs to be filled with potting medium.. I have two more to clean out so I will have plenty of earth boxes to put plants in this year..

Not much else going on here other than cooking. Cooking from scratch takes a lot of time an energy but I am saving money and eating healthier.

Have a good and frugal day. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily check in May 20, 2018

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,

It is chilly and soggy this A.M. up and drinking coffee trying to figure out my day.
Because of the rain, the mowing will be put off...the yard looks shaggy but can't/won't mow when it is wet. I have hills and turns in my yard that the mower slips on if it is wet and it is not worth the trouble. :?

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night, couldn't shut my brain down, probably shouldn't have watched the news....might be time to have another "news fast" :(

I think I will have to spend the day inside and do some catch up cleaning....maybe a trip to the library.

I think steak for supper at dads tonight, baked potato and salad. I found some good looking grape tomatoes yesterday, hoping dad will eat some. He ate the ones off my salad the other night when we went out for prime rib and said they were good.

I have a robins nest right outside the sunroom, in a flowering crabapple tree :) the parents are busy taking food to the babies. I love to watch birds but do not want to be close to them, glad there are windows between us. :?

Off to get this day started,
have a great, safe and appreciative day all.

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