Daily check in May 20, 2018

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Re: Daily check in May 20, 2018

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Thanks all for the kind wishes. We got back from dinner and it was good. We just can't eat like we use to - brought half of everything home. Of course we never get any thinner. What's up with that?

I am with you on dress Kitty - I thought it was gorgeous. Simple and perfect. I thought the outfit with the veil on looked very much like a mediaval lady. Wish I could get my hands on that headband. But what I thought was AWFUL was the sermon by the Reverend. OMG - it was embarrassing. I thought he sounded like the minister at the beauty pageant in the Eddie Murphy movie Coming To America. It was so obvious that he was relishing the spotlight and making it about him.

I thought the Queen looked great and Camilla as usual looked like an ugly baboon. It makes me angry just to look at that woman. And I also wish someone would recommend a stylist to Fergies girls. Geezealou - the get ups those two come out in public with. Couldn't help but think of Diana the whole ceremony. I sure hope they are happy. Also - I was really impressed with how Charles conducted himself and how he seemed so pleased to be escorting Mehgan - well done fella.

What also struck me were the fascinator hats both there and at the Preakness. You know those look good on Kate because she has the face of an angel - but not a lot of women can carry that cockeyed angled hat off well. And I am sure though that everyone over there is waiting with baited breath for my review of the wedding. But as I have told you all for years. if I am not consulted errors are bound to be made. ; )

Sleep well everyone.

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