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Re: Daily check in May 20, 2018

Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 9:20 am
by itspennyc
I slept pretty well last night. I didn’t get up until almost 6 am.

My paper didn’t come this morning.

I have called the paper hopefully I will finally get it.

Not much is new this morning. I heated 2 oatmeal blueberry muffins for breakfast. I did get some kitting done yesterday, of course then I had to go back stitch by stitch as I realized I had made an error.

I am thinking of making oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies this morning. Since my daughter came over yesterday afternoon, she won’t be coming over today.

Not much else is new.


Re: Daily check in May 20, 2018

Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 9:49 am
by clemencia2us
Jc kitty.

I have two grape tomato plants. One orange, one red. Love them.

Re: Daily check in May 20, 2018

Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 9:52 am
by clemencia2us
Still having sinus issues. Had to take a Tylenol last night. One side of my head was hurting.

It feels better this morning

Maybe it is weather related. It was kind of windy. We had a cold front push through. Little bit of rain.

Huge loud thunderbolt woke me up at 1:30. Sounded like an explosion.

We should only get to 90 degrees today.

Have a good one.

Re: Daily check in May 20, 2018

Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 10:10 am
by Jackielou
Mrscreative wrote:
Sun May 20, 2018 8:10 am
Good morning everyone,

Sunshine at last - hopefully a warm up of temperatures as well. The low last night was a chilly 2 degrees C, just above freezing so I ended up carrying my plants into the garage to be safe. Still haven't planted anything into the ground. Just a bit too chilly to germinate in my opinion.

I really enjoyed watching the royal wedding yesterday. We needed this "fluffy" news as a break. I loved the sermon on love from the African American minister and thought it made the ceremony a lot less formal and pompous. Also loved the choir's rendition of "Stand By Me". The young cellist was fabulous too!

Yesterday I also went to the farmer's market, did my weekly grocery shop at Superstore (collecting points), and got the laundry done. Also took in the time to take a long walk. Today will be a running day. I got a break from watering plants yesterday with the rain.

Today I plan to switch out my wardrobe a bit. Will still need to leave out some sweaters and pants but the really bulky wool sweaters can go for this season. Our city seems to be pretty busy since it is a long weekend here in Canada. I noticed quite a few American fishermen yesterday stocking up on groceries before heading to their isolated fishing spots. Northwestern Ontario sure has an abundance of fresh water lakes (similar to Minnesota), which is something we all take for granted. Not too sure what else we'll do but dh and I may sadly cut down a cherry tree which has become diseased. We've tried to restore it to no avail and don't want it infecting our other tree. Garden waste pick up is next Wednesday so it would be good to get this job accomplished before then so we have free disposal. Will still have to chop it up into less than 3 ft long bundles to be collected though.

Have a great Sunday everyone!
We will be cutting down our cherry trees at the end of this year. The bark is splitting and oozing so this will be the last harvest for awhile. Hubby plans on replacing the trees next year in a different position in the yard. We may not get a harvest for awhile.

Re: Daily check in May 20, 2018

Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 10:25 am
by Jackielou
Good morning fellow frugalites,

The weather is gorgeous here at 8 in the morning. The temperature has hit 13 C already and is still climbing. I am hoping to get a bit more accomplished today as I did no baking. Even though it is pretty darn warm out (and will get much warmer) I think I will be able to bake a bit using some of my appliances instead. I will pull out the mini donut maker, the mini pie maker, and even the mini cupcake maker. Bread needs to be made as well. I may as well bake while I get the urge to do so. Also it may keep the men from making poached eggs and toast every night after I am in bed.

Tonight I was going to make up a ham, but Hubby is so proud of the fact that he managed to get 6 free hamburger patties when he filled the extra propane tank up that we will have those. Perhaps save the ham for tomorrow. Youngest DS took an extra long holiday weekend and won't be leaving until Tuesday morning.

I believe that today the men will take off fishing for a bit. DS got a few nibbles yesterday and brought home some unwelcome guests. Yep, it is wood tick season here on the prairies. Now I am constantly searching for those things.

I finished planting yesterday, though I do have a couple of plants leftover and am very tempted just to pot them to use up the last of the potting soil. I may just do that in a little bit. They might look very nice on the patio tables front and back.

After Mass I plan on getting some more cleaning done, making my to do lists, and putzing around. Hubby would like to me to try out my ball winder on some garden string that has gotten loose on him. I may do that for him, depending on how large the ball of string is.

So supper this evening will be very frugal. Free hamburgers, buns from the freezer made a few months ago, salad made from the items in the crisper, and I have this sweet potato that I have been thinking of making fries with (in the air fryer). Supper planning done and dusted.

Today I am grateful that Hubby's brother and sister-in-law came for a visit yesterday. It was way too short, but we will take what we can get.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

Re: Daily check in May 20, 2018

Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 11:17 am
by mbrudnic
Good...Yep it is still morning here.

I just got back from Community Sunday to get ready for the bridal shower. DS brought home the remainder of my nativity ornaments from the house. Thank you Ex! Now to figure out where to store them.

I want to dress to show off my weight loss as I plan to take pictures with DS in his cap and gown at Baccalaureate tonight. Yes, I am a bit vain. LOL!

It is warm and humid here. Last night I came home form dinner and walked by the light of the setting sun and then the street lamps to get my steps in. I feel quite safe in my apartment complex, but woudl like to move closer to family.

Time to go get gussied up.
Have a great day,