How do you reduce your use of plastic?

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Re: How do you reduce your use of plastic?

Post by mainer » Tue Sep 18, 2018 1:42 am

I recently read an article on The Guardian about how a South Indian neighborhood has begun using plastic to lay roads. The effort directly aims to address pollution-related issues, thereby enabling more effective waste management. It's an interesting read, and I thought i'd share the article here. ... tion-waste

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Re: How do you reduce your use of plastic?

Post by BeckyO » Fri Sep 21, 2018 1:41 am

Dgflorida, cutting those rings apart is a good idea. I will try to implement that tip.

I do do what most of you do, reuse the plastic grocery bags in trash cans, as temporary containers for papers and books, double bagged to put ice in a cooler, pulled over newspaper wrapped. frozen items when transporting them, even in the coolers.

DD#1 has venison, beef, and pork processed and is very generous. They are wrapped in butcher paper but newspaper is excellent insulation over that. I even put a layer of newspaper over the top of a full cooler before putting the lid on it. The meat stays frozen solid.

They make good 'gloves' when putting your hands in yucky stuff, cleaning a greasy pan, etc. Or any time you want to protect your manicure. They will keep mittens dry in snowy areas.

If I want an extra cup of hot coffee in the car.. more than the thermos will hold, I pour it in a glass jar with a good fitting lid then wrap the jar in several layers of newspaper secured with a rubber band (usually from a newspaper or produce).

I keep a souviner(sp) cup on the counter to put twistems from bread or ? and the little plastic clips and assorted rubber bands. I use them in various ways.

I have entirely too many medicine bottles to use, but I try, LOL. I put small nails, screws and other small items in them, then put them in my tool box. I sometimes put paint that I have mixed in them. They are air tight so it stays good to be used in the next painting session. They will hold measured amounts of salt, pepper and other spics, dream or sugar, if you need to transport it, just make sure they are clean.

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