Sticker Shock at the Grocery (again!)

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Re: Sticker Shock at the Grocery (again!)

Post by blondeinbuffalo »

Over time I have noticed that we get less and less even at Save A lot. whenever I make something that requires ground beef I will now do half and half beef and turkey. yesterday I made a meatloaf that way and added some leftover rice and beans as the stretcher and it was good. topped with some salsa that was already open in the refrig. really trying to not waste and eat less. eating less just goes so far as you can not fade out food! cj

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Re: Sticker Shock at the Grocery (again!)

Post by MackerelCat »

I am so excited that our Save-a-Lot has new owners. They're spiffing up the store and are going to expand it some, as it's in a building that has some unused space that wraps around the store.

As much as I love Aldi, I do love Save-a-Lot for stocking things like salt-free canned tomatoes, juice-packed fruit and some good sugar-free sodas. Our Aldi does not have those.

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Re: Sticker Shock at the Grocery (again!)

Post by 11cats2beagles »

I miss Aldi but am so thankful for Save A Lot for all the staple items...vegetable oil, flour, corn meal, margarine, etc. When it's my turn to grocery shop I go there for bags of frozen vegetables as well.

Some items like cereal, we do better at the "big name" supermarket by combining store sales with double coupons.

I am so thankful that S.O. is cost conscious too and likes to do bulk buying and home cooking. We recently went apple picking and he has stocked the freezer with apple butter, apple sauce, apple bread, etc. Yesterday we went grape picking and we are making homemade juice and pie filling on Tuesday when we both have the day off.

While our meals are almost never what I would call "fancy" we have taken to having a couple of way simple meals each week -- saves time when we're both tired and is very frugal...pancakes sometimes or grilled cheese & tomato soup. Sometimes we'll just have bagged salad when it's on sale (usually BOGO) and add leftover cooked meat to it for the kids.

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Re: Sticker Shock at the Grocery (again!)

Post by frugalmom »

I was passing by Costco steaks and a pack of 4 steaks was 47.00! Yikes. We bought the cheapest steaks available at the cheapest package available which wil be the last steak for along while-and that one was 29.00! I find Costco to sell good meats but much pricier than other stores, so usually I don't even buy meat at Costco, but since I haven't shopped for a long while and the family complaining the fridge was bare, I did my regular grocery shopping at Costco this time around. I told them after we had an almost 400.00 bill that this is going to have to last an entire month again before I go shopping again which will bring us to near Thanksgiving, so it will be good if my fridge is bare by that time!

And I told the kids remember how mommy has told you when she was little the whole family shared ONE steak-never had my own steak til I was an adult (18yo) and my friend took me to Rustler's(I think that was the steak joint back east) and that was the first time I had my very own steak and I was like wow,you all eat your own steak!? Well I told the kids,we are probably going to have to go back to one steak per family if the prices keep going the way they are going! We had 6-7 people eat one steak!

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Re: Sticker Shock at the Grocery (again!)

Post by mbrudnic »

I have been cutting back on beef and buying more pork. DS2 complains, but that is tough luck for him. I also go out of my way to get Ground beef for $2.99 lb on Tuesdays at Fresh Market. I can also find Chicken breasts on sale at Kroger. But beef and pork I buy at Costco in bulk.

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Re: Sticker Shock at the Grocery (again!)

Post by Shelsmiles »

We do everything we can to limit what we have to buy at the store. We hunt, raise chicken and pork, have laying hens, grow a huge garden, Etc.

The price of dairy is really high so we limit that. I make breakfast burritos and put in the fridge for grab and go instead of buying much cereal. That keeps both creak and milk expense lower. I buy what produce I do buy from local farmers or bountiful baskets.

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