Daily Check in Sept 12, 2018

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 12, 2018

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Good morning all,

I did not set the alarm last night but was woken up by the dogs so....they have been pottied, chickens are out, fed and taken care of. Now I am contemplating taking a mid morning nap....yes , I am that tired. Supposedly this is some sort of flu...and I have to treat symptoms and "ride it out" I am tired of riding. Want my stamina and energy back.
Colonial Girl, that is super scary about your hubby, prayers and good thoughts to you.

I really need to clean floors today, that will be my only big job....would love to have clean windows but I know that is going have to wait.

Have a memorial service to attend this weekend, but not much else planned. Supposed to take a large pan of cherry delight dessert, going to have DD make it....
Off to read and nap,
have a good day all,

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 12, 2018

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Drink some Pedialyte JCKitty

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 12, 2018

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floridacatlover wrote:
Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:01 am
Happy belated 64th Birthday, GMPG54!

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 12, 2018

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Good morning ...
Cloudy and cool again, though the sun is trying to peek out. Was watching one of the big hawks that patrol our area ... he was sitting in our big elm tree, and apparently it was driving the other birds crazy.
DH is off to a doctors appointment. We solved the mystery of why insurance won't pay for the X-ray charges ... deductables.
I need to take care of some work, then get a pasta sauce together before I start losing tomatoes. Made fried green tomatoes last night ... they came out well.

CG ... sending good thoughts to you and your DH!
Jackie, probably a good thing you're putting off the trip till Sunday, especially if you have a bit of a cold.
Kitty ... be kind to yourself, dear, and get over this virus/flu thing.
I have some family in the Carolinas, so am a bit worried about the storm.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 12, 2018

Post by floridacatlover »

Hello again.

I’ve been going over expenses from my trip and learned a few things that might be of interest to those looking at trips overseas. LittleMiss, I know you are a master of credit card rewards (and expenses) so thought this might be of particular interest to you if you plan to go to Ireland and Scotland.

I withdrew money in £ twice in England at ATMs and was not sure if or how much of a fee would be charged by my bank. I used my debit card. I looked today online and the fee was $5 for each withdrawal so not too bad. I believe international withdrawals are free with some banks, however. My first withdrawal was at Gatwick and I got a bad exchange rate perhaps because the UK bank charged a fee. £100 was $142. Second withdrawal was at a bank ATM in Bath that had a sign saying no fee. £100 was $135.

Most stuff I charged, including my hotel in London, (biggest expense) was a Capital One cc that does not charge a £ to $ fee. I do not use this card for online purchases so I did pay £ to $ on my prepaid tickets to Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Westminster Abbey. The fees were small, however. My biggest mistake was I booked the guest house in Bath with a cc that charges a fee and thought I’d change it at checkout but they had already put the charge for three nights through on the other card just after I checked in. Not a huge cc fee but would have been no fee with the Capital One card.

I bought my train tickets at a site, Trainline, that sells in U.S $. Prices were about 40% less for buying in advance. I got electronic tickets (which one conductor called “posh”) and just scanned them getting on the train. This is so unlike me because I normally cling to paper but it worked out well.

The only big thing I might do differently in the future is the booking of the London hotel. (Loved the hotel.) I paid a higher rate to get a reservation that could be cancelled until the last day just in case I couldn’t go because of a Pippi or a hurricane. In the future I think I’d book an alternative hotel I could cancel at the last minute as a fallback and wait until just before the trip to book my first choice hotel, hoping there were still rooms, and then book the non-cancellable room. The difference between the cancellable rate and non-cancellable rate probably cost me $150-$200 total for the four nights.

Hope this wasn’t too boring! Writing it down will keep it in my mind for the future.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 12, 2018

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LWolfT wrote:
Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:13 am
I have some family in the Carolinas, so am a bit worried about the storm.
My Mom is ~ 90 minutes inland. On a hill far from the Cape Fear river so the idea of flooding isn't a thing at her location but the spawning of tornadoes? That, from way out here in Tornado Alley, bugs me. And the idea of wind knocking out her power.

Fortunately she has some good friends in the area, one only 100 yards or so away, and he has lots of good sense. She wouldn't come out to visit because she can't bring her dog, he's on some liver med and needs to stay close to his vet. I told her, we have a vet - a really good one, just bring the med and ours can monitor him...

I inherited the stubborn, though, so I know I'm wasting my breath continuing that argument. She did bring in jugged water and some food that doesn't require refrigeration.

My exMIL is even farther inland, I doubt she'll have any trouble at all.

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