Daily Check in Sept 14, 2018

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 14, 2018

Post by MackerelCat »

Good morning, frugal ones. I was sleeping in when the phone rang this morning. The neuro-ophthalmologist's office was robo-calling to remind me of an appointment Tuesday. It's the second time they have called and I have responded, so I am getting a bit peeved.

Right now I am drinking coffee and enjoying the company of the two smaller dachshund girls. The bigger one is outside in the fenced yard patrolling.

Chores today include a trip to the bread outlet store and one to Family Dollar for cat litter. Should be not too spendy.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 14, 2018

Post by LWolfT »

Good late morning ... sunny and 80 right now. Surprised the AC hasn't kicked in just yet.
Planning kitchen work for today ... have produce to put up, will finally make that pasta sauce to use tomatoes/peppers and a bit of eggplant.

Bought a very large brisket yesterday ... $1.99 on sale, so couldn't pass it up at that price. We should get at least three meals out of it ... course there's that freezer space thing again :o

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 14, 2018

Post by Mrscreative »

Good afternoon everyone,

Beautiful summery, hot day today. A bit cloudy so perhaps your rainy weather is moving east Jackie. It's unusual to be so warm here at this time of year so I took advantage of that and went for a lovely hike along the edge of Lake Superior. Dipped my feet in the water and didn't even cringe! Water was really warm, almost felt like bath water!

Have done very little in the way of chores today but did get some kale and cherry tomatoes picked. Also watered the garden and raked up all the useless apples. I also managed to go to the bank after the hike. We wanted some cash to give youngest dd tomorrow as it's her birthday. Sadly the sweater I ordered her hasn't arrived yet. I did pick up a lovely card for her though and we'll just stick the cash in there.

At least all food was eaten at home. It was so tempting to stop for ice cream but I resisted that urge.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 14, 2018

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all

Well really should say afternoon.

It was gloomy this morning and it did rain but the sun is out now.

Wasn't sure what I was going to do today. Still not feeling 100%. I am going to have to tell the doctor that this HBpressure med is just not working for me. Constant sinus drainage and sore throat. I stopped taking it for a couple of days and felt some relief. But then read you shouldn't stop cuz your BP might spike. Gee - what a choice. I would have to get up to drink water to clear my throat in the middle of the night. Then have to go to the bathroom. I am like a walking zombie.

So I thought I wouldn't go do my food bank duty. Then I got a second wind and went. Had light section today so that was great. It did rain on us. We set up outside, but that was refreshing. I"m glad I went. Also saw many other with real needs compared to mine. Puts it in perspective. But still have a sore throat and feel light headed. I'm drinking my Pedialyte and will relax here at home

Have a great afternoon.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 14, 2018

Post by itspennyc »

I asked my neighbor across the hall to drop me off at H-E-B on her way to an appointment this morning. I will be taking a Taxi home.

I will pick up just essentials. Produce and some meat.

I got everything I really needed this morning. It was raining when I finished shopping.

I am very glad to be home.

I have an appointment with an allergist for the allergy testing my ear specialist wanted.

He wants allergy testing.


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Re: Daily Check in Sept 14, 2018

Post by jckitty »

Good afternoon all,

Warm and sunny here but not unbearable, windows open for awhile today until they started baling hay beside me. I love to smell it but....can't breathe afterwards because of the allergies. Oh well, farmers gotta farm....

Feeling better, day by day. Hoping to get all of my stamina back. As soon as I am deemed well enough I am getting a flu shot....can not go thru this again especially being around my dad so much.
Tonights menu is flounder, baked potatoes, fried green tomatoes and salad. cherry/blueberry delight for dessert.

Thinking I need to make some caramel corn, the only problem is I just love the stuff so much I will eat most of it.

Tomorrow is Memorial service for my friend/DD1's mother in law....we are doing exactly what she had for her hubby when he passed, I truly think she would be pleased.
Off to see what little jobs I can get done in the house.....sprayed late weeds outside this morning. Pesky poison ivy keeps coming back in one area, finally broke down and used a commercial brand of killer on it.... it's either me or the ivy but one of us is going away!
Have a good evening all,

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