Retirement is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :-)

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Re: Retirement is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :-)

Post by BeckyO » Fri Sep 21, 2018 12:35 am

I find that after a few years,(~25 yrs) retirement has changed for me. For the first few years I volunteered, mostly at the art museum. Loved it but got enough , thank you. I also 'kept house' for DH#2, baby sat for Grandchildren, took care of Mom, quilted, sewed, did genealogy research, painted, edited two small newspapers etc, read umpteen books a week.

As time passed the DGC grew, DH#2 and then Mom died. I hired a housekeeper. I have only made 2 quilts since DH#2 died, don't sew much anymore. I quit writing and editing. Reading got difficult (my eyes-macular degeneration). Mobility became a problem. I started using an electric scooter.

I moved, 3 meals /day are served downstairs, housekeeping done weekly are both part of my rent. Lightening struck my computer and I almost quit doing genealogy research. I still occ paint and play on the computer . I don't shop much anymore. I do still travel, drive myself, cruise with a friend. Socialize with family and friends. Joined an Archaeology University chapter (monthly meetings) do some 'balcony' gardening, sometimes skip meals downstairs and cook for myself. Housekeeping does my dishes and I hired someone to do my personal laundry (housekeeping does my linens) dry, fold and put my clothes away.

I do spend a fair amount of time sitting and rocking, in Mom's rocking chair in my bedroom and in my rocking chair on my balcony, where I watch the traffic and the airplanes, LOL, enjoying every minute of it I also have 3 ereaders and read as many as 3 books a day. The back lighting and enlarged font make it comfortable. That means I have to keep up with my email because I download LOTs of free ebooks from different authors. Keep up with multiple doctor appointments, my meds and medical equipment.

My retirement has gone from other centered to more me centered and from what I have read that is a normal progression as we age.

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