Daily Check in Sept 2, 2015

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 2, 2015

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Good morning,
I will be leaving shortly for my yard duty job. After my shift I will be stopping by a friends to pick up some lasagna she made and offered me. Yum! I still need to go to the phone company in the next few days to see if I can make any cuts to my bill.

Other than that I will continue to work around the yard pruning shrubs, etc. I try to do a little each day so I don't get tired and sore. Once I am finished with all of that I will call in the big guns to dig up some bushes, till the dead lawn area and do those things I am unable to do.

Have a great day!


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Re: Daily Check in Sept 2, 2015

Post by BevMoore »

Who's up for an ice cream party?


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Re: Daily Check in Sept 2, 2015

Post by icfrugal1 »

Good Morning,

Got the dog walked, got some laundry done, towels ect in dryer the rest hung up to dry. DH has the A/C on already, I don't think that it is that hot, but he really feels the heat. :-(

I did get some things ready to get out of the house yesterday, and I found some tee shirts that I washed today ..yeah more usable clothes.


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Re: Daily Check in Sept 2, 2015

Post by Vaeagen »

Hi all,
Trying to return to some frugal ways. Dh is going to be retiring on 9/15....it was a bit of a "surprise" since we were palnning on him retiring on 12/2016 but our County (we both work for our local county) offered a retirment incentive of $1,000 per year you have worked. Basically dh has work a total of 34 3/4 years so he should get $34,000 plus all his sick and vacation paid when he leaves. Well, the sick and vacation would always be paid but the $34,000 is extra to get you to leave so he will leave one year early...so yeah for $34,000 I think he is going.
So long story short we are going to have to be careful till the dust settles and we get used to the new numbers. Dh most likely will get a p/t job again when the dust settles a little, most likely in the new year.
His mother has also recently been diagnosised with the beginings of Alzhiemers so that is in the mix too. His father is alive but they are both elderly (dfil is 83 and dmil is 81) but in pretty good shape considering.
Anyway, today I had work and so did dear son (I will elaborate on that at another time). We are going straight home today. Hopefully dh went food shopping and we should be cooking at home today. I have balanced our check books and paid all bills, unless something came today. If I am lucky I should do some sewing today as I want to start doing some craft shows in the future (see the making extra money thread) so I should start making some stock to sell). Then I should prep some lunches for ds and me, shower and get ready for tomorrow.


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Re: Daily Check in Sept 2, 2015

Post by BeckyO »

Evening Y'All,
Yesterday I was told I had the Koobface (Facebook) virus. I clicked on a supposed Windows page... I'm not sure. He ONLY wanted $243, but could take $279. for an antivirus to cure my computer. I told him No thank you that sounded like blackmail
DD#1 said prob a scam. DS#2 said turn computer off and start again.I did. So far it's good.

I'm having trouble getting to this site. I went back to FL and used the link Jackie left.
Is there a way to enlarge the font on this site, Jackie or Erin or ..??

I have been busy today. The activity co-ordinator woke me. The hair cutters and manicurists were down stairs. I forgot to get clear polish the other day and cannot open the one bottle I have, so I went down . I had my nails filed, the cuticles softened and washed that off then I had 2 coats of clear polish put on.When I got home I put a coat of translucent pink on.

I collected my mail and chatted with the bldg mngr. She is working on getting wifi for the bldg. I am hoping I can use it and give up my $50/mo bill. She is also getting me a "I have fallen and can't get up" (It is encluded in our rent) I live alone and do have heart/lung/mobility problems. But I started thinking I could use it when I come home after dark. It covers our parking lot. I collected the box she had accepted for me.

I got out to the car and got the last 2 items from my trip.One is the stool that DS#2 made me. I got 2 boxes out from my apt to the trash, including the box from the meds the mngr accepted. I got a new back scrubber and some catalogs to a neighbor who wanted them. Yesterday I found a home for the extra bath bench. She'll get it soon.

I washed two loads of laundry. It is dry, folded and waiting to be put up It took 30 min in my recliner to stop hurting enough to get to the computer. I was talking to DS#2. He said retired busy (as opposed to most people's 'been busy") He's right but..... LOL

Now I want to cook some pasta for a big salad, lunch meat, cheese, onion, carrots, bell pepper and poppy seed dressing : )
Have a good evening

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 2, 2015

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I am checking that out now Becky. Not sure if it will work but her goes.

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