Daily Check In December 23, 2018

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Re: Daily Check In December 23, 2018

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Jens_Cats wrote:
Sun Dec 23, 2018 10:49 am
OK. Weird! I posted a Check-In, but it got eaten somehow. Trying again.

I'm back again. Things are busy right now, as we are selling our house this coming year and moving to western MA to be nearer to D's family. My parents are gone, so it's his turn. It will hurt to leave behind the wonderful friends I've made over the years, and in particular, the friends I've made since we moved to WV.

Right now, we are working on decluttering. There is SO MUCH going out the door it's ridiculous! I'm also finding a lot of family history stuff, so I'm keeping that. I plan to create scrapbooks around the materials I have, as well as fill out the many photo albums I've found.

My fibro is getting worse, so I've been cut back to 2 days at the rescue. My finances are in DIRE shape. D is helping out a LOT, but I don't like being dependent on someone else. I am looking for a 2nd part time job and/or some freelance work. I'm getting nibbles, but nothing solid yet. My disability hearing may have been moved up to this coming Spring. Hopefully, I will be approved.

So far today, I've washed the dogs' beds and hung them out to dry. I'm now finally having something to eat (my stomach is often messed up in the mornings.) We may or may not make a Goodwill run today. I can't do those sorts of things on my own anymore, so I'm dependent on D to go with me.

No gifts for the holidays this year due to money, but we decorated, and we had a holiday party Friday night, so I'm feeling the Holiday Cheer! :)

Jen M, WV
Jen good to hear from you. I hope the move to MA will do you and D both good. Take it easy though with the fibro you can really do yourself in if you do too much at once. However I guess you have found that out.. Happy Holiday to you and D. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check In December 23, 2018

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Good day all'

Jens, so good to see you! I have often wondered how you were doing. I hope your move goes well.
I have been up and busy, Have the roast coated and resting...for dads supper tonight I am making him prime rib. There was a really good sale.
I have stuff done and now just hanging out. I did floors yesterday and last night the cat yakked on the floor. I wonder if she hates me? LOL

For some reason today I am feeling at loose ends...I wonder if it is just the lead up to Christmas.

DD just found out her bank card, along with many others has been compromised ….and her bank does not reopen until Wednesday. Oh boy, this can't be good. I don't use my bank card, I use an interest free CC and then pay it off each month. too many people I know have lost too much money with debit cards.

Off to read and loaf around.

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Re: Daily Check In December 23, 2018

Post by MackerelCat »

Jen, it is so good to hear from you. Hope all goes well with the move and your disability filing.

I am about ready for Christmas to be over. Not looking forward to all that cooking! Do need to make a pie today for our Christmas Eve meal.

Got some excellent news this week from the neuro-opthalmologist: the medication that has so many side effects has been cut by half because my optic nerves have improved so much. I do not have to see him again until April. Hoping for half the side effects! :-D Now that my vision is stable, I am going to see about getting daily contact lenses again.

This is an odd thing to be pleased about, but I told the folks at work back in October not to give me Christmas presents, and they did any way. It was mostly scented things that aggravate my allergies and stuff I can't eat. Managed to judiciously re-gift almost all of it. Kept a few small things that will actually get used: four Christmas tree ornaments, a small basket and a tiny jar of marmalade.

DS's girlfriend and her mother got most of the gifts and they were thrilled. Definitely gave his standing in the mom's eyes an A plus. :-D

Off to putter and clean. Hope everyone has a lovely frugal day.

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Re: Daily Check In December 23, 2018

Post by floridacatlover »

Good afternoon everyone.

Jen, very nice to hear from you.

Mackie, that is such great news about your eyes and medication reduction.

Kitty, by chance could your DD download the app from her bank and notify about the debit card compromise that way? Scary. After my wallet was stolen a few years ago I stopped carrying my debit card and use my cc for most things.

It has turned out to be a nice day weatherwise. Sunny and warm enough to discard my jacket this afternoon.

On my way to mom’s house I stopped for gas. My regular station was only $2.01/gallon. I saw this on Friday but decided not to backtrack on that windy day and hope that the price would be the same today. It was still $2.01 and the station closest to mom’s house is much higher, $2.14.

I picked up more storm branch debis at mom’s house but it was not nearly as bad as the other day. I picked up the tea kettle while over there and will use it at my house.

On my way home I stopped at Aldi mainly for soy milk. Parking lot was super crowded. I got the milk and saw the ad on the way in and was reminded that Halo mandarins were listed as $2.49. But on the sign they were only $1.99. I tried to make sure there were no soft ones but did find one bad one when I got home. Still a good price.

This afternoon I’ll continue reading the Michelle Obama book. One takeaway so far (that I’ve always believed) - education is key.

Enjoy your day.

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Re: Daily Check In December 23, 2018

Post by clemencia2us »

Good afternoon all

Sunny beautiful day here in south texas. It is a little windy, but not too bad.

Got a text early this morning about going to breakfast. At first said no, but since my youngest brother was going and I hadn't seen him, jumped out of bed and went.

Had a good breakfast and a nice visit.

We do Christmas tomorrow night. I'm buying all the non-alcoholic beverages, so stopped at the store to get that. Variety of soft drinks and waters - bubbly and non bubbly. Diet and non diet. I even forced myself to buy the gross Big Red soft drink. I hate that stuff but they love it around here. To me the taste has changed and it is way too sweet. I call it hummingbird feeder water.

Last night about ten, the COD said he was going up into the attic to look for the Christmas light. I told him not to expect me to be outside helping cuz I was still sneezing. He called me a Grinch.

He put up a nice little display around the main entry to the wrap around porch. Wreaths on the pillars that face the street and two small trees around the main pillars at the steps. I think they are the ones I made out of tomato cages one year. Before I became a Grinch. I fell asleep before he finished so don't know what it looks like with the lights on.

He is a night person. No way did I enjoy being out there in the middle of the night putting up lights. That made me into a Grinch. It wasn't fun! But he did a good job by himself.

Have a great day.

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Re: Daily Check In December 23, 2018

Post by rinty »

Hey All,

Nice to hear from Jen and Jgomez, Merry Christmas to both of you and all the best for the new year with everything going on in your lives.

LittleMiss, it was upsetting reading about MrBs unpleasant daughter. She is determined to keep daddy all to herself. Or more honestly, all daddys CASH all to herself. If you were my mom I'd tell you to move on.............her nasty attitude will hurt you and he will never take your side .

Everyone who knows you will know you'd have only brought him happiness.

Another good day. Single kids were here for fuss they needed and wanted. It was good to talk. Ate a wonderful early Christmas dinner and exchanged some gifts with some elderly "Random Relatives" . DS LOVED having them. It was quiet which he is best at.

I also opened some more " teacher appreciation " gifts which ( as I suspected ) contained ALKEEHOL. ;) DD took them to regift to her friends so win/win. They were those mini bottles you get with various flavoured truffles. Very thoughtful to be given anything , so I am grateful. There are 3 left under the tree , fingers crossed !!!! I am hoping for candles or at least candy that is alcohol free !

Tomorrow wrapping stocking gifts for DGKs and making turkey soup and turkey pie as well as babysitting DGKs and scrubbing bathrooms. Want the house squeaky clean.

Its all very mellow .

If you read British blogs you'll know we are lucky that the supermarkets have a price war and practically GIVE AWAY all the Christmas veg. I paid 20p for most of mine at ASDA. I have no room to blanch and save any more other than that which is stored in a cold garage. But its a very good thing and a lot of help to lots of families.

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