What specific increases in costs are you seeing?

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What specific increases in costs are you seeing?

Post by Happychoice »

With the start of the new year, what are the increases that you are seeing? For me, I'm seeing the following, so far:

- my condo fees have increased by 7% over 2018, amounting to approx $360 more per year. That was the biggest shocker! There's nothing I can do to alter this.
- my internet service increases $5 per month. I will be examining the bundle to see what I can ditch. That would be an additional $60/yr.
- groceries have increased. I have added an additional $15 per/mth to my budget. That should cover it but I'm not sure 'cause it's still early in the yr. I track so by March or April I should know better if this is adequate or too much. The increases in groceries started about Dec. 15th on items I regularly buy and I was quite surprised by them. The 50, 25, 10 cents here and there add up. I'm going to make more of an effort to price match and re-examine the meals and planning. Possibly $150/yr.

Total possibly for $570 per year. Yikes!

Those are the ones I am seeing right now and I will be interested to see what ones affect posters here.
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Re: What specific increases in costs are you seeing?

Post by rinty »

Sneaky increases !

For example, there are some prepared salads I like, they are £3 for 2 only NOW when you look they are £3.50 for 2 but the font for the 50p is TINY, you can barely see it til you get to the till. I was so annoyed I put it back.

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Re: What specific increases in costs are you seeing?

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Re: What specific increases in costs are you seeing?

Post by NoisyPorkchop »

I have recently been notified of an increase in our garbage service; it is going up $11.12 every other month ($5.56 per month) and also got a notification from the city our utility fees are increasing (water/sewer) but it didn't say how much. I called the city and directly asked how much the fees were going to increase and was told "We don't know." I asked, "You don't know?? You send us a notification of an increase but you don't know how much it will be. When will you know?" I was told maybe sometime in February. The clerk I spoke with was really rude and blunt and told me I would just have to call back later to find out. I figure she had been getting repeatedly reamed out by every person who called to find our about our water/sewer increase and she didn't have a specific dollar amount to give them so I guessed she was tired of being the equivalent of a human punching bag, lol. I have already seen a huge jump in our property taxes when we got the bill this last November. Our property taxed jumped just over $400.00 for the year, OUCH :x . I also have noticed slight increases on some of my grocery items too. I am eating our way through our stash in the freezer but once it is depleted we will have to pay those increases. DH is interested in buying again from our local Cash and Carry which sells bulk meat for cheaper prices as you have to cut and process the meats yourself. Being married to a meat cutter makes it easier that way too. So, yes, it seems to me like just when you think you might be getting ahead then the curve catches up with you and you find yourself back where you started.

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Re: What specific increases in costs are you seeing?

Post by Jackielou »

We are seeing big increases in food prices, but those actually started rising before the start of this year.

Our bimonthly utility bills are rising as well along with internet, phone, cell phone, and property taxes will rise as well (though won't know by how much until June or July). Electric is slayed to rise as well.

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Re: What specific increases in costs are you seeing?

Post by 2dogs+someCats »

I haven't noticed anything yet. Our electricity price got hiked up last year. I will post again when I notice something that has gone up in price.

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