What specific increases in costs are you seeing?

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Re: What specific increases in costs are you seeing?

Post by floridacatlover »

I have seen small price increases on groceries at both Aldi and Publix but a few things have gone down in price. I buy very little meat and I think that benefits me. I am a big fruit eater and I’m really checking the sales and buying more for items that keep well.

My biggest increase is health insurance which has increased $176/month. In part this is because I have a higher income this year and get a smaller tax credit (subsidy). I’ll be going on Medicare in September so I’m hoping my costs will go down.

I’m also expecting a higher income tax bill this spring, not so much because of the change in tax law but because of my inheritance. I have money deducted from my pension but likely not enough to cover my higher income. (I don’t really see the higher income because I reinvest it so my “cash flow” has not increased.)

My phone/internet, cell phone, electric rates and homeowners association fee have all stayed the same. Cable will likely increase and that will be the tipping point for me to cancel. I live in a small city that is very well managed and our property taxes have not gone up in many years.

So all in all I am not changing my budget very much except for health insurance and also Rx.

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Re: What specific increases in costs are you seeing?

Post by Happychoice »

Increases in costs are included in my condo fee, ie water & sewer, snow removal, maintenance and a bunch of other things which all add up. There are definitely some costs in the corporation's budget that are being questioned this year. There are times when I think to sell and rent instead but I'm not there yet. My just-before-I-woke-up dream this morning had me visiting an apartment building to check it out. LOL!

My property tax will increase later this year, however it's not projected to be very much.

I have decided to cancel Netflix. I signed up when it was first introduced to Canada about 4 - 5 yrs ago I think. But there are so many movies, shows being streamed now that I can go to for entertainment plus I have the library nearby for movies. Netflix was $10/mth when introduced and is now $13. The saving will offset the increase for the internet.
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Re: What specific increases in costs are you seeing?

Post by Jackielou »

This time when I went shopping I really noticed an increase in prices. Yes, this time of year always comes with increases to fruit and veggies, but meat has risen, dairy has risen, and the cat food I buy has risen as well.

Now some here in my country will say that is because of a Carbon tax by the federal government. Only problem being my province is one that is fighting said tax and we don't have one!!!! Well at least until April when if the case is thrown out of court when we will have one put on us.

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Re: What specific increases in costs are you seeing?

Post by LogicsHere »

I've had a few expenses go up this year:

Maintenance went up 1-1/2% ($12 mo)
Medicare ($1.50)
Drug Plan ($8.00 but still no deductible)
Newspaper ($4.00)
Food ($5-10 a month)

Total approximately $36. Still leaves me about $43 left from my SS increase.

Car insurance went down which was a surprise Went down $9 a month, so actual increase in monthly expenses is $25 with a $51 surplus. Actually I yielded a much higher return over the last two years. Two years ago my six-month cost was $635.

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Re: What specific increases in costs are you seeing?

Post by littlemiss63 »

I haven't noticed much in cost increase, the only thing that has gone up for me this year is $5.00 on my internet service. I have been expecting this to increase for it's been $34.95 for the last 15 years, so nothing to complain about there.

My supplemental health insurance decreased by $20.00 a month and my medicare went up $1.50, so social security increase wasn't all taken up for insurance this year.

I paid $1.75 a gallon for gas this week and that is the first time I've filled up my tank in the last month. I can't remember when I filled up my car for $22.00. I got rid of cable last year and that alone saved me $720.00. I love the Roku box and haven't missed it at all.

I did a really good job on controlling cost in 2018 and was able to remove money from my household account to buy a nice CD. That is what I strive for to live below my means.

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Re: What specific increases in costs are you seeing?

Post by SandiSAHM »

Toilet paper. At ALDI, no less. The Willow 12-pack. Big $ jump here, at least $1 per pack, more like $1.20.

Which means I'll be back to price comparisons at Amazon.

I like ALDI tp, not too fluffy to stop up the toilets when overzealous teenagers use too much, no scent, no colors. But make it too $$ and I can easily move along.

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