Daily Check In January 12, 2019

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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

Post by clemencia2us »

The sun is out. Yesterday was raining off and on all day.

Getting ready to go to a farmers market. Kind of early for me, but what the heck

I feel so much better today. I was really dragging physically yesterday after that workout with the food bank. I am out of shape. It affected me mentally also. Weird.

I didn't get the usual happy feeling I get after helping my community.

Hope all have a great day.

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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,

Like LWolfT, it is snowing. My area is expecting 4-6 inches by noonish tomorrow. Since I was home most of the day yesterday, except for a trip to the library, I will probably be stir crazy tomorrow.

I found the to-do list I started for my long weekend. I got about half-way through it. I need to clean my bathroom ink and mop the floor, vacuum and empty boxes of my shoes. So I need to find the motivation to do these things.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

Post by BevMoore »

Good morning,

Day 2 of the crud. So glad it is the weekend. I checked the weather report for this next week and the forecast calls for rain most of the days. So between the rain and the crud I will probably not work next week. It appears the sub job market may already be drying up..have not seen any listings for a few days. Last year this time of year the job list was packed. So we may already be getting people coming in from our neighboring school district. Since stuff is going around I thought there would be lots of work available but so far that has not happened. I'm not worried about it...whatever happens...happens.

Good news is between being busy and then laid up no money is being spent. I hope to continue on this no spend streak. Like the rest of you I have noticed prices going up on things. I refused to cave in...I will find ways to slash and burn.


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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

Post by Happychoice »

G'day frugal friends,
What a beautiful start to the day, the sky is blue now and what little cloud we saw has moved off over Lake Ont. It's a cold Sat, right now -12 including the WC. There's little snow and sidewalks are clear.... I'm trying to motivate myself to walk but I'm not there yet.

It's a frugal Sat for me, with tidying up as the plan, reading and working on a baby blanket I started crocheting. It's a new pattern to me so it will be a challenge, but my neighbour has outstanding skill so she will help me out if need be. Frugal Friday was my volunteer hours at the senior centre doing meal service and cleanup. There were leftovers for which ever volunteers want to take them. I was given enough for a couple of dinners and a lunch and I am grateful for this contribution to my meals. I may be able to lower my groc budget increase; I'll give it a couple of months before I adjust.

Also, yesterday I was given a recognition card and gift from the centre as volunteer for the month of Dec. The gift was a card for a choice of different restaurants in my town. The co-ordinator who wrote the card had lovely words which made me teary when I read it. I am grateful for this gift.

Tonight will be my favourite winter entertainment.... enjoying watching a hockey game on TV. Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Boston Bruins and it should be a good one.

Stay safe all who are in the path of the blizzard.
'til later

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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

Post by itspennyc »

I have done my weekly shopping. I was unable to get one item I needed. The store was out.

I bought a chuck roast, and will pot roast it on Monday. I will then pack for meals after my surgery.

I knit another penguin last night.


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Re: Daily Check In January 12, 2019

Post by ChristmasTrees »

gaylejackson2 wrote:
Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:21 am
Hello friends,

I’ve a chance to sleep in, and I’m WIDE AWAKE.😳☹️ I guess I’m used to getting up at 5-ish now. (TOTM arriving yesterday isn't helping me, pain meds have worn off & new ones not in effect yet.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! 😐

I’ve not been on since?? As my workload at school has increased, I have less time to spare in my prep hour to do personal stuff.

We got a skiff of snow yesterday, just enough to dirty windshields and ice the roads.

I went to work early yesterday as I couldn’t sleep, and got my friend to show me how to print students’ grades w/ assignments to hand out atParent Teacher Conferences next week.

Yesterday the teacher in classroom next to me, asked about considering staying on as ling-term sub through the end of the year. I told her yes for sure to end of trimester, and probably to the end of year— she wants to persuade the Principal to keep me on. Apparently, they are having a lack of quality applications for the job (they REALLY want me to change my mind & apply for the job, but I refuse to make that kind of decision yet as I have TOO MANY other factors against it.)

As for the rest of the day, I REALLY NEED to do (mine, dh, ds10 & girls) laundry, clean bathrooms, make GF goodies/bread, & shop for groceries, etc.
However, I’m going to go watch ds16’s wrestling tournament (it's HUGE this year, good weather so 30 schools, plus ours, came — 3 years ago, it was snowy-ish and 16 or 18 schools came). MUST REMEMBER to take a thick blanket to sit on, and pack me more food — last night I simply finished off my lunch I’d not eaten at school.

May try for more sleep now. IF it doesn't work, I may read a bit.

TodayI’m grateful ds16 won ALL of his matches yesterday! 😊
Happy Birthday Gayle!!!

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